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  1. It is possible I suppose some more skilled shooters and reloader will be able to get the old tikka to shoot better? Anyway it was to heavy with bipod and Mod to use for me... I have a lighter setup now, lighter rifle with hunting not varmint barrel, carbon fibre bipod.... titanium mod (all secondhand but quite alot less savings in the bank!).........
  2. Err I think so lots of helpful tips. I worked hard at the loads COAL various lengths ect tried shop ammo different powders charge weights and bullets ect ect. And yes 3" groups are fine for normal hunting and as stated I never missed a deer with the rifle up to 200m no problem. But confidence is important and the rifle was inconsistent sometimes sub moa and sometimes 4" groups. I had it checked by a rifle smith new scope and mounts and so on. So for whatever reason it never shot that well fine for hunting I agree up to about 200m. However my new rifle shoots 1" to 1.5" unerringly and it does give you confidence to shoot live game with up to about 250m (thats about the farthest I shoot). I haven't really played with the home loads and my new rifle just set the OAL just off the lands but I will need to play around a bit to tighten the groups I think. Thank you everyone for your help I am grateful and learnt alot
  3. cheers eventually and many pounds later lol
  4. Well in case anyone is interested after two scopes two sets of scope mounts any number of fiddling with home loads and a few hundred rounds I never did consistently tame my old tikka occasionally it would produce a couple of decent 1.5" groups then it would be over 3". I finally chopped it in for a new rifle and to my delight it wasn't my rubbish shooting that produced the garbage groups. New rifle shoot 3/4" groups if I try and never worse than 1.5" even if I'm being lazy. I guess 30 years of hard labour can shoot out a .308..... Having said that I never missed a Deer this season with the old tikka but play safe and its a big target and never more than 200m...... Confidence is important though and Im much happier with the new rifle.
  5. Well big thank you to everyone.... Bullet height was the answer quite happy with consistent sub 1" groups at 100m. here is a 5 shot one at 74mm COAL (0.3mm off the lands) light crimp. I think that will do for most hunting I intend but I wouldn't of managed it without everyone's help.
  6. my mate says you must crimp but I dont have a crimp machine but then another friend said crimping for semi auto guns only??
  7. I now have an overall length of 74.3mm as opposed to the standard 71.12 or my last load at 73mm. It just fits in my magazine! Now I need to reseat 30 bullets groan
  8. Thanks that’s helpful Cheers will
  9. Thanks everyone this is super helpful in thinking I’m probably a mm short on my oal or a smidgen or so get me a bullet removal tool now lol
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