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  1. that does look extremely grose.. and i just had food i've skinned a rabbit.. and while gutting found it was pregnant.. about 6-10 from what i remember of them.. i just came across something that looked like a lung heart.. but there were loads of them near the womb of the rabbit and they were blue anyone else had this?? that is just horrible though Vim.. i'd like to know what it is though if you find out. Aled
  2. Come on aled you tease `fess up found out that my best friend fancies my girlfriend.. she had a text from him yesterday saying apile of ****.. both of us are shocked... but i guess thats just one of the #1 ways of back-stabbing... :( i had suspected something when he asked her round for a shooting.. but i said not to wise decision now.. thats the main Friendship issue... best friend stabbing me in the back by saying to my missus he fancies her and she has no interest in him atall Aled
  3. you lot might kill stuff with a .177... but i by hell wouldnt.. dont shoot rabbits anymore with .22.. just use 12bore and 410.. Aled
  4. Aled_cky


    i dont mind ruining it only joking.. with people like Hubertus with the english language i think it should survive. to be honest.. Napier has posted ALOT and a hell of alot more spelling mistakes than me... and im dyslexic Aled
  5. looks good mate.. what Cranfield said would be best... but yours is extremely realistic.. Aled
  6. recognised it aswell.. one of the funniest ones is when they are doing a film over 300years ago and you can see a plane flying in the sky or the smoke coming off it :o i've seen a car in one film that was based for over 400years ago i know in the film 'The Village' they forced all planes to stop flying over.. if you see the film you'll understand why.. and i think in more and more films they are stopping air traffic. Aled
  7. my dads Baikal is very light.. from what i remember.. will have to take pics for you Dunganick. Aled
  8. would like to see that .177's maybe.. but the wood quality is awfull. i have a Gamo .177 and the wood is awfull.. dont like the gun atall.. then the BSA .22 is very very nice.. if you did a poll between Gamo and BSA.. i would say BSA would win hands down. Aled
  9. i got the first part Aled because thats my name and then cky because that was my online gaming name 3years ago and was until last year because i finished.. i kept the name as cky for on here incase anyone else had Aled and if anyone knew me from the gaming days... getting to one of the top teams in UK alot of people start to know your name :lol: well.. thats me. Aled
  10. yes i have seen this many times... i saw a few films over christmas (Aliens 2 being one) where they are firing at stuff for about 3-5mins straight and they still have half a magazine left.. if anyone has seen the film THE CROW with Brandon Lee(son of Bruce Lee) in he does actually die when he jumps onto the table near the end.. there was a stone or something in the end of the barrel.. and the pressure from the blanks made it fire towards him and rip through his chest can't think of any others.. Clint Eastwood films are usually good because of the 5shot mag rules etc.. Aled
  11. i dont think i've ever heard of a .22 used in target shooting though .177 goes further as the weight of the pellet is alot lighter.. 65yards for a rabbit with .177.... even i can't believe that.. 65feet or yards now? i think there have been many topics on this already in this forum. look around.. i much prefere any .22 to any .177... Aled
  12. Q: What does DNA stand for? A: National Dyslexic Association if there are any other people who are dyslexic on here sorry.. and i know there are afew.. i am dyslexic but still found it quite funny :o Aled
  13. thanks for that Jess.. you have expressed my feelings i did find that quite funny but on the serious note.. i have found alot of posts recently harmfull... Aled
  14. for shooting birds and rabbits etc.. a .22 is the best weapon though.. .177 can only just kill starlings and the odd pigeon .22 just knocks down them all... even when my .177 is 11.9 ft/lbs and the .22 being about 7.5 ft/lbs the Lightning is the same as the BSA Supersport but with a silencer and no open sights Aled
  15. something you could kill a fox with then :o Mr.Sniper last posted before that one mid afternoon on New Years Eve, i believe Aled
  16. for once someone agree's with me :o na only joking... i feel a big comparison when handling the 410 after i've been out with the BEEFY 12bore.. apart from it feeling quite weird because of the weight... i sometimes over swing with the speed i swing at.. well.. none of us are perfect Aled
  17. lighter and more slimeline i'd say... like a lorry in a race against a Honda Intergra Type R... not quite asbad as that.. but the quickness and fast handling that you can mount a 20 is very good... and your reaction speeds help with that aswell though Aled
  18. :lol: YP leaving is enough of a hit.. but Jim, my fellow Comedian going aswell my year has already fallen to pieces... along with something i found out today regarding friendship issues Aled
  19. some very very nice pictures there Plucker.... Aled
  20. yes.. all of that 'Text Talk'... so lame.. always get text messages from girls saying like 'hi, wt u don?" supposed to mean "Hello, What are you doing?" i dont understand it i just write in full... i have also been reading Hubertus' reply's when he messages.. puts me to shame and many others on here.. but i couldnt speak english till i was 4 anyway and because of school i've lost my welsh almost completley.. now im lost with English and Welsh .. i blame school. Aled
  21. only saw last 5mins as Electricity went down as the Electric Companies are going through the whole company checking everyone's electric's... so got the missus to record it for me Ross Kemp is a bit of a ***.... but the guns in the movie are nice that Long Rifle used at the end to shoot the ChinaMan was nice!! anyone know the calibre? Aled
  22. i find 20g's have more kick.. even if they cost over £5k.. than a 12g.. the 20g is too light for my liking... at the end of the day, its up to you.... as others have said.. never put a 20g cartridge down a 12g barrel.. a few of my relatives have known people who had a 20 cartridge in their pocket.. loaded it in.. thought the gun was empty after they next fired.. put a 12 down which was ontop of it and have never heard of anyone living to tell the tale. Aled
  23. Ultimate Force the SAS program with Ross Kemp is on ITV 1 and HTV 1 Wales at 21:00 tonight very good program.. last year they did a very good series and with an amazing episode with Martyrs in. a must see, they use very nice high-calibre rifles... Long Rifles, SMG's and M4a1's Aled
  24. he just bullies me about Proberly and Eggsactly and many other words.. i was helped by a dyslexia teacher when i was younger Ern, as i couldnt spell.. now i can spell better. Aled
  25. beat me to it.. thought someone might get offended though. Aled
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