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  1. At last! After five visits to this particular feeder and the level going down continuously and not seeing any squirrels. I made the effort and was there at first light this morning and was rewarded with two shot squirrels and sighting of two others. I'll be back. 658
  2. Another grey this morning off a feeder. Got a squirrel who cant be bothered to lift the flip top and just chews his way in,aint got him yet but will in the end,them peanuts are just soo good. Total 651
  3. ratchers


    Terrible shame, I just love old churches and looking at the stained glass.
  4. Another grey shot today. Even better got a new permission to control grey squirrels😀 Total 573
  5. Great to see the hillclimb videos. I used to do hillclimbs many years back and was runner up in the 250cc class in the early 90's. Broke my leg in the last round at Hartland Quay, needed to win to win the championship, was third after the first run and came a cropper on the second. Should have kept on doing hillclimbs as there were reasonably cheap but had the roadracing itch. Following season went racing with my mx hillclimb bike and had a few class wins until some t**t knocked me off in practice at Pembrey and smashed my leg to bits. Just when I had spent a mint on the ignition and the bike was flying, damn! Dont think Barbon is on anymore, shame as it was my closest event, Liked to go and watch my old mates.
  6. At long last after seeing none on the feeders, two obliged yesterday. So two more greys for the total. 553
  7. According to yesterdays Telegraph the petitions creator Margaret Georgiadou had joked about killing the PM and shooting Brexiteers with impunity on her Facebook account. What goes around comes around.
  8. Actually saw grey two squirrels in the wood today, sadly they are still in the wood, cos everytime I got as bit closer they moved away and the pine tree branches blocked off a shot. Time for a feeding box me thinks.
  9. This is pointless. Dont you think that an online petition telling MP's to do their job and deliver Brexit wouldn't get get the same amount of votes? Waste of time, just like our parliament.
  10. From what I have read, they are banning these military style guns and having an amnesty and you'll get compensated when you hand your gun in. But there is a problem nobody knows how many of these guns are about cos they were not licensed, only the holder was licensed. So one man could have ten of these guns and maybe hand four in. Have I understood this correctly?
  11. Leave with no deal. Come on get on with it.
  12. This is what I drink most of the time, its so good its often sold out. Then I have to buy something at £4.09, shock horror the expense!
  13. Moggy thou 1965 reg, getting it on three wheels round a corner was scary. Getting breathed by the fuzz was scarier, thank God got some exercise bumping starting it half an hour beforehand. Next car was a mini ,God I loved that car more than my motobikes as I could get a girl in the back!!
  14. Mobile hairdressers called Top Shear with a picture of The Stig
  15. So it wasn't you who won £182K from a £2 accumulator!
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