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  1. Im in Northampton and have a vacant slot on my FAC. 24" barrel and open to camo or black or do you know a shop with a new/mint gun in stock?
  2. Cheers did see it but its a 320 mile round trip!
  3. O&U, single or pump .410 or 20b moderated shotgun in excellent condition I’m based in Northampton Drop me a line cheers
  4. Stonepark, you make absolute sense and I shall settle on the 20b which I love shooting rather than dabble with the idea of a 28b which to be honest for my use I may feel under gunned and it could become a cabinet queen. cheers figgy
  5. I don’t own a .410 so was thinking a 28b would weigh the same but be able to shoot .410 loads up to 24gram(my upper limit) so would be more versatile
  6. Thats what im trying to convince myself🀣🀣
  7. I have a 20 bore silver pigeon and am tinkering with the idea of getting the same in 28 bore. My local gun shop have spoken to GMK who have confirmed the SP 28b is on a smaller action(a 28b/.410 action) to the 20b gun but can't confirm the weight. Anyone out there with a 28" or 30" small actioned 28b silver pigeon want to weigh it for me?😁 I say small actioned as I know some of the older guns were built on 20b actions and weighed virtually the same as the 20b. Also anyone believed there is a distinct advantage with 30" over 28"? Cheers
  8. Never put away dirty, wet or cold guns and always wipe with a lightly oiled cloth. I use a dehumidifier, plug it in and remove the moisture from the whole house. i’m out every day in all weather and my guns never have a problem but then I have fitted wardrobe heaters in the cabinets too as it deals with the relative humidity 😁
  9. 2 slabs sealed and unopened, bought for me last week by a friend who picked up 12b cartridges and not 20b!!!! Shop is too far away to return them. Β£140 collection from Wellingborough Northamptonshire or swap for 28 bore or 20 bore game cartridges. Just Cartridges link
  10. Been there myself and would defiantly go for the silver pigeon as you handled it and liked it, my kids loved the same gun, which is 6lb 8oz as I have just weighed it. didn't need to go to too much effort as i was out all day using it today!!!! It was for my 3 kids but is now my most used shotgun.....love it with 28g 6 shot for everything or 21g on the clays. Beretta SPs come with a nice soft pad which will definitely be needed for the kids when they miss-mount, they will notice it!! Assuming you use less than 1/2 choke steel shot will be ok regardless, it will come eventually!
  11. 25 x 12b Hull Solway Steel 36g 3 shot 3” 24 x 12b Lyalvale Express Max Steel 36g 1 shot 3” 19 x 12b Hull Extreme Hunting 50g lead BB 3” 75 x Eley .410 Trap 19g 7.5 shot All nice and shiny in their original boxes Got to be worth Β£30 collected to someone, i'm In Northamptonshire 15 minutes from the M1 and A14 near Wellingborough/Northampton Or swap for 28, 20 or 12 bore game/vermin cartridges
  12. Had lots of responses, thanks, but now had use of a Fabarm Beta and liked it a lot, now looking for one of these if possible or similar, steel proof and multi-choked.
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