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  1. One this morning off a wheat filled box. 1472 Sad to say saw a road kill red squirrel on the way back home.
  2. Been to check the feeder on my new permission which is filled with peanuts. Been up 10 days and hardly any difference,apart from birds share, no squirrels. reckon there is just too much natural food with beech mast and hazel.
  3. Just viewed a local auction Penrith Cumbria and there was some early Landrover vehicles and parts up for sale tomorrow the 18th sept. I know there are some afficiandoes on PW. Lots can be viewed at pfkauctions.co.uk
  4. I didn't have to subscribe, I read it in the paper but googled it to paste the link.
  5. Good article by Beefy castigating Packham and the RSPB https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/06/bbc-quick-listen-chris-packham-friends-rspb/
  6. Well done mate, youv'e worked hard and reaped the reward. Hope everythings well with you.
  7. Just got a new permission. Have set up a feeding box filled with peanuts. Getting very excited for a shooting visit as I know there are greys in the wood.
  8. ratchers


    Apologies, of course, his or her constituency!
  9. ratchers


    Dont think so. 270 voting areas returned a majority to leave the EU. Only 129 voted to remain. I have not got a problem if a remain areas MP sided with them but when a constituency voted leave and he clearly goes against their wishes, then he must resign his position .
  10. One this morning off a wheat filled box. 1433
  11. Plenty of magpies and crows plus the odd pheasant around the feeder but the only grey I saw was away in the tree tops heading away. Gonna have to swap to nuts to get results me thinks.
  12. The wheat has hardly been touched in the feeders so no squirrels seen never mind shot. Lot of natural food about at the moment so what are you using in your feeders? Maybe time to move on to the more expensive peanuts for a time.
  13. Same around here, hardly ever saw buzzards,magpies and I recall seeing just one jay when I was a kid, now there are plenty. At least they hoover up the squirrels I shoot.
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