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  1. Well big thank you to everyone.... Bullet height was the answer quite happy with consistent sub 1" groups at 100m. here is a 5 shot one at 74mm COAL (0.3mm off the lands) light crimp. I think that will do for most hunting I intend but I wouldn't of managed it without everyone's help.
  2. my mate says you must crimp but I dont have a crimp machine but then another friend said crimping for semi auto guns only??
  3. I now have an overall length of 74.3mm as opposed to the standard 71.12 or my last load at 73mm. It just fits in my magazine! Now I need to reseat 30 bullets groan
  4. Thanks that’s helpful Cheers will
  5. Thanks everyone this is super helpful in thinking I’m probably a mm short on my oal or a smidgen or so get me a bullet removal tool now lol
  6. What exactly does cleaning mean for you product and procedures? Thanks Will
  7. Thanks that’s exactly the sort of tip I was after
  8. Ok most bullet recipes have an overall bullet length. But it varies I’m loading a .308 which sometimes is 2.8” sometimes a little shorter say 2.795”. Also bullets heads (bullets) are often different lengths. I get that too much compression is dangerous but what are the pros and cons of different overall bullet lengths. I’m currently seating mine 2mm longer and the works well....
  9. Ok did my DSC1 today and the instructor said never clean the inside of your barrel.... or clean it every time you fire it. I’m guessing lots do something in between. What’s the best advice here? thanks Will
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