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  1. The only time i have heard of land needing to be rechecked is down to environmental issues like change in landscape or development of local/neighbouring land. This usually occurs due to a report or information being called in.
  2. I have a CZ452 mag in 10 shot, i can`t see any indentifying marks as to the maker, it was just many of the things my friend brings back after he returns from posting. I can however narrow it down to America.
  3. Not so much a rant more of a cost Forsey money exercise. Seems to have done the job, i earn too much and have too higher ranking job to lower myself to mere ranting when exposing poor companies serves a better purpose.
  4. If it`s raining you just carry on as normal, i have shot clays in snow, blizzards, rain, driving rain the lot, it all adds to your skill set as it makes the clays react differently, If it rains a good tip is use a semi auto and fire quicker, it helps keep your hands warm on the barrel. They have a tea hut at Gorsewood and a very compact setup so it`s easy to whip back for a quick cuppa then get back out. I find a fleece and a shooting vest is all i need and my magnum boots, with the fleece it whicks away sweat but drys very quickly if it rains, some people take lightweight waterproofs but i f
  5. In theory if you can get under an established flightline then put your deeks down, pigeons will see their mates first and decide that it maybe worth dropping down to see what the fuss is. They may not fully commit but you should be able to pull them into gun range.
  6. Planning permission is going to be your biggest problem, however i think there is an exception if you are only using for a certain number of hours per year, don`t quote me on that though. This was discussed in another thread do a search and it should chuck it up.
  7. Warlock


    Check Guntrader out, the lowest is £225 highest is £325 all second hand, all basic models. so £240 is quite a valid price, Some people are just more desperate than others.
  8. Just been catching up on some news etc and found my next gun, going to swap my .44 rifle slot for it L115A3
  9. Warlock


    Yup going rate for a second hand escort is £240 mark.
  10. I bought Toffee flavoured popcorn and i have sparklers for when the firworks get started.
  11. The trick is not to close it completely, leave it open slightly, the main dis-advantages of closing the eye is firstly depth perception goes out of the window, secondly closing the means you lose quite a large piece of you vision meaning you pickup targets later due to narrow vision.
  12. I`m the other way round right handed left eye dominant, i just close my left eye, job done £30 saved.
  13. Dapper get a lesson under your belt at Martin Gorsewood and spend some time on the clays, then when you feel comfortable give me a shout and i`ll take you Decoying and maybe a few rabbits on my land down Dover way.
  14. Ruger mini 14 for me, nice and compact and a 1 in 9 twist.
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