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  1. I’m looking for bullet molds for 9mm Luger. I’ve tried the Lee 124 grain (6) with little success. Hoping an old pistolero might have something.
  2. I have been trying to source Weaver T36 for benchrest shooting but it appears they are no longer made. I have seen one for sale in the United States but that has its problems. Does anyone know a dealer who might be able to source one?
  3. Hoping to find a good quality front rest for .22 Bench Rest Shooting. Caldwell, Remington, Rock etc.
  4. Hoping to find a Lee 20lb melting pot for casting. Anyone out there? Name your price.
  5. The safety catch for my Mossberg 500 broke today. Would anyone have a spare or know of a place that might have one in stock?
  6. The Loadmaster priming is a challenge. It’s the only weak part of the design but you can do it. I see lots of reloading dudes on YouTube using it including ElvisAmmo so there you go. Good luck with it, but I sold mine after I gave it a good go.....and I’m a tinkerer. I went back to the Lee Pro 1000 for 9mm, 357, 45 etc. I don’t shoot 222/223 but I think the Pro 1000 can handle that calibre. I’ve spoken to many guys about reloading and the truthful ones will admit that Dillon and Lyman and RCBS can be a pain in the *** when priming. ps lots of Reloader's prime separately.
  7. I’m going to revisit casting my bullets and was looking for a used Lee Production Pot IV. Any retiring casters out there, give me a shout.
  8. I have an old box of Mountain & Sowden in the workshop. They are not mine so must have been given the box.
  9. Vince, your reminding me of all the reasons I stopped casting bullets. Key holing is a nuisance and one that I never really solved. I retired the moulds for 9mm, 357/38, .45acp and .40sw and moved to copper wash or bought hard-cast lead. I download all my calibres now so that they just recycle the pistol or are just sufficient for revolver. I never hot load any calibre as there is no near. Leading is not an issue. I began casting again for a Parker Hale Volunteer and remembered how much fun casting can be. It was the present lock-down that has lead me to powder coating because I had the moulds, alloy bricks and an oven sitting unused. It’s the powder that’s holding me back. I’ve noticed that the powder is cheap so if I buy, and it’s no good, then no harm. I can’t believe that no one on PW is doing it or at least responded.
  10. I use Federal primers exclusively now and have never had a problem, ever. I shoot about 150/250 a month, rifle and pistol, depending. Or I did. The only time a primer exploded was a CCI large pistol primer and it set off 3 more in the Lee Pro Primer tray. I will never forget it.
  11. Ok, I appreciate the replys. The calibre I'm shooting and making for, if it works, is 9mm. I buy copper wash bullets now but they are dear, so powder coating might; 1. Be fun to make. 2. Be cheap to shoot. There are lots of suppliers but they dont all work, im told. Lots of pretty colours but whats the point in buying if the chemical mix isnt right. Hoping someone here might be into powder coating with success and a brand that I can buy.
  12. I’ve got the time and all the bits and pieces so I thought I would try it. I have not bought any powder because I was told that some powders do not work which makes the last step tricky. Obviously I need a UK supplier. I really need the experience of someone who has powder coated with a particular powder easily sourced.
  13. I’m reading a lot about powder coating your own cast bullets and was wondering if any one was doing it on PW? It looks kinda fun and replaces lubing or tumble lubing. For example where are you buying the powder coating needed?
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