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  1. Well I was out in the wood this frosty morning and I should have stayed in bed, just like all the wildlife must have done,absolutely nothing about, no greys, no pigeons, no crows, no magpies, did see the local buzzard flying about and heard the noisy jays, we'll just try again another day.
  2. Years ago wanted a towbar fitted to my partner tepee and couldn't believe the quotes,peugeot wanted £500+, my service garage wanted £350, finally picked indespension in Carlisle at £250, why do modern cars have such difficult electrical systems?🤬
  3. Are your feeding boxes floating yet, heck its wet🦾
  4. ratchers

    Corded phone

    Why do you need a corded telephone, will a mobile not do? My MIL has just moved into a retirement flat complex with only broadband connection, as she has no need for a computer, we decided that a standard telephone with corded handset but with sim card was the best option. No landline to pay for, just a cheap mobile sim, approx £10 pm with free minutes etc,
  5. Had a s410 which I didn't like so always wanted a s510 but have amongst others a huntsman classic which just looks great and works ok.
  6. Hey, looks like mega fun,keep it pinned!
  7. Out for the first time in two weeks due to the inclement weather, I'm a wuss and there aint many greys left where I am. Had a mooch about the wood and ended up where I normally see greys and got in behind a tree, saw one straight away that climbed up a big pine tree way out of my airgun range. Very wet underfoot after all the frost and snow with a very cold wind, brrr! After peering around one side of the tree for ages I swapped sides because nothing was moving,no woodies nothing, although I could hear the crows having a barnie with the local buzzards. Almost immediately I
  8. They would be on dodgy ground I would say from experience, if they paid cheaper insurance to be parked off road and they are parking on road and something happened I'm sure the insurance company would look into it, they dont like paying out,sounds like there would be difference in views. When I insured my motorbike and read the policy document,the bike was only insured at the home address when it was in the garage.
  9. That must have tasted so good fresh, maybe not quite as nice from frozen but it will still be good and you caught it, fantastic.👍
  10. Well done to John, he deserves it, great rider.
  11. ratchers


    Just been reading the Telegraph and theres a story about Sadiq Khans London firework display on NYE thanking BAME NHS workers and a BLM logo.
  12. Looks like the one I have on my hw100, so would say weihrauch
  13. Yes, happy christmas and new year, good health and stay safe.
  14. My latest pcp can hold 300 BAR, whats the highest pressure reasonably got with a foot pump?
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