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  1. If your into fat old men you’ll love the nudie beach! 🤣
  2. Revised price £150 the pair or I can split for £75 each.
  3. I’m interested to see the Talpex adaption if I could? Do you not get false triggers? Cheers
  4. This is mine and comes with the cabinet!
  5. It’s funny I was chatting with the wife yesterday and agreed the players are all huge! Even the little ones. Another thing I mentioned was that there didn’t ever appear to be any space on the field! I know this is primarily because of the skill levels of the players and their drills but break throughs are few and far between.
  6. I’ve read a bit lately about a lack of rabbits and a shortage of ferreting opportunities. Well I may be in a position to offer some. I just need to get permission from the land owner next door. Last time I was out shooting I counted 42 on the field. They are holed up in a few sections of the hedge around the field. I’m not a ferreter and would be happy to take any advice. As mentioned this can only happen if I get hold of the landowner and get permission. Ps it’s in West Suffolk. Pm me if your interested. There isn’t any shooting on offer and it’s not an ongo
  7. I’ve just finished a bottle of that. Not bad for a change in tipple! Tried Wild Turkey too but it wasn’t as smooth!
  8. It’s not like they couldn’t learn? There’s never been as many programmes on tv showing people how to cook! I get fed up with the amount of people I see and hear saying they don’t know how to cook!! But they all know what’s goin down in Corrie! 🤣
  9. Absolutely! But I fear that’s not on the cards. We had an opportunity with Brexit to take it in hand and to create a world class sustainable fishery but.....?
  10. Cornish King crab! A great name for it! I would love to buy it but its generally shipped abroad and moving forward I doubt they will be looking to sell more Scallop, Langoustine, crab etc to us as the profit won’t be as high as shipping abroad and once the fracas with China is over we won’t get a look in!! I feel for the few small commercial boy and girls but they are few and far between now. Im afraid our quaint traditional perception of little old local boys and girls heading out in a small fleet in no longer in general the case. If we could see the devastation happening under waters
  11. It will be fine! 25-1 plenty of time.
  12. A fair few EE shops around here! I love them. Some really odd and exciting products in them. They love their sausages and cheeses. They always find it funny that I pop in but are helpful if you ask what the heck stuff is. some great beers to be had at good prices too! Zubr (Bison) lager at 6% is good for a headache!
  13. I remember our mum using a mangle!
  14. Lamp stand is what I fancied making. Two visits to the proof house! Any ideas why? It’s a bit of a plus for me.
  15. I fancied having a go at deactivating one of my old side by sides and had a chat with my FLO who said I must be done by an RFD? I appreciate that it would need sending off to the proof house after required works but thought I could do them myself if the rules are followed? Anyone have any thoughts? Also any ideas how much an RFD would charge? Cheers
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