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  1. Lampwick

    Lewis Hamilton

    Buying Chelsea? 🤣 that’s enough to finish anyone off!
  2. RCB56 😂 if only it was that simple
  3. I’m going Yellow Wagtail. longer legs and shorter tail than the grey!
  4. Got the 700mm in .25 Fac. It’s very accurate, has a great shot count but noisy straight out of the factory. Get a good moderator and it’s superb!! Im pushing 32g pellets out at around 940 fps and 44ft lb.
  5. Lampwick

    Bank accounts.

    What a performance I had opening an account for my son!! We didn’t have the “full” copy of his birth certificate and had to send off for that before they would play ball. Its with a bank I’ve have two accounts in and they know me!!! I do wonder how channel crossers with no documents whatsoever manage? They must get so frustrated!!!
  6. Excellent!! That’s confirmed a trip over there!
  7. Has the new market opened and did the mushy pea stall move in? Cheers
  8. I’ve been living with mine for years! it’s a flipping pain at times, especially in the middle of the night when I can’t get comfortable. Had the jabs and physio but still mange to upset it again and back to the start!!
  9. My rewind button has broken due to one episode!!
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