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  1. Just the one this morning and had to wait 1 1/2 hours for it to turn up, I was frozen by then. 1581
  2. Its taken a while but the squirrels are finally on to the feeding box where I got two this morning. Saw another four with one cheeky one two feet away but my gun was set up at the box and soon as I moved it was off. 1575.
  3. The ladders to scale the chiney do indeed start well above ground level so somehow he's managed to get high enough up to use them. Whatever his reasons its a sad end.
  4. Mixed reviews? all the ones Iv'e read seem positive with the accuracy. Got to agree if it aint accurate stick to your normal pellet and probably better at fac levels.
  5. Yeah, doubly galling Scully as I'm a country boy from Caldbeck but OH gets the jitters if she cant see a shop!
  6. Not funny let me tell you. I live in Carlisle and all the streets around are closed causing traffic chaos. Don't think its a prank, well not when your that high up upside down🙁
  7. At last, I have finally got one on my new permission but not off a feeder but in a tree, an adult female. 1541
  8. ratchers

    Air rifle

    Have you found a gun yet as I have one,only in Carlisle.
  9. My wifes an accountant, must tell her......to try it 🤔
  10. ratchers


    Conkers were banned in our local schools years ago as far to dangerous. But do you remember clackers, now they were lethal, allegedley!
  11. One this morning off a wheat filled box. 1472 Sad to say saw a road kill red squirrel on the way back home.
  12. Been to check the feeder on my new permission which is filled with peanuts. Been up 10 days and hardly any difference,apart from birds share, no squirrels. reckon there is just too much natural food with beech mast and hazel.
  13. Just viewed a local auction Penrith Cumbria and there was some early Landrover vehicles and parts up for sale tomorrow the 18th sept. I know there are some afficiandoes on PW. Lots can be viewed at pfkauctions.co.uk
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