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  1. Yes thats right, more that I need, only up the road and I am on the farm, only want it to carry all my stuff. getting to old now. Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Saltings, Q plate dint help, but I was ringing round before I new it would be a q plate, funny how some people told me who there with but when I rang them did not want to know, I need some insurance to go on the road a bit to get on the farm.
  3. Hi southeastpete, I rang all over for quoat, befor I new it was on a Q plate, waited 12 weeks for the DVLA to give it a plate, Andy Hearn was great at Aim Risk and a good price.
  4. Hi thanks for all your help, I am going with Aim Risk, Andy Hearn, he was very help full and at a good price.
  5. Ok thanks Sam. I tried them, but they did not want to know, because I did not have any other insurance with them, Thanks
  6. Hi itchy trigger, I tried them today put me through to bike sure, I know what you mean about thinking be for you say anything, but said it needed to be mot, so told her it does not need one and she did ask her boss again, but still no, what can I say.
  7. Hi, Does anybody use a agri reg quad bike, on a Q plate for shooting, I got one for carrying all my stuff, getting to old now, having a lot of trouble trying to get it insured, I am not a farmer. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  8. Try Southerton Guns, they somtimes have Baikal spares and they have a web site, good luck.
  9. Hi Zapp, I was after a fixed choke one, is that the ones that have swivels on the butt and barrels, thanks
  10. Hi Silma, Thanks but i like to get another Baikal
  11. Hi Tightchoke, I got intouch with him last time but he did not have one, thanks.
  12. Wanted Baikal O/U 27E , Ejector, Single trigger 28 Inch, chokes imp & 1/4 or 1/4 & 1/4 or 1/4/ & 1/2 , Please just get intouch, Thanks
  13. Hi vampire, Just had a look cant see it thanks,
  14. Ok, thanks that is a long way from me, Thanks for letting me know but after another single trigger one.
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