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    Shooting, more shooting, plus a bit of shooting on the side.<br /><br />training and working gundogs.<br /><br />Coarse and game Fishing.<br /><br />Gamekeep in much of any spare time.
  1. If at first you don't succeed.......................give up
  2. Keep up the recovery and the quality photog shots
  3. Pointer

    Air pistol

    I have a Webley Tempest .22 in superb condition, I would let it go for £100 plus posting.
  4. I use remmy accutip and have had no dramas.............to date :look:
  5. Mate of mine bought himself an AA decoys magnet as he was on a budget and it does the job really well.
  6. I floated my CZ American .17 HMR and improved things dramatically.
  7. Pointer

    Jocky Wilson

    A true character in his day R.I.P. JW.
  8. Watch the birds and suss out the Flight Lines into the field. Get yourself alongside or under one and things should improve
  9. I own a black Benelli M2 Longmag and have to say its the best handling s/a I have ever used, especially after buying the longer recoil pad and adjusting the shims to get a good fit. It has never missed a beat, whether eating 24g clay loads to 40g AAA. Being a non gasser, the recoil is a little punchy but the comfortech system does help smooth things out. The Crio chokes are superb and have never loosened during a days hard graft. OK , she can be a tad lardy with 8 shells on board, but she does shed weight with ease when giving vermin the good news
  10. Hi Sticky Have you not tried the search function? As this topic has been done to death!
  11. :lol: Nice one I almost choked on my bong.....
  12. It makes me laugh that the cheapest pint in England is 20p!.......guess where? Yup the good old Houses of Parliament..............Do as I say......not do as I do.
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