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  1. Open top tunnel box set in a tree to remove risk of leg hold on larger mammals
  2. @Morkin Fenn no 4 and 6 traps can still be used for squirrels. Not the cheaper copies just branded traps from the approved list such as Fenn and Springer. Before use a risk assessment must be completed in respect to human and non-target species, if there is even the slightest possibility of catching a red, do not use. If Fenn traps are deemed safe to use a tunnel or cover must be used to stop birds landing on them or they becoming leg hold traps for badger or deer etc. Putting them in a feeder wouldn’t be seen as appropriate as there is a high chance the animal would not be caught an
  3. Get well soon and well done, a game changer, spotting squirrels has never been so easy. I’ve lost count of the number of squirrels I’ve shot while the squirrel thought it was hiding. As Mice says learn the settings and head to the park 👍
  4. It has been a year with very good natural food, combined with a focus on breeding it is often a difficult few months. One tactic I utilise in March is to fire an air rifle pellet at a drey and see who pops their head out for a look, combined with a very stealth approach this can be very productive compared to sitting on feeders. However with that said don't neglect the feeders and keep them topped up as they will be sort out by juvenile animals very soon.
  5. All yours mate, sending a PM
  6. 326 x Sierra Gameking (2125) 30cal 150g SBT bullets - £85 collected or £90 delivered assuming not Highlands or NI, sorry.185 x Sierra gameking (1920) 7mm 160g SBT bullets - £55 collected or £60 delivered assuming not Highlands or NI, sorry.
  7. I have an SL7+ shotgun version with locking top and a 2 gun breakdown if anyone wants a swap plus cash, I’ll deliver and collect.
  8. In the days of full & full with Winchester cartridges, couldn't afford it now!!!!! It's actually a very good DVD, have a bump
  9. Hi I’m looking for a Brattonsound RL7+ If anyone has one for sale in clean rust free condition. Northamptonshire and surrounding counties please
  10. @Ferret664 maddening isn’t it !!! 🤬 Stalking deer in an area one day and see lots of squirrels, return the next day with a .22, with the same weather, at the same time and only see deer 🤣
  11. It can be hit and miss particularly regarding weather and the wet conditions we have had. If there is an abundance of wild food a feeder can be redundant. I find that I am best feeding small quantities of high calorie food such as peanut butter, peanuts and sunflower hearts in a dedicated squirrel feeder. They are a small mammal which uses a lot of energy so need to feed regularly and will seek out the feeders but it is a war of attrition. A feeder on dry ground in open view but shielded from cold winds, in the sun, located in an area with little other food is what I try to crea
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