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  1. Which is a good enough reason for not buying one. My mate has a 54 plate Land Cruiser with 150k+ on it and it has only ever had one fault in all its life - an alternator failure a couple of months ago. Took us an hour to change it. It spent the first 8 years of its life towing a builder's trailer around West and North Yorkshire and off duty a caravan around France.
  2. With the number of Africans in Paris these days it was only a matter of time. Their colonial history is biting them on the *****.
  3. Fair enough. You did offer bets based on the end of March. So I'll have the same tenner and if I lose I'll pay up and offer double or quits on Article 50 being invoked within a year of the referendum.
  4. So why didn't you take up the offers last week? Its not as if you weren't on the forum. You danced all around the question. I'm still up for it if you are?
  5. So you weren't as confident as you made out last week. And even now you've watered it down from never happening to not before the 31st March.
  6. All you need is a solid background and don't move about too much. I used to sit with my back to a tree and put my bag in front of the dog then drape a lightweight scrim net or camo' poncho over my knees and the bag. Sit and wait when you see one come in. Only move when the squirrel has its head down feeding. They usually feed for a few seconds and then sit up. That is when to shoot them. If they are reluctant to come to your feeders you can create attraction by smearing peanut butter or Nutella around the feeder. If you disturb a squirrel when you are walking in the woods it will often run
  7. If you don't want to sign up for a contract then just go into any large supermarket and get a 'sans contrat' or 'sans engagement' SIM card from the cashier. You can get them pre-payed for different amounts and bin it when you've done. As for recommending a provider; your hosts would be the best to advise as coverage varies throughout the country. Much the same as in the UK.
  8. Which part of that cat looks like a fox?
  9. In that case he might have been on the phone and not noticed the 30 signs.
  10. The driver could have been making progress Neil. If you get a job that isn't an 'Immediate' i.e. twos and blues, but it needs a prompt response you can drive a bit quicker. If you were recorded on a speed camera and you weren't engaged with such an incident then there would be no excuse and the driver would have to take the points and fine. Anyway, how can you hope to be a courier if you only do 30 in a 30?
  11. UKPoacher


    I think that out in the sticks the choice of vehicle will depend on the dealer's reputation. The vast majority in our area seem to drive Citroens and having experience of the dealership I can understand why. It is top notch. The Renault dealer also does Dacia and they are taking a lot of the Renault customers as they are much cheaper. I see far more Citroen and Peugeots than Renaults. But Dacias are all over the place. You don't see many Fords, Opels, Japanese, Korean or German cars out here either.
  12. UKPoacher


    Put this in perspective. There are 4,500 jobs at Vauxhall and 75% of the components are made abroad. One colliery local to where I lived employed 6,000 men and another 1,000 were dependent on it. And that was just one of dozens closed down at a stroke. Car manufacturing isn't the labour intensive business it once was. It is sad for those involved but there are many more losing jobs to globalisation and mechanisation.
  13. UKPoacher


    Hmm! Why then are the roads in my part of France full of Peugeots and Citroens?
  14. I don't see any direct connection with rescue dogs having behavioural issues. Sometimes the issue is with the owners. I took on quite a few rescue dogs; springers and GSDs and turned them around into working police dogs in very little time. They didn't have any more issues than the pedigree pups that were bought in from working lines. If you are looking for a cast-iron guarantee of a dog with no possible issues then you will be disappointed. There is no such thing. The nearest thing though would be a retired or failed guide dog from the RNIB: http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/supportus/rehoming
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