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  1. Just wondering how your plants have faired this year? Mine (bought plugs) look great but few fruits! Im going to have a go at overwintering them all in the hope of a better season next year. Have any of you had any luck doing this?
  2. Current migration is predicted to be the top of the iceberg. Mass migration due to climate change, war and poverty is predicted to become a global threat to security according to many think tanks. These issues, unless resolved at source will drive many millions to seek safety in foreign climbs! Get ready folks.
  3. “Which for 400yrds I think is ok” 🤣 It’s great as far as I’m concerned!! I could hardly see the target!! 👍
  4. Just watched her speaking to her Chinese fans in Mandarin!! Well that’s got her a few billion more supporters who will see her as theirs too. Let’s hope her people are up to the enormity of the task ahead. Ive just informed my son of my plans for his wedding, I just need to let her know now 😂
  5. I have the Impact mk2! It’s flipping good!!
  6. Funnily enough I fancied soup tonight so I made a broccoli and Stilton stunner! Sautéed onions in butter, chopped potato and slung then in, covered in hot water, seasoned to taste dropped a few florets in and bubbled it for a while with a little vegetable stock (cube) Went up the pub for two then back popped a bit of Stilton in and blitzed it!! Heated it up and down the hatch with some crusty bread!!! 👌
  7. I can never really understand cheating? I understand there may be fame and fortune associated with it but really!! You have cheated yourself, your friends and family and supporters. Not sure how you can live with it. Lifetime ban if it’s proven!!
  8. Superb effort! So proud of them.
  9. Just been watching the gymnastics and got to ask, when did Johnny Vegas become such an expert?
  10. Heck, if the wife’s grumpy about salt laying around the place what would she be like if those were used? 😂
  11. Me too!! 😂 I’m struggling to see the hits also!
  12. No thanks to the thongs!! 😱 Whilst I appreciate there is a need for some form of consistency/uniformity with regard clothing, insisting on bikini bottoms for the ladies is really rather ridiculous! Although appreciated 😂
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