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  1. It certainly is. I think I’m hooked. I’ve been looking at others already!! I fancy a SMLE too!
  2. Dirty girl!! Gave her a bit of a clean before our first proper date at the weekend. She hated 174 PPU factory loads but I was most impressed with my 150grn sort point home rolled!
  3. It is not a gun. It is not a Weapon. It is not a firearm. It is a single cylinder single stroke internal combustion engine with a free floating piston!
  4. Two for one last season! They are pretty quick.
  5. I lived in Malta back in the mid 70s and ate many different species. "Hunting" was a passion of the locals and they shot for the pot and for trophies. Obviously it was a different time but, turtle dove, starling, thrush, sparrow (it's a long list) were all on the edible list. I certainly have a few stories.
  6. It has BNP with a crown above stamped on it. I wouldn't know which it is.
  7. It’s a .303 with matching numbers on metalwork but haven’t looked on the barrel Still to put a round through it! Fingers crossed.
  8. I would love any more information on her from any of you! Number 4 mk1 * No USA mark on the breech British Nitro Proofed She’s well oiled and quiet dirty!
  9. I wrote the price down for the Browning. I will look when I get home!
  10. Fantastic atmosphere at the ground too. The boys played out of their socks, chasing everything down, harrying MC at every opportunity.
  11. Yep, bought mine three years ago and it's still going strong. I was sceptical but now converted. I started a new blade up on January 1st and it's still (rather boringly) going strong. Every time I think it's had it I manage to bring it back to life with the Razor Pit!!! I have probably missed a dozen shaves in that time.
  12. Hi folks, I wonder if any of you could help? I’m interested in any feedback from people with experience of the scope in the title. I have the Apex already on my .22 lr but am interested in one of these on my fac impact for bunny control. Cheers
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