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Hampshire - Can I borrow an Air rifle over easter


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Hello all, 

Strange request I appreciate that, but you never get without asking. Had a call from a family member where I am heading for the easter break that she has a lot of rabbits in their garden, whilst they live rurally they're in a collection of barn conversation in a walled garden setting so close neighbours but all spread out. While I have a SGC and FAC the correct tool for the job would be an air rifle.

If anyone in Hampshire would be open to lending a zero'd Air rifle in return for some beer tokens for between Good Friday and Bank holiday Monday I would be very grateful. It doesn't have to be a fancy pcp but scoped as I would join it with my Pard Nv007 to shoot at night and not disrupt neighbours/ easter fun. I hold SGC/FAC/DSC1 and BASC (not needed for air rifles but shows i'm not a wally).

I live in Southampton and they're in the South downs / West Sussex. Happy to collect and talk it through etc. 

Thank you, 


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12 hours ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, That sounds a nice place to visit over Easter,  Where on the South Downs ?? , i have a single shot 177 PCP but the scope not ideal for a 007, just a Hawke day scope, no AO or SF unless you use a red lamp/torch, and i live South of Oxford, 

Hi Oldy, thats very kind but probably to far. Thank you for the offer.

4 hours ago, Newbie to this said:

If you have no luck, have a word with your local RFD that you use. I know mine would lend me a secondhand one if they had one in stock. They may charge a small fee depending how well you know them.

Good idea, I don't have a regular shop but will do some asking about

2 hours ago, Ferretlurcher1970 said:

Would a springer work. How about silenced 410 ?

Morning Ferret, I defiantly think a springer would work and probably would be my preference to borrow to keep it simple

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