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  1. Are you welling these by any chance, I've dented a leg on my set and cant find a spare
  2. Just checked and I've actually only got 3 boxes, the rest are hornandy. I'll sell the three boxes for £20 Regards Darren
  3. I'm away at the minute, but will get back to you as soon as I'm back. Probably over the weekend. Regards Darren
  4. Yeah it is.. Not sure if that makes a difference
  5. OK well that rules that out then I guess.. I've just seen the compressors on ebay capable of filling an air gun up for less then the price of a dive tank
  6. Just picked up a fire extinguisher from a shop we just closed down, could of had a couple to be fair, wondering if anyone has ever made an air cylinder out of one. There are some videos on YouTube, but not sure just how safe this would be.
  7. I have 500 winchester 17 hmr rounds, selling due to my rifle not liking them. £12.50 box or the lot for £100 quick sale
  8. deejay

    Fac rifle

    So, stand in the middle.. Gives you 40-45 either side
  9. I've replied to all PMs thanks,
  10. What sort of prices are we looking at, and where abouts are you?
  11. North East,, but don't mind travelling
  12. Hi, I'm after a pcp for my son, preferably a 10 shot in either 177 or 22, full kit or just the rifle. Anyone have anything please let me know. Thanks
  13. OK Bradford stalker, just spoke to them, £16 a box of 50.. I'll drive the 30 miles to Darlington if I'm buying 500 of them. Might cost a few quid extra in fuel, but feel if they are willing to charge that, then that's their loss.
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