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  1. Hi figgy, cheers for the reply. Someone on the Facebook group was able to advise me about changing the wads & altering the powder charge. Someone a lot more experienced than me.
  2. Hi guys, The load data I am looking at is calling for a federal 20s1 wad which I can’t get the hold off. I can get b&p z2m-22 plastic wad, could this be substituted? I am loading 7/8 oz for 20 gauge. Thanks in advance
  3. Done. I have to defend my head to head crown.
  4. Yes sorry 20mm is the inside dimension of the female end rather than the pipe dimension. Thanks for the help lads, I'll have a look at the recommendation from winston.
  5. It's a female connection on the flexi hose, would I not need a male fitting?
  6. ollie

    Hosepipe ban

    Its been in force here in Northern Ireland for almost 2 weeks. I spent the last 3 months of hard labour getting my grass established on my new lawn and then we have the warmest summer in ages ?
  7. I am finishing off my kennel block at the moment and I will have a sink in the block for cleaning my game and making the dogs dinners. I have a 25mm MDPE pipe running from my outside tap down to the kennel block and I'm hoping to connect this to the tap that came with the sink. The sink came with flexible hose with a 20mm fitting on the end. What would I need to connect the pipe to the sink? Sorry but I really don't have a notion.
  8. I recently edited some more footage from last season on our pheasant syndicate and I just wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy:
  9. Thanks for all the replies. The issue is the front of the house if I want to water the front lawn or wash the car. The back & side garden can be sprayed from the raised patio with a decent length of hose. I would have no idea how to lay a surface pipe, but I should have told the contractor to put a tap at the front of the house when they were building it.
  10. Yessss. I normally do quite well on the head to head league. I think that's 2 or 3 times I have won it. See you next year lads.
  11. Need a decent robust garden hose. I recently bought a cheapy online; one of the retractable ones and it was pants. I have quite a large garden and the tap is at the back door, so I need quite a long hose to go around to the front of the house. Links and recommendations will be much appreciated
  12. I still have a few videos from the past game season to make, time is seriously limited to edit these days. Anyway , this one is from Boxing Day 2017 on our syndicate, a lovely sunny day out in lovely surroundings. Thanks for watching as always
  13. Love a bit of roost shooting, you certainly had a right evening at them. Good luck with bear.
  14. Thanks mate. Woodcock haven't been as good the last few years, all the habitat is getting ripped out!!!
  15. Can't lock the top cabinet without the keys mate. i know they'll turn up soon as replacement ones arrive!!!
  16. I've ordered a replacement key as per the 3 digit code on the front on the lock. Hopefully be here in the next couple of days, so I'll try then. Good job the weather is so bad that I haven't needed the bolts to go lamping.
  17. ollie

    Game bag

    I bought the pw member gamebag from here a few years ago. Very good value, well made & holds a lot of game. Still in perfect condition & it is out plenty of times in the field.
  18. I looked it up and the 3 digit code on the lock may relate to a bisley lock, which you can order keys for a couple of quid. Going to try that first before I drill the lock out. The cabinet was fitted a while ago & im thinking the keys were threw out with other stuff.
  19. The lock has a code on the face of it. Can I order a replacement key, think I red something about this.
  20. I got a new cogswell & Harrison 6 gun safe recently, bolted it to the wall locked everything away including my bolts in the lockable locker at the top. Now I can't find the keys to the small lockable locker at the top of the safe. I always put my keys in my keypad safe so I honestly can't think what I done with them!!! helppppp!!!
  21. Yeah we had a fair bit of snow on shoot days this year. Too much rain too though, ground is absolutely sodden. Tomorrow is last day & we've surpassed 60% again. Generally 1 or 2 men stand on each drive, the rest are walking guns through the cover. Cheers
  22. I like my dark rum too. The mother in law was on a Caribbean cruise last week & I asked her to bring me home a bottle, she came back with this: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/18221/blackwells-rum anyone tried it before?
  23. I started on a 12gauge at 11 years of age & I was by no means a big child. As someone else said, the cartridges will be cheaper with a 12 gauge. Maybe let him try a 12, 20 & 4-10 and see what he prefers.
  24. Im hoping I can get the greenhouse erected at the new house this spring to be involved this year but I fear it could be 2019. A few years ago I really got into growing chillis but this year it may have to be a garden centre bought plant. Good luck to all.
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