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  1. As a rough rule diesel into petrol........troublesom but not terminal petrol into diesel..........pretty much gooshed and lots of expensive parts.
  2. Yep thanks, had the nm about 5 years ago great little torch but hoped something equivalent but cheaper had appeared on the market since cos the nm is pretty damn expensive.
  3. Hi haven't been on here for ever and a day so a bit out of touch with all things torchy.I am after a torch to sit atop of my HMR for rabbits ( be handy if i could also use it for the CF as well ) preferably with a red beam and good for about 200 yards. what should i be looking at ? Cheers.
  4. Solved this on mine by fitting sunshade to scope. Tried covering mod with all sorts and didnt work. The scope extension worked perfect.
  5. Blackbart

    free car

    Nice offer. I done this once for a fellow shooter. He mentioned 1 day when we were out beating that his motor had died and he really couldn't afford another, the kids, the dogs, the wife etc etc all expensive and recently lost his job.....the full nine yards. I said look i have an astra estate sitting doing nowt and if will help you out you can have it, for nowt. He was chuffed and arranged to come and get it. The next day he arrived and started walking round the car pointing out scratches and small dings here and there and then said naaa i dont want it cos its a bit rough ! Som
  6. Im with him.. place decoys out build hide and sit and watch them land........at other end of field.
  7. I had one last year that i spent more time under than in. Blank the egr off if it hasnt been done already. If it hasn't the inlet will be like treacle and have very restricted airflow which wont help it. THE very first thing i would do on a L200 of this age is do a compression test and then work back from there To find running problems.
  8. Marford mill ! 195 mile south of me. London is 290 mile south of me. Thanks for proving my point.
  9. That was exactly the attitude of my insurance company. I told them it was a fraudulent claim and there was cctv to prove it and they didnt want to know. So it has totaly changed my view and if it ever happens to me i will now fleece them for everything i can possibly get.
  10. Like most other big organisations in this country they think england is an hours drive from london north and after that it doesnt exist.
  11. If i had known that i could have got it cheaper ! I dont have rfd but i do have Grand Theft Auto I'll get me coat....
  12. Tell your son to claim personal injury (whiplash ), take a week off work and also claim loss of earnings and he may as well claim for emotional distress. I hit someone last year, i say hit, touch would be a better word, while sitting in a jam. He went and then slammed his brakes on for an unknown reason. I braked just too late and the front of my car dipped and touched the back of his car. Speed at time of accident was approx 5mph, yes five mph. My insurance payed him £9000 for the 3 things he claimed above and didnt even ask me a single question about the accident. First i knew they had p
  13. Piggmy blow pipe wiped on that frog in your avatar........kill an elephant.
  14. 12ft lbs is the max for an air rifle without a license.
  15. You want to look for some 15 or 16 rims for it then you will have loads of choice for tyres. This may effect your speedo reading a bit though if you go 15s.
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