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  1. This video has some quality shots, but undoubtedly my favourite shot of the year which was a high hen bird about 50 yards high. To be honest I couldn't believe I brought it down. During the same video I nearly had a cock bird take the head of me and one really distant crow which you can tell in the video with the lead I gave it.
  2. Thanks Al. Yes shooting in snow is brilliant, especially woodcock. Thanks Cranfield. Yes, lovely countryside and we've had plenty of snow this winter. I respect that. Like you I don't shoot hares, but I still like a rough shooting outing at woodcock. Testing bird & great work for the dogs. Something exciting about the flush & waiting to see where the bird will appear. Thank you
  3. Cheers mate. Is it easy to convert it from 12 bore to 20 bore? It is just a matter of screwing it in?
  4. Yeah I know I won't save loads but there isn't a lot of firearms dealers in Northern Ireland and some of them probably don't even stock 20 bore cartridges. Also be a nice hobby for me. How much is the conversion kit?
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I think before next season I will be purchasing one. I was also considering going into reloading so I suppose this may cut the cost of the shells and mean I can make something to suit walked up or driven game. A lot of you mentioned 30" barrels; is that not very long in such a small gun? Or do the you need the longer barrels with the lighter loads? I have always shot with 28" barrels.
  6. This video from the start of December was filmed in the pursuit of the greatest game bird of them all. Quite a wintery day with snow, hail & strong wind, but ended up with a decent bag of birds. I hope you all enjoy
  7. Hi guys, I have been thinking quite a lot recently about getting a 20 bore over & under. As I have never owned one what are the pros & cons to it? Is the cartridges still as expensive as they used to be? I would be using it for summer decoying, walked up woodcock shooting and the odd outing on my pheasant syndicate. Finally which make & model? I have always been a Beretta man.
  8. A lot of birds al. What sort of return are you getting on them? We are thinking of increasing the birds we release to 200 next season which means another pen needs constructed aswell as the main one completely replaced.
  9. How many birds do you put down al? Thanks for sharing the video as always.
  10. Below is my latest video from the pheasant syndicate. Videoed over a couple of days during end of November/Start of December. There is also an appearance from a pod of porpoises which were only about 50 yards out into the sea. Hope you all enjoy.
  11. Nice Al. Fair play to you cutting the flight early. There are too many boys shooting on that lough that would shoot all day and end up with massive bags of ducks.
  12. The off season coming up would be the time to try to get a syndicate. Or go out there & get some new permission and start your own. thank you thanks al
  13. Haven't been on a lot recently as I moved into a new house and have no internet yet. Anyway I made this video a couple of weeks ago and only got round to posting it. Footage from a couple of early days out on our syndicate. I was a little annoyed as some of the footage of my dog working hard was ruined by a drip on the camera. Loads more videos to follow when the internet gets installed.
  14. Thanks for the replies lads. My brother in law & sister have the Arlo set-up but just wanted to know if any of you guys recommended anything different.
  15. Cheers fella. Plenty of them over here, not enough people using larsen traps & shooting them.
  16. Hi All, I will be moving into my new build next week and hopefully the dog kennels will be getting built in the not too distant future. Any suggestions on outdoor camera systems? I would like one to overlook the kennels, one for my drive and another at the side of the house. Would prefer something that doesn't require wiring to the mains and preferable something with night vision. Cheers Ollie
  17. Very nice as always Al. Your birds look in great shape.
  18. ollie

    New tv help

    I've waited for black friday, some places have started their sales already so I'll hopefully pick up a bargain. Any bargains let me know.
  19. Thanks al, plenty of them about. I'm actually living in Glengormley at the moment. Moving back home to the glens in a couple of weeks.
  20. Thanks cranfield. The jackdaws can be difficult to hit sometimes. Beretta391 tekny. I have tried all my mates semi autos & it's the only one I get on with. The majority of the pigeons were ferals. This farm has a factory that make chips & the factory sheds are covered in them. Hooded crows are our version of the carrion crow, they are really bad with pecking lambs eyes etc in the spring. Thanks That was a nice high birds at 7.22. A good selection of shots was offered. I always use 1/4 choke, it very rarely comes out of the gun. Thanks for watching.
  21. Only getting round to making this video now from the end of September. I had a day on barley stubble shooting corvids and had a great day passing 3 figures. Birds decoyed lovely and I shot decent also with lots of doubles as you'll see in the video. It was also memorable due to the amount of Grey Crows I managed to shoot in the process.
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