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  1. I've got a nice cheep greener on the rack mate, PM me if you want some pics. Col.
  2. Looking for a Lyman 454424 mould for my 45LC. Not concerned about condition as long as the blocks are still good and dropping correct size bullets.
  3. Anyone can walk into any gun shop and buy bullet heads. They are lumps of lead and copper. Posting them is no issue legally or morally.
  4. Of which some wildfowl in certain circumstances (as fallowbuck points out) are classed as pests. Anyway, I’m not going to lecture people on the morality / legality of their actions. We’re all adults. If you have a slot for a sec 1 shotgun, gun is still available.
  5. Hi,

        how much to send it to a RFD n Glasgow.   Thanks Stevie

  6. bay firearms


    I’ve got a choke box with some extended ones in there, what choke size u after??
  7. Hi,


       Could you send to frd in Scotland and could you please tell me the cost?


    Thanks Stevie


  8. bay firearms

    .300wm dies

    Second that, very helpful and good prices. Failing that, got to Henry krank, he has the ultimate set for £55 (nearly bought a set this morning)
  9. Yep, it’s a cracker, have a look on the trade guns section, it’s near the top
  10. Yep, lots of guys I know / deal with have open licenses for which they use their FAC autos for varying levels of “pest control”. I’ve seen several.
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