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  1. Mmmmmm Stilton! I fancy some right now.
  2. I got told of a Buckinghamshire Bacon Badger by a friend this morning! 🤫 Its not real Badger!! 🤣
  3. Just had a look at The Parmo! I presume it’s followed with a battered Mars bar? 😂
  4. Just had a quick Google and they look great!
  5. I remember snagging a young lady on holiday in Corfu many a year ago. She lived near Leeds and I went to visit one weekend. Well on Sunday afternoon her mum was cooking up a roast, I was told to sit up and was presented with a plate of yorkies! I was gobsmacked when they all sat down and started tucking in. Where’s the meat and veg? I thought. 😄
  6. Another post got me thinking, what the heck is an Oatcake and where do the originate from? and I got me wondering what culinary regional delights are hidden out there? So over to you, the PW massive! What would you offer a peckish visitor to your neck of the woods as a Humble snack?
  7. Good job, they are a sod to pick and process, but well worth it. Absolutely bursting with vitamin C!
  8. Lampwick

    Forum change

    Is it to allow more commerciality? As I now have adverts popping up everywhere!
  9. Yep definitely Brixton! 😂
  10. Could soldier b eat soldier a? And if so what’s to stop soldier a claiming to be soldier b?
  11. Good to meet you today! Grab yourself a bargain folks.
  12. I miss your point?
  13. Could you imagine 55 years behind bars?? Enjoy it boy!!! Not
  14. Monday to Wednesday they are rammed but that’s not the case for the rest of the week!! Some of my clients (restauranteurs) who were excited about the scheme are not so sure now. On the other hand “Get fatter August” is going well for me.
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