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  1. Why can't they put pv's on all new builds, surely the small cost compared to buying a new house is insignificant.
  2. Thought I better take advantage of todays good weather as the forecast implicates a deluge for the next fortnight so off I goes to the syndicates wood but not with much expectation as I've had a few greys off the feeder here recently,but the suns out and it rained yesterday so they might be hungry. I topped the feeder up last week and its half full so fingers crossed and quarter of an hour later,customer number one starts and then finishes his breakfast rather quickly. And....that was it, apart from the song birds helping themselves, did see the buzzard giving a fly past a few times, maybe with its eye on the dead squirrel.
  3. As a self employed person, I would love being on £11 p/h but then would I be able to go fishing, shooting,golfing,riding my motorbike at the drop of a hat. I'll take my lifestyle choice and poorer wages thanks!
  4. You need to upload a picture of the base with the marks then possibly I can tell you.
  5. Well I was down on the farm permission for the first time in ages due to various things. Saw the farmer and chewed the cud for a while before heading off, I could tell it hadn't been shot for a while as there was hoards of covids helping themselves,but back to that later. Off out in to the wood where I ambled slowly through until I got to the far end where there are few oaks and expected activity and sure enough saw a flash of grey, never saw where it went but could hear it barking and it made the mistake of moving after about five minutes, so I tracked through the branches until it offered a body shot, it took a while for it to drop so I thought it must have been winged but drop it did, stone dead, and with it dropping down it startled another grey to move, only 10 yards away and it to made the mistake of stopping, it dropped but needed a follow up shot, both this years kits which probably explained their inexperience, too late now. Back to the farm and got a couple of crows eating the cow feed. A lovely warm day out in the countryside and can't wait to go back although the forecast is rather damp from now on.
  6. I'm with strimmer on this, a good pellet can be a hit compared to maybe a miss with an ordinary pellet, pay more and get better consistency.
  7. Yes I have, I was in the hide waiting for the next customer and a grey came down a tree and jumped on to a pheasant feeder to drink from the collected rain water on the top, couldn't get a shot though.
  8. Will try it again, if its good enough for a conne-sewer! its good enough for me😆
  9. Out this morning and was expecting sunshine as per forecast but no, really foggy. Never mind I thought I'm going higher up so the sun will be shining there, nope still foggy but see two greys right away on the beech mast but they see me and are off. Check one of the two feeders on this perm and its empty, so I top it up in readiness. I walk round to the other side of the big house and theres a squirrel dancing about on the lawn, could be one of the same ones from earlier, anyway it goes up a tree so I top the feeder up on this side and settle in. Half an hour later, she takes her last peanut, no sign of the other so off I goes to the second permission, this has a wheat feeder and its empty again but the sun is out and warm. Sitting quietly in the hide and look up and theres a deer no more than 20 feet away probably attracted to the split wheat, I watch it for 5 minutes and manage to get a pic. The buzzard screeches overhead a few times but eventually a grey ambles past me no more than 5 feet away and makes its way on to the feeder where a jsb lands on target. So two squirrels and get to see a deer, what a great day, and the sun was shining.
  10. DISASTER, cant buy this anymore, out of stock and being replaced with newer orange top version which frankly is not as nice..........so need a recommendation.........help!
  11. Is that not just a chicken coup?? At least fresh eggs for breakfast then!
  12. This.^^^^^ They all seem to smoke and drink,have the latest mobiles and tv's and are down the pub!
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