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  1. My sisters girls didn’t know what an orchard was at 16!!! “Why should they” was my sisters response??? The older one is a teacher now, love her too bits but, good god!! All she knows is what she was taught to teach. Never watches the news, current affairs or documentaries and no common sense along with most of her peers. There appears to be a lack of interest in developing inspiring, motivating, enquiring, challenging teachers/people. Its all tick boxes.
  2. The media are soooo happy! BBC reporters are smirking from ear to ear!
  3. Vanguard gunpod GMP3 Brand new. £35.00 posted UK
  4. Very good quality and brand new in packet! Just not needed. £45 inc post uk!
  5. This is social media!
  6. They are beggars to pick too!
  7. Undoubtedly there are families in need and FSMs are great for them but it does make you wonder! I’ve just been reading what they ate during the siege of Leningrad and it turns out it’s anything if you’re hungry! Flipping vegetables!!!
  8. I was a Governor at a Primary school for years and only 40% of those eligible for free school meals claimed them. We did a survey as to why and the biggest complaint was that there were too many vegetables in the meal. “my kids don’t eat that ****” was an actual quote 😂😂😂
  9. How did they feed their children before the virus? Speaking to two parents at the weekend who were moaning about the vote, one out on the town drinking £7.00 G&Ts, the other not working more than 16 hours as this would affect his claim?
  10. Lampwick


    Try telling Suffolk that! I asked for .22CF and had to be specific ie .223 REM!
  11. Lampwick

    DIY Wills

    I think it’s about time I drafted myself a Will! I’m looking for any advice. It won’t be complicated, just the wife and son! Then they can worry about how they deal with all the ****. Have any of you written your own? Any help appreciated. Cheers
  12. If money is not an issue go with the XP Deus! It’s my regular go to machine. light, cordless headphones and fast!!
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