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  1. ratchers

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Saw two but got one off the feeder, the other a very twitchy juvenile got away. 217
  2. ratchers

    FFP scope wanted

    I have one that I have never used. Its an Optisan EVX 6-24x50F1 first focal plane, immaculate condition.
  3. ratchers

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Got two off the new feeder today, very pleased, filled it up, now waiting for the next customers. 208
  4. ratchers

    Cheap scope and mounts combo

    Can't go wrong with these,cheap but good.
  5. ratchers

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    One off the feeder this morning but the feeding box at my other permission chewed to bits, so need to get some time in there. 195
  6. ratchers

    Springer in snow

    My daughter wants to be a photographer. Hopes shes half as good as you GG.
  7. ratchers

    Darwin Awards

    You couldn't make the winners story up could you. Brilliant.
  8. ratchers

    Amazon Prime

    Wifes got this as she likes buying things. I like it cos I can watch The Grand Tour.
  9. ratchers


    Great idea. Gonna get a whistle.
  10. ratchers

    One eyed wonders

    One of my wifes DRL lights was out so I told her and she said No worries its going in for an MOT, garage phoned up to say its not fixable as its the whole headlight unit to replace!! £200 thank you very much. Also have you noticed how many people drive at night thinking they have their lights on when its actually just the front Daytime Running Lights, no rear lights on.
  11. ratchers

    Can i buy an air rifle from a friend ?

    As long as you are over 18 and the air rifle is legal limit. You need a FAC for over 12foot pounds power
  12. ratchers

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Two more on this very cold morning and another one to get yet which ran away. 73
  13. ratchers

    Property Madness

    I was brought up in a small village on the edge of the Lake District, actually where John Peel is buried, where the cost of housing was twice the average cos it was a nice village with amenitites. I used to walk to school an know just about everybody, by the time I was working all the old uns had died and the houses bought by outsiders,often as second homes. I had to move ten miles away to buy a house and even now 40 years later would have to considerably down size to buy a house in the village. Market forces, a house down south sold on retirement meant the buyers could pay more than a local for a house and still have cash left over.
  14. ratchers

    tasco vintage scope

    Sounds good for a ratting scope.
  15. ratchers

    Shock horror my HW100 goes wrong!

    Its a idea being a sticky reg, but never happened before or since. Use the gun regularly and top air up after two mags, no power curve, no drop off.