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  1. Was out yeserday mainly just to check the feeder as I have seen very few greys about recently. Got to my destination and open the car door and theres a grey swinging about in a tree,gone by the time I was sorted,topped the feeder up which was empty so hopefully there back on it. Went for a wander through the wood and saw onw other squirrel away in the treetops, raining today so back at the weekend.
  2. Just a few pics from one of my trips.
  3. Just brilliant Scully, dont know how you have the patience to spend so long on your paintings.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Our conservatory has no dwarf walls,full height glass and plastic roof sheeting, been quoted £34k for full job of a 4 x 3m extension and a patio, thats take down old, new footings,slab with underfloor heating,french doors with flag windows,gable window,velux,plastering out and an 18 square meter patio. Only got one quote so far but a good referral for the builder.
  5. We have a conservatory on the back of our house,was there when we moved in, age old problem, too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter so at that time of year a unused room. So been thinking about getting it knocked down and a proper extension built instead....anybody had it done....was it worth the money?
  6. Had to wait 2 and a half hours but it was worth it, a large male.
  7. Saw a solitary one last saturday.
  8. My BASC membership is up soon and like a lot of people have lost faith in them, want to have insurance still so whats my options?
  9. Was back to the feeding box where I saw one the other day and pleased to report two less greys now, large male and a skinny youngster.
  10. Was out today but even though I didn't shoot any I did see some and they are eating off the feeding box so will be back.
  11. Was out yesterday afternoon to the sydicates wood and the feeder was empty from getting topped up a week before.After about an hour listening to the song birds I hear a noise behind me and a grey appears from my left heading towards the feeder, it stops for a drink which may or may not have saved its life, as another squirrel is on the feeder,it doesn't enjoy the peanuts for long,I look round for the other grey but gone,hey ho never mind. Five minutes later theres another grey on the box,was it the first one,probably,it joins its mate at the bottom.I was quite satisfied with two as its been very quiet,even the birds have been silent,maybe the sun brought them out.
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