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  1. hi anybody got a 42mm adaptor ring for a pulsar f155
  2. u r a bit far away but if u was in wales had had some u could have bought good luck with it ok
  3. hi there would u do this and the primrose 2 point gun rest 70 pounds for the both of them thanks
  4. primrose sticks would u take 70 for them posted thanks

  5. hi there anybody got a 40mm scope ring for sale for a pulsar 155 thanks
  6. hi there have it been sold yet
  7. hi all sorted fellas had to change doctors didnt wont to but that was the only way to keep my guns cheers for all replies
  8. right boys a fao told me today they dont wont all your medical history what they wont is a letter off u r gp with him saying that you still got all your marbles lol boys it a fliping joke i have had my gun for 40 years and this is what they do to u
  9. hi guys i am under the gwent force and my ticket is up for renewal but my doctor wont write a letter to say i am safe to keep it going hes aganist all firearms so do anybody know of a independent doctor who will do it foe me in south wales cheers guys
  10. hi there fella i am going down west nx month some time for a few days if u still got them then i will take them off u where abouts r u to please and do u have a contact number for me to give u a ring when i go down thanks dave
  11. Boris will u take five pounds for them lol
  12. If i had had my ticket on me i would have had them off u because i am up in reading working for a few days **** law in it cheers dave
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