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  1. Went to fill the feeders up today and there was a road kill grey which I'll claim. 1906.
  2. If you have an open hopper 2 kg will disapear in no time, especially in the winter, far better having a lifting lid type feeder or ones like walker has with feeding holes to attract the smaller birds which in turn attracts the greys, good luck 👍
  3. Three this morning, two off the wheat feeder and one off the peanuts, I then had a wander about the wood but saw nothing.
  4. Back to the peanut feeder this morning and there was a tree rat on a nearby pine which scurried off when he saw me. Only had to wait 15 minutes for one to start his breakfast, but not for long. And that was it, only the one in 3 hours.
  5. Was back on the wheat feeder this moring waiting for the first customer, and after 3/4 hour the only diner of the morning turned up, I let him enjoy a mouthful before he had to pay the bill. I have a peanut feeder in the same wood and checked on that, a 1/4 down and I only filled it a few days ago so back tomorrow morning on that one.
  6. Hope you got a back door to get in, wouldn't fancy diving in through the front window! Seriously, great set up, only jealous.
  7. Was looking forward to going out shooting this morning but it was raining, where did that come from as it was not forecast. Did some work until about 10 and it dried up so back to plan A. Got settled in and could see the feeder had gone down so was hopeful and after about an hour a grey duly appeared, got lined up and missed!! drat it, only 20 yards and no score. Waited and the lure of the peanuts dragged it back and I missed again. Zero must be off I thought so I lined up on a tree knot the same distance away and bang right on, nothing wrong with zero so thought back to what I had done and played it through my head and realised I had the moderator resting on the camo net, it must have been putting slight pressure on the barrel but enought to put the accuracy off, a novice error really, thank goodness I didn't wing it but missed completely. It started raining and I wasn't expecting it to come back but it must have been really hungry but it was very fidgetty and took a long time to settle and the rain was coming down like stair rods so bad it soaked me in minutes. It was worth it though as this time I made no mistake.
  8. Spent three fruitless hours sitting in front of the feeder this morning, nearest I got to a grey was one that ran along the side of the car on the way!
  9. Out this morning where I shot three last week so wasn't expecting anything but a young female juvenile duly obliged.
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