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  1. Lampwick

    Storm Dennis

    You still need Planning permission!
  2. Lampwick

    New tool

    Yesterday’s Shooting show purchase on top! Hawk Sidewinder SF 4-16x50 ffp mil ir The “Ray Gun” is coming on. Just need a little less wind and I can get out with it.
  3. Loved it! Wspoons outside the entrance! Happy Days!
  4. Well I went today and had a great day out! Loads to see and do. Nice and quite. Much bigger than I thought. Also lots of bargains. Get up there or cry!
  5. Lampwick

    Top Gear

    I treat it as an entertaining show with cars in it, not a serious petrol head program. They certainly have got the chemistry right!! it’s been quite funny so far! And yes Freddie is an accident eating to happen.
  6. Lampwick

    Top Gear

    I’m enjoying the new series with Freddie and Paddy and they have just announced its moving back to BBC1 as it’s getting such good ratings.
  7. Lampwick

    Six Nations

    Sad loutish booing from the Scottish supporters!
  8. Lampwick

    1917 film

    WW1 bayonets were (I'm pretty sure) 1907 models ie the "blade" ones. Pig stickers WW2!
  9. Lampwick

    New tool

    I snuck the APEX on top tonight and went out to zero it. Rather happy with it, only saw one bunny once set up and he is no more. Only 35 yards but it hits hard. Taking it up to the range at the weekend for some tinkering.
  10. I use a Lee Loader kit for mine and am really rather chuffed with the results. I’m sure it can shoot better than me!
  11. Lampwick

    New tool

    I’m in Suffolk. I’m looking at about £400.00 I’m keen to shoot it out to 200m (targets) but will be using it up to 100m on rabbits and down close for rats and squirrels. As mentioned I will probably be popping 007 on it for night work. I have been told to go 008 and forget the add on but not sure how good that’s going to be on targets at distances? Cheers
  12. Lampwick

    New tool

    Yes I was looking at the slug liner but saw it is rather irrelevant with the new slugs on the way. As an update, guess what? I still haven't set it up and shot it. How sad is that? I was going to put my Pulsar on it but decided it deserved a proper scope and then decided to wait until The Shooting Show before I jumped in. However I do like the look of the PAO 5-20x50 ffp. Any thoughts?
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