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  1. Yes it turned out this is exactly waht it was. Thanks It was brand new, and fac, I found out it wasn't a gun issue, more of testing equipment that was at fault. Thanks for taking to time to post a sensible reply. Reg was 140, 22 cal and yes it's fac, sorry, I give up hope on getting any decent feedback after reading the first couple of irrelevant replies. Appreciate taking time to post a decent reply though as did several other members.
  2. Hi guys, have any of you lot had any experience with the fx sniper, and low fps count, I've literally spent two nights, and 3 tins of pellets, trying to fine tune this rifle, but just can't seem to get it past the 600 fps mark. On a couple of shots, it's gone up to 800, then even over the 1000 fps mark, but that wasn't even when any adjustments had been made. So any help or info would be appreciated, I'm thinking maybe a faulty hammer spring or tensioner. Tia Daz
  3. Where did you get the adapter from, wouldn't mind one of these for my fx. Cheers
  4. Yes you're absolutely right if I remember my S410 extra regulated, the gauge wouldn't budge until it was below a certain pressure.
  5. I'll go through and have a look thanks.
  6. Thanks but think I'll need one with a pressure gauge built in
  7. Hi all, I'm after a fac pcp, preferably regulated in. 22 and must be multi shot. If anyone has anything they're thinking of getting rid of let me know, Kind regards Daz
  8. Are you welling these by any chance, I've dented a leg on my set and cant find a spare
  9. Just checked and I've actually only got 3 boxes, the rest are hornandy. I'll sell the three boxes for £20 Regards Darren
  10. I'm away at the minute, but will get back to you as soon as I'm back. Probably over the weekend. Regards Darren
  11. Yeah it is.. Not sure if that makes a difference
  12. OK well that rules that out then I guess.. I've just seen the compressors on ebay capable of filling an air gun up for less then the price of a dive tank
  13. Just picked up a fire extinguisher from a shop we just closed down, could of had a couple to be fair, wondering if anyone has ever made an air cylinder out of one. There are some videos on YouTube, but not sure just how safe this would be.
  14. I have 500 winchester 17 hmr rounds, selling due to my rifle not liking them. £12.50 box or the lot for £100 quick sale
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