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  1. Hi dave i will take these please where abouts in Lancashire are you
  2. Tuned ULTRA as good as if not better than some daystates + aa + hw my latest is the hw 100 bullpup £1100 ultra v 100 = ultra
  3. Hello if you change your mind and will post And they are the high ones I’ll take them
  4. xraiderx

    Pard 007A

    Hi mate what size lens is it please 12 or 16 and do you have reciept for this intrested cheers
  5. xraiderx


    As stu says got mine from Ramsbottoms
  6. xraiderx


    I’ve just bought exactly the same stu no faffing around with lights and not to fussy when lining up for a shot recently sold a Skan that was good but no back light on the reading and had to shoot pretty much bang on central through it
  7. If you decide to split what make is the pump cheers
  8. Hi terry if you decide to split I’ll make you an offer on the gun only i recently sold a silverline in 177 but I miss it now and im in Widnes cheers garrick
  9. Reduced price now £170 posted can email pics to lntrested parties
  10. As new opticron Natura BGA 8x42 bins top condition bought of forum member ( andrewluke ) 25/1/2020 only selling due to unexpected bills £180 posted cheers
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