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  1. Yes I know what you mean, if I have peanuts on me I do that with a open feeding box. With a flip top I will take some out and put them on the ledge, if no squirrels come at least I'll get a few song birds.
  2. Things just never went right today even though I shot two greys. Got to the hide and could see split grain below the feeding box, wriggled my way in to the hide and was faffing about getting things ready when I looked up and there was a gery on the box tucking in, so now being silent got the gun lined up and took the shot, a nice head shot with a resounding thunk but sometimes you just know thats it's not fatal and so I went straight out to check and indeed although it probably would have died fairly quickly I gave it another shot and took the body back to the hide. Settled in again and had a
  3. Out on this glorious morning to my first permission, a house on a large plot of land with massive beech trees, have shot here on numerous occasions and dont think theres any greys left but the owner likes me to shoot the bunnies that are ripping up his lawns, there was some nuts taken from the flip top but no sign of any greys, two missed shots at rabbits,blast. On to the second permission at 8.30 about 10 miles further on, a very boggy 7 acre wood, flip top hardly touched but after 20 minutes shot a young male squirrel. Saw another about 50 yards away through the brash but it disapeared.
  4. No doubt a lot of it is due to complacency, they were living there with no problems and maybe found out how bureaucratic it was to register residency and just kept living the good life, until now😒
  5. I don't quite get the rationale behind chucking them out, all these people ex pats spend money in their locale, they will contribute to the local taxes of their communes. Reduce the tax taken and services will suffer for all. Is this not EU spite again?
  6. That sir is beautiful.
  7. Would these work well out of my ultra se .177 sub 12?
  8. These are two of my feeders at home for repair.
  9. A couple of suggestions from my experience- your feed tray looks big so when the squirrel is in it, it may not present itself for a clean shot often a squirel will take a peanut(if thats your bait)and go and sit on the lid to eat it but yours is very sloped so would not be possible I use two different type of feeders, a flip top one so the squirrel has to lift the lid, this has a projecting front which the squirrel sits on,the second style has an opening at the front like yours with a small hopper but a shelf either side of the feeder for the squirrel to sit on,this usually
  10. Excelling yourself as usual, brilliant.
  11. Was frosty again this morning so I thought I'd wait to this afternoon when it had warmed up a bit, pleased to say that I shot a male and female an hour apart,maybe they'd had a tiff!
  12. two this afternoon, a male and a female. 413
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