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  1. Yes good luck and enjoy your time back out in the countryside.
  2. Well after a barren spell, I got a grey this morning foraging about in last years fallen beech mast, not taking any notice of the peanut feeder 5 yards away. 1414
  3. Its a dealer selling the barrel and its sub 12flb.
  4. Thinking about buying a different caliber barrel for my air rifle. Seller says it will have to be rfd'd, is that right and will it cost?
  5. Look its quite obvious she knew she had done wrong and was guilty otherwise why did she leave the country. Someone was killed,not a minor offence, whatever your background, what would you think if it was your child!
  6. Gone four hours in two sessions now and not seen a grey, are they hiding? more likely out on native wild food rather than feeding boxes.
  7. Just one today and I noticed that there is getting to be a lot more natural food about keeping them away from the feeders. 1364
  8. Out at 6am this morning(I know thats a bit tardy but I have just got from my hols)and started with a clear miss but got the next one that turned up. 1352
  9. Anytime I have bought something from them, its always been good service, reccommended.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Have now got a better deal from my original provider.
  11. Only one but the feeder had been emptied again. 1233
  12. My broadband supplier plusnet has emailed with a tempting mobile deal, I believe they use the EE network, so does anybody use them and can tell me what they think, thanks.
  13. Nevr seen one before and nearly knocked into it on a stalk, thank goodness I didn't as i believe they smell🤢
  14. Sorry forgot to add this was an article in my local paper about a MOP complaining about the moles and how disgraceful it was and how its going to affect children who see it and how they will be traumatised forever. Farmer was very pleased with the mole catcher but the NFU are looking into the complaint!
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