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  1. Looking to sell my issc mk22 comes with 4 mags 2 sets of pop up iron sights and a fore grip bipod this rifle has never had an issue I’m looking to sell as I want a hmr so the range toy has to go I travel all over so maybe able to Deliver so ask £250 for a quick safe noting comes close to this on guntrader
  2. Hi I have a 177 10 shot bsa ultra with a xtx air fitted Huma regulator running at 11.5 ftlbs Pm me for more details
  3. Who ever has this will need to check the barrels are straight as Lloyd can’t hit **** with it 😜
  4. gpreen

    Rifle Slip

    If you can post at my cost I will happily have it off of you
  5. Will take £250 for this as it’s holding up the next purchase
  6. Will take £250 for this just want it gone as it’s holding up then next purchase
  7. Bump also taking offers happy to negotiate on this
  8. Price drop looking for £325 now but make me an offer happy to start negotiating
  9. Surely someone wants a range toy or a decent semi for bunny bashing
  10. This is my gun and I’m open to reasonable and sensible offers on this and my other listings I do travel with work so MAY be able to deliver by agreement
  11. This is mine pm me if you want I do travel the country so ask and I maybe able to deliver subject to arrangements
  12. This is my gun no idea why it’s not linked to me it is an issc rifle but GW didn’t have that option but it’s the same as the Anschutz I do travel the country so ask and I maybe able to deliver subject to arrangements
  13. Still for sale? are they plastic wad I assume that’s what plastik is but got to ask
  14. How much for the lanber and semi only as I don’t have sec 2 so couldn’t take the pump
  15. Will take £50 collected from Gloucester
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