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  1. Thanks Cranfield. My Father basically is the full-time gamekeeper now he is retired. At 62 years of age he is up & down those slopes every day. There has been a few birds dropped into the sea this year, thankfully only one was lost.
  2. Happy New Year to everyone. This video is a short one from a couple of days on the pheasant syndicate on the 3rd & 10th December 2016. Not big bags, but good birds, good craic & decent dogs. Still trying to get caught up on my videos, so hopefully be a few more coming in the next few weeks.
  3. Thanks Cranfield. I tend to shoot better when I snap shoot. The bird I have time on or I have to wait for is the bird I tend to miss. Happy New Year to you too. Always a bonus to get them & the magpies.
  4. This is my 50th video on my YouTube channel, really enjoy sharing my hunting outings, so now aiming towards 3 figures. Has took me a while to get this video made, its from 21st October on the same field I had the red letter day on. There was still a lot of birds about but they had all flocked up so it made the decoying hard. Still managed a respectable bag:
  5. Thanks mate. A happy Christmas to you all.
  6. Thanks for watching mate. I know there was a couple of better birds after, if it hada been later on in the season I would have taken them. Plenty of natural cover, too much probably. Thanks, wee are very lucky!!! I've heard that technique, but it sounds a little cruel to me. I normally put the lead on him & lift them myself. Thanks for watching al. Thanks mate, good to see your videos again!!!
  7. The following is a compilation video of our first few weeks out on our Pheasant syndicate during November. Not a lot of shooting action, mainly dog work, as we try to shoot a couple of birds each day per person. The dog is my cocker spaniel Dinky, he is a half decent rough shooting dog although I don't always allow him to retrieve as he can be hard in the mouth. I hope you enjoy the scenery, if nothing else, and Happy Christmas to you all: https://youtu.be/oS7LrsuaFr8
  8. Thanks mate, it was a memorable trip not just for the shooting but for the craic also. It was exciting!!! Layout blinds are hard to get used to, never shot from my backside before. I wouldn't shoot them if they weren't going to be used. It's a lovely part of the country, some great looking places to shoot.
  9. Fair enough motty, we don't have any opportunity to shoot geese where I'm based in Ireland, so these were the first geese we had shot for 3 of us.
  10. We have our own flight aswell but I'm glad we did do the ducks. I'm just glad we didn't blank on the geese & we all shot a couple. Haven't had much time to get out at the woodcock this year, only been out once, my 2 year old has been taking up most of my time. If you are ever up round glengormley direction let me know & you can take some of the sausages.
  11. Myself & a couple of mates travelled to Aberdeenshire in Scotland at the end of November 2016 for a spot of goose & duck shooting. On the first morning the weather didn't really play ball & with no wind it proved very difficult to get the geese into range. This wasn't helped half way through the flight when the Farmer in the neighbouring field started ploughing. We ended up with 5 pinkfoot & 2 greylag geese. The evening was much better; we were positioned around a small pond & in the next hour or so we shot 23 teal & 21 mallard. The second morning on the geese was much the same, no wind & more frustration with all the birds being drawn to another stubble a mile or so away. Anyway, we made the most of our couple of opportunities & bagged 9 pinkfoot geese. The evening was another successful one on the ducks with 15 mallard bagged, although 2 of them were lost. A great trip all in all and I'm sure we will be back in the future. We came back with plenty of meat for the table between us. Thanks for watching
  12. Brilliant as always Dave. Nice salmon in the pics there also.
  13. How did I manage to do that 😂😂😂. You are the first person to notice that, too late now to edit & re-post, it'll be ok.
  14. I knew I recognised the time display in the corner.
  15. Nice video & shooting, I enjoyed that. Is that an SJCAM you are using?
  16. Thanks David Thanks mate. I use an SJ4000 camera on a GoPro head strap. It does the trick!!! Thanks mate We don't see blue skies often that's for sure. Thanks for watching.
  17. Here is another outing on crows from a couple of days in September. I'm trying to get all my videos from the summer loaded up before all the woodcock shooting starts:
  18. Thanks goose. It was still September so it was warm enough thankfully.
  19. 100% mate, would rather shoot a handful of sporting birds than a big bag of easy ones. I was just lucky this day that I got the big bag & sporting shots.
  20. It was great sport those incoming birds, would much prefer that than birds fluttering around the decoys. I do agree that they were tougher than driven pheasants, pheasants generally keep the same line/path. Thanks zapp
  21. Good shooting motty, some great doubles from you lads.
  22. Mate that road is about 300 yards away, I'm pretty certain my shooting was safe enough. This is part of the reason why I set up in this position. Thanks for the comments everyone.
  23. Meaning as follows: a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable. "many a trout angler has had a red-letter day on Loch Awe" Pigeon shooters use it to refer to shooting a bag in excess of 100. Tell me about it. They were unlucky not to beat them a few years ago. Thanks motty, modest compared to some of your days but a day I will never forget. A lot of the birds that day were very satisfying.
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