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  1. Blitzking

    Anschutz Magazines

    Sold to LPJA, many thanks for a hassle free transaction. Apologies Novice, had already gone but thanks for your interest.
  2. Blitzking

    Anschutz Magazines

    No longer have the rifle but have 4 - 5 shot magazines and 1 - 10 shot magazines for a .22 Anschutz bolt action rifle, think mine was the model 1420. Looking for £65 posted for the lot, PayPal gift or bank transfer
  3. Blitzking

    Harris bipod x2

    Do they have the notched or smooth legs.
  4. Blitzking

    Brass, Harris, Rings

    Paid for the bipod yesterday, arrived first class post this morning, top guy.
  5. Blitzking

    Brass, Harris, Rings

    Brand new Genuine Harris ultralight bipod Series S model LM. 9-13 swivel with notched legs, £65 posted Yes please, please can you pm me and let me know how you wish to be paid.
  6. Blitzking

    Beretta Beretta AL 391 12 gauge

    If only you were closer!
  7. Blitzking

    Sunshade for Bushnell Elite Scope

    Hi I'm looking for a sunshade for a Bushnell elite tactical scope, 50mm objective, if anyone can hekp. Many thanks Mark
  8. Blitzking

    Teague 3/8 extended Invector plus

    Pm sent.
  9. Blitzking

    Factory Plastic Butt Plate for Miroku MK70

    Pm sent.
  10. HI As per the title, I'm looking for a factory plastic butt plate for my 12 bore Miroku MK70 sporter, if anyone has one, please get in touch. Thanks Mark
  11. As per the title, if you know of a good second hand 686E Sporter forend, please get in touch.
  12. Blitzking

    Busy week,beats working.

    Great write up, fair enjoyed reading it, do you boys ever go to your bed!
  13. Blitzking

    Benelli M2 Comfortech 12 gauge

    Open to sensible offers.
  14. Blitzking

    Benelli M2 Barrel

    Could trade/swap a 28" barrel against a shorter tube.
  15. Blitzking

    Lowa Hunter Extreme GTX

    Are these a true size UK 10? I've noticed some boots can be large or small fitting, dependent on make.