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  1. I was under the impression (from his post) he would pay out the £4,000 but only receive £250 PA increase. If it is £250 increase for every £800 repaid then yes that will be a lot better, and the original maths would be off. Apologies for the mixup.
  2. Huh? I thought his maths was right. He owes 5 years of NI payment, the payment costs £800 per year that was missed. 5 years x £800 = £4000 payment. You need to pay out this £4,000 to get an increase or £250 per year in pension. £4000 divided by the £250 you benefit by = 16 years to recover the initial outlay of the £4,000.
  3. Coming on a cracker Going to be good fun he is!
  4. Growing well be ready in about 2 weeks!
  5. Where did you find your stalking syndicate in the end? Well done
  6. Lloyd90


    You forgot that he also wants the scope included for that £100 😮
  7. Easily trained to do what? Every one I have seen has been awful, but then again they were originally bred / designed to run alongside stage coaches for many many miles and all the ones I've seen drag their owners around on the very short walk they get each day, and the owners complain about how destructive they are. I am sure they could be very nice in the right environment, a bit like a husky etc.
  8. PARD 007 - as new condition, only used once or twice. I have tested this today and works as it should, PARD 007, plus battery, original box etc, and 3x fixing collars (I purchased an additional 2 so it can be quick detached and swapped between rifles). £250 posted.
  9. Lloyd90


    For sale: 2018 ShotKam, I initially bought this to film shooting over my dogs, although after using it think I made a mistake and should have bought a go pro instead, as you miss the dog work and flush etc etc. Hence plan to sell this as it is not needed. I initially had a problem with this shotkam, so I sent it back to Shotkam in the USA, and they have fully refurbished it, with a brand new circuit board etc. After receiving it back from them, I haven't used it since, therefore I would suggest it is 'as new'. I am after £400 for it thanks Lloyd
  10. Oh yes, without a doubt. I highly doubt some of the big fanucacturers changed their production process all of a sudden.
  11. Is that the only difference? Then why do some guns pass nitro proof but fail steel proof? I saw a post just last week, either here or on stalking directory, from a member who sent his nitro proof gun off to be steel proofed. He says it failed, because when the proof house fired it with steel, it apparently exploded at the choke end. Lost the gun, but said he was glad he didn’t fire the steel himself.
  12. I was under the impression that the HP steel is running at higher pressure (more or faster burning powder?) and the risk if that the shotgun barrels could explode or rupture due to the increased pressure. Nothing to do with steel shot on the barrels.
  13. Country shooting shows, where you can go and see blokes and women dressed head to toe in full shooting gear, in the middle of summer, walking (I mean being dragged around by) their latest in fashion gundog called Purdey or some other shooting name, whilst the couple and their dog have never set foot on a shoot in their entire lives. Leave em to it!
  14. A difference between what? New releases vs older models?
  15. It makes you think why the people making the cars don’t do the stuff these external people claim they can do? 🤷‍♂️
  16. 🤣🤣 The neighbour moaned when I cut back his hedge that was hanging 4ft into my garden. I politely put it to him I’d prefer not to be cutting it at all, and I wouldn’t need to if he sorted his own garden!! I offered him to come over and cut it himself considering it was his bloody bush, or whether he would prefer to pay someone to keep it under wraps. He never moaned again.
  17. God… neighbours … who’d have em 😬
  18. Full setup - £900 or £450 for the rifle / rings / mod. £450 for the S-tac
  19. I think so, there are 2 dog pups with a lot of colouring. do you want the bitch’s owners number? 👍🏻👍🏻
  20. Up for sale CZ 550 American in 243 Winchester. This rifle has been re-stocked into a Boyd’s thumb hole laminate stock, and fibreglass bedded into the action by our very own Welsh Warrior (Daf) off here. The rifle has a ASE UTRA North Star moderator. 24” barrel. A set of Warne CZ Scope rings that are quick detach. The scope is a Sightron S-Tac 2.5-17.5x56 - rated probably the best scope for day time use and then doubling up with a rear Night vision add on (I actually have a Pard 007 that I would sell separately if someone wanted). This entire setup (rifle, scope, mod and custom stock / bedding etc) cost me over £2k. I am looking for £1000 for the whole package which I think is a fair price. Or £500 for the rifle and everything else - except the scope (so no scope but other bits included). If interested please send a PM 👍🏻
  21. You got that Scottish sporting estate yet? 👀🤣 Rifle and package available without the scope - £500 👍🏻
  22. I’d love to but end of this month I’m off to the USA for just over 10 weeks 🤪🤪
  23. Looks fantastic 😍
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