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Thermal spotter for airgun hunting, which one?


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I have been reading about airgunners using thermal spotters a bit recently as the greys are not coming to the feeding boxes as much due to the abundance of natural food so they are going walkabout to find them so my question is which thermal is good and which is bad for detection and identification at airgun(non fac)ranges.

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I've been asked this a few times lately,  a lot comes down to your budget, all thermals will show you a heat source at airgun ranges, the difference in price means you'll see more detail and be able to identify what your actually seeing. 

These aren't my pictures but show perfectly the difference between two models



So this is a Hik 6 showing heat blobs, rats, and a Hik 15 clearly showing a squirrel.

another Lad on the Agf has just bought a Hik 19 Lynx and was out with it last night for the first time, he's said its amazing,  once you get used to them it really is amazing what they show you.

my problem now is unless it's moving I don't always spot squirrels as fast as I should, thermal has made me lazy.

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