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  1. Thanks I'm pretty sad to see it go its been in the family since new but seems daft to just leave it in the cupboard 😞 here's another pic of the case. Will oh I should say any reasonably competent gunsmith should be able to return it to a right handed gun as this type of wood/stock is easily altered
  2. Muppets My angling association and dsfb are also trying to engage and survive legislation Change grrrrr I hope that my crow busting isn't next for the chop
  3. Maybe I'd best just let it go? Shame though! It did seem to good to be true
  4. Thanks guys it's an invite via a friend and I don't think he seriously expected me to say i'd come. Perhaps he has had a change of heart and looking for an out? He runs the shoot and perhaps sold all the guns as I know it's his income. Maybe I'll offer to pay but I don't want to be rude.... I'm guessing if there was a will it could be done??
  5. See first post I did he seems confused as he only usually shoots with fellow countrymen
  6. Great trucks had two brilliant the defender 110 I just got is way better off road though but it's nowhere as smooth on the road
  7. Hi good people I have been offered some driven boar shooting in Germany but the host says you can only use a rifle in Germany if you hold a German rifle licence. I have a uk shotgun cert but no FAC I had assumed some kind of estate rifle rules could be applied as here in scotland could anyone clarify matters ? Many thank Will
  8. Thanks for all the advice I put the spinner on 5secs for 5pm will turn it up later next month Few ducks bred on the pond enjoying it and the swans
  9. I've got one that I bent to give a left hand cast :( you could bend it back I suppose ?
  10. Ok two simple questions 1 when to start feeding my flight pond ie this month next??? 2 how long to set the spinner on the automatic duck feeder for 30secs ? And what time of day should it spin 4pm? Is that three questions
  11. Good news is a mate of mine who is a qualified butcher will help so that with the thatcher who has bumped of a few pigs in his time I should be ok?
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