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  1. Hi Ratchers

    I have been following your posts with interest and wondered whereabouts you are? I only ask, in case you were looking for more shooting opportunities since local red squirrel groups are always looking for experienced people such as yourself to shoot & (trap) grey squirrels in their area.

    I am in Westmorland Red Squirrels and have got plenty of shooting from them, mostly NT woods, even Wray Castle. The only slight disadvantage is it has to be early or late in the day, when there are few tourists about. It is satisfying, the reds are slowly increasing in our area, but it is a constant battle and more volunteers are needed throughout Cumbria.

    Keep whacking and stacking!



    1. At long last, I've broken my single streak and got two this morning. Best of all I saw a red, first one in over a year. 1175
    2. Think you must have got mine Walker. Spent five hours the last two mornings staking out one of my feeders, and ........nothing, not even a sighting. Strange as all the wheat is been eaten continuously with the feeder chewed if it has run out.
    3. Yep, they all seem to smoke and drink and have the latest mobile phones.
    4. Just one again, do they not have any friends they could bring along! 1042
    5. Left school in 76 and straight in to a railway apprenceship as a signalling technician, loved the job outside fault finding, using your brain. Job restructured so end up being a glorified cleaner oiling, greasing and dusting, I was in charge of 30 miles of railway track with huge responsibility for safety on £100 a week at 27 years old. I left and got a job with BT, great job fixing telephone lines, up poles and down holes. Sadly I to had a big motorbike crash smashing my leg, left on medical redundancy. Started buying and selling antiques and collectables with my own shop, sell online all over the world now. Can come and go as I please,sell when I want and go shooting when I want, some weeks earn nothing other weeks earn a few hundred quid, but I love being self employed and having the freedom to do as I choose. Got to say though couldn't do this if I didn't have a lovely wife who paid the mortgage.
    6. ratchers


      Seen them many times in southern France and heard them with their distinctive call.
    7. Scrap the licence fee seems to be the majority verdict. We know what that means, it'll never happen!
    8. Just one at 7.30 this morning but it brings up the thousand. 1000
    9. After a short holiday back to business, out at 6am this morning and got two off the feeder. 888
    10. News story on the BBC about a member of the public finding four baby squirrels with their tails tangled together. They were rescued by the RSPCA and sent to a local vets who untangled them. Story goes on that they will be released back into the wild, I thought this was illegal. Sorry cant do the link thing. Try this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-48226976
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