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  1. This is a bargain.Second only to Lapua.At this price should have been long gone.Richard.
  2. Would be buyers may want to know is it moa or mil and what reticule it has.Richard.
  3. Very good cars.Mine is on 166k.Good luck with the sale.Richard.
  4. For sale having given up Wildfowling the following in 12 bore:-50 32 gm shot size 6 and 125 32g shot size 5 .Just cartridges list at £71 per box!! need to go so bargain basement price of £20 per box total £140.Richard.
  5. Don't know I'm not selling them.Dont appreciate unrelated unhelpful posts
  6. Ok thanks was looking to pitch at right price so went with just cartridges as yardstick. Price reduction to £25 per box.
  7. For sale having given up Wildfowling the following Kent Impact Tungsten Matrix plastic wad cartridges 12 bore:-- 50 32g shot size 6 125 32g shot size 5 Just Cartridges list at £71 per box for fibre so say £40 per box collected would seem reasonable.Total£280.Advertised elsewhere.
  8. That means it will do for 22.250,243'6.5x47 and 308
  9. Looking for. Tikka 22-250.Can be either 595 or T3 but needs to be a reasonable round count.Ideal scenario would be stainless/laminated in left hand but would consider a good right hand model in any configuration.Richard.
  10. Anyone got a Solaris srx laser ir torch for sale?.Needs to be in v good to mint condition and preferably the one mode model.Richard.
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