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  1. I went up and had a look at a couple of Lee Enfields, and hope that those who won them had a good look too 😎
  2. I played union too, but a sissy winger! I think I would have loved league. They’ve called him Sir Kev up there for ages and yes he deserves it for real!!
  3. What a super effort and super chap! The love between him and his mate Rob, is heartwarming. Over £600k raised for MND so far. Good for him and his support. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/59385774.amp
  4. Pm sent again. Not sure if they are working?
  5. Now for the Welsh boyos to whip the Aussies!!
  6. Not too sure of his choice of rifle!!
  7. https://www.marksandspencer.com/stainless-steel-28cm-frying-pan/p/hbp22386091?color=SILVER I love mine!!
  8. 12 gauge Davidson 63b side by side. Made in Spain for Greensboro N.C USA Choked modified and full, 28 inch barrels. Non ejector. Its an old workhorse, but it works. £75.00 I can pm more images if needed. Collection only from West Suffolk. pm for details.
  9. Just wondering how your plants have faired this year? Mine (bought plugs) look great but few fruits! Im going to have a go at overwintering them all in the hope of a better season next year. Have any of you had any luck doing this?
  10. Current migration is predicted to be the top of the iceberg. Mass migration due to climate change, war and poverty is predicted to become a global threat to security according to many think tanks. These issues, unless resolved at source will drive many millions to seek safety in foreign climbs! Get ready folks.
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