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  1. Lampwick


    I,ve had nightmares over walnuts!! Stained fingers, hands, clothes etc. How do you get them from the husks? Do you let them come out naturally and ignore the fallen "green" ones? Do you ever pick the " "cracking" nuts from the tree?
  2. Lampwick

    PETA pillocks

    Whilst on a sking holiday in France a chum declared his own back on the ponies for all the money they had cost him over the years whilst chewing down on a medium rare horse steak. "Rather tasty" he announced!
  3. Lampwick

    PETA pillocks

    I appreciate the age of the document but is there any truth in the content and if so what are the rough figures now? https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2006/oct/01/horseracing.sport
  4. Lampwick

    Are there any reports of mackerel around Norfolk

    I'm not entirely sure that when they are "in" they are reported as being "in" The local boys don't want millions of fluff chuckers spoiling their freezer filling!!
  5. Lampwick

    Wasp sting

    Very waspy this year. Keep an eye out for the flippers. Don't drink from a can outside use a glass, a sting in the mouth from a wasp hidden in the can is bad, a sting in the esophagus is really bad!!!
  6. Lampwick


    Get a professional in. They can be a right pain in the Arsenal. look for a local Independant with membership of either the British Pest Control Association or National Pest Technicians Association and get a few quotes!
  7. Lampwick

    Are there any reports of mackerel around Norfolk

    They don't appear t be in at the moment as the water is rather coloured inshore. However Weybourne or Salthouse are always popular when they are about. You will also catch them off Cromer Pier but it does get a bit busy!!!!!
  8. Lampwick

    Brexit airbus now BMW

    It's no wonder Airbus have got vocal!! Has cash cow has had a word or two in their ears? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44120525
  9. Lampwick

    Best day of the year?

    First day of the river season. I'm usually down on the river at fist light but due to family commitments later this morning I've had a lay in! They will have to wait another day!! I'm still like a kid at Christmas though and have been awake for ages. Im sure some of you will have been out! How did it go and what are your thoughts on the river still having a closed season? Tight lines!!
  10. Lampwick

    Elderflower cordial

    I’m going to check that out right now!!
  11. Lampwick

    Elderflower cordial

    This evening I have mostly been bottling Elderflower cordial and flipping tasty it is too! Followed this; https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/531660/homemade-elderflower-cordial
  12. Excellent offer!! Can you move a bit closer?
  13. Lampwick

    Homemade butter

    Looks good! Just remembered this thread and it reminded me I must keep an eye out for some more reduced cream.
  14. Lampwick

    Brake change help please.

    Cheers, I have a pretty good idea of hat I'm doing and have changed a fair few over but not too sure re these new fangled electronic systems!
  15. Lampwick

    Brake change help please.

    Hi folks, I'm looking for some help regarding my Renault Grand Scenic and its forthcoming disc and pad change. The car has an electronic handbrake system which has me concerned. My question is do I need any special tools to carry out the disc and pad change? I don't want to get "X" into the process and find I'm beggered!!! Cheers