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  1. Hi Tightchoke Just sent in a message, Thanks
  2. Wanted Baikal O/U 27E , Ejector, Single trigger 28 Inch, chokes imp & 1/4 or 1/4 & 1/4 or 1/4/v&v1/2 Please just get intouch if anyone has one for sale with price, DN18 Thanks
  3. These are RC Romagnola, £45 for 250 now if enybody wants any, Thanks
  4. Thats a pity but better to be safe then sorry
  5. A few cartridges for sale 750 RC 6 shot 28g Plastic, £50 for 250, Pick up DN18 5NG with shot gun certificate, Thanks for looking
  6. Just been watching them tonight must have about 2000 droping in on a field not far from reeds island on the humber, North Lincolnshire
  7. Maybe they are out on the geese, first day
  8. Hi Motty, Most of the peas have gone still a few fields left, still a lot of rape and wheat left yet ,been out today and all the farms i go on are out cutting, just let me know if you want a net, thanks
  9. Ex army camo nets, 16 ft by 6 ft approx, these have been cut from a large net ( got what I need ) some of the scrim will need fixing back onto the net were it was cut, good do with a wash, just in time for harvest £20 picked up £25 posted, paypal ok I only go on here at night so I will get back to anyone then, if you need any more information Thanks for looking DN18
  10. Yes it was good to meet and deal with you as well, when two shooters get together it's nice to have a good talk
  11. Dont know what you mean, prices is on for the RC cartridges and the price was on for Hull ones what i told aga man about, I have also put sold on them Thanks miapia221
  12. Hi ago man, They are plas wad, I am just going to put on 250 hull super fast 29g 6 in fibre for £50 if any good to you, Thanks
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