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  1. My first and probably last attempt to boil out a Munty skull! It flipping reeks! I’m not sure the wife is too keen either. 🤮
  2. That was great cheers. He has some serious skill and passion. My first and favourite car was OBJ108P mk2 1.3L. God I loved that car.
  3. Lampwick

    FFP scope

    I have recently bought the Hawk Sidewinder ffp 4-16x50 for my FX impact .25 and it’s excellent.
  4. Two ordered! Cheers
  5. Where does it come from?
  6. Have any of you got a spare fx Verminator magazine for sale or know where I can get one at a reasonable price? I was wondering if there are printed ones out there which are any good? Cheers
  7. I'm pretty sure she was passing on hints and advice to Kennett!!
  8. Lampwick

    Sharks fins

    Shark steak is really rather nice. They throw the finless Fish overboard, alive as it’s too bulky and not worth the money or bother compared to the fins! Sick!!!
  9. I’m no shrimp! 16.5 stone 6ft but sitting alone!
  10. I must have had a dozen people pull up outside mine asking if my Jimny is for sale over the past coup,e of years. Generally when it's out of mot or sorn. Any ideas why?
  11. Yes , and they still try to con the full visa out of you every time!
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