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  1. Laptop help please

    Just a quick update. I bought a refurbished Chromebook from laptops direct. Less than half price, I couldn't see any blemishes, dents,etc and it works a treat!! Thanks for your help.
  2. Fieldsports TV

    Has this section of the forum been shunned?
  3. six nations

    As a concession to my remaining EU cousins! Allez les bleus!!
  4. Laptop help please

    Cheers folks. Good luck Dan.
  5. Laptop help please

    Us Suffolk boys like a deal too! Cheers for the comments so far.
  6. Laptop help please

    Hi folks, I'm looking at buying my son (10) a laptop for Christmas and am completely baffled! He will be using it for homework and Internet surfing (he's not a gamer) Ive noted previous comments regarding, speed, ram, ssd, but don't really know what the heck that's all about!! My budget is circa £200 and I would prefer a new one rather than refurbished but would consider one. Ideally I would like a "get this one, it's great" comment! Any help appreciated. ps would it be better to wait for the post Christmas sales?
  7. New Lincoln shotgun

    So you both have £1500 to spend! What are you going to buy now?
  8. Imminent Forum Software Update

    Where do I complain?? I think the update has caused a rather harsh frost down here!!!
  9. Would this work ?

    Why don't you hit them hard with poison?
  10. Sir Billy Connelly

    Yep, good on him!
  11. Scotland to ban smacking children

    My mum still smacks me when I'm being a pain!! I'm 52!
  12. Pregnant People!

    Yes the "Q" is now added to represent the "questioning" or undecided!
  13. Autumn??

    Ox Eye Daisy's are blooming again this season here along with Love in the mist!!!
  14. Vegas shooting