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My last 2 outings


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Last Sunday after I’d had a day with PC on the Friday I headed out in search of some pigeons. I’d noticed a few flighting on my way hole from work so I checked that farm first. It had a few down and the odd bird joining so I left them be and checked a couple of other farms locally but they had nothing down feeding. I went back to the first farm and the line had got busier so I walked my gear to my chosen spot and got set up. The birds decoyed perfectly in the strong wind. I finished the day with 92 pigeon.

During the week I had a call off the same farmer as last week to inform me that the pigeons were back. I don’t like to shoot the same ground that quick but when you get asked you have to go. I headed to the farm and the birds were flighting down a long conifer belt. I got set up and again the birds decoyed well although it was quite sporadic. I finished the day with 74 picked.



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Well done Ben on both occasions, I did accompany you on the last session and managed a further 18 for 44 shots. Which just goes to prove I’m a normal shooter who can have a bad day.

Again Ben, thank you for inviting me out in the last few months and well done in your results.

May I wish all on Pigeon Watch a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

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