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  1. Clip the hair under the ear flap and put in a pinch of thornit powder for 3-5 days
  2. Do you still have the imported gsp mike ?
  3. Look for a food with a named meat as the first ingredient on the bag. The number of foods with cereal or animal derivatives as the first ingredient is incredible. Personally I would avoid this food at all costs
  4. You , my friend, are a down right liar !!!! Absolute lies to try and get a laugh !!!! Do not spread gossip if you don’t know the truth !!!!! My Pomeranian has NEVER EVER tracked a deer because my blow pipe drops them on the spot !!!!!! Have it !!!!!!
  5. Of course I have one, you know what I’m like !!!!
  6. I have seen every dog under the sun eating, from hounds eating flesh to a Pomeranian eating a pouch of Caesar, and never seen a dog look un-happy eating .
  7. How was the dog “obviously miserable” ? What did the dog do to portray this feeling? What food was it ?
  8. I just don’t get it ???? I’ve seen the quote “ my dog won’t eat that brand off food” loads of times and my thoughts are “it would if it was with me !!!!!” The best quote I have ever seen on these dog feeding questions was one reply that stated “No dog as ever starved itself to death”.
  9. But you are a human and understand the concept of choice ????? How did you know the dog hated the food I’ve had lots of dogs and never had 1 turn it’s back on any food I’ve fed because I always follow step 1 and step 2 .
  10. Step 1: Put the food down, the food YOU decide she is having, and if she doesn’t eat it straight away take the food away. Step 2: Repeat Step 1 until the dog eats the food.
  11. Feed good quality kibble and you don’t need to add anything at all.
  12. The best pups are still the same price as they were pre COVID. The best breeders are charging the same price as they were pre COVID. People that are only interested in money are charging more.
  13. If a dog is a real'un placeboards have no effect on drive whatsoever. Look at the dogs trained at Rytex, on the boards, and tell me they don't have drive. .
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