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  1. I think John Bowkett made Stalker airguns as well? May be worth giving him a ring.
  2. I have a 725 sporter that was bought new in 2015. It has been back to Browning 3 times for the trigger issue.. I now only use it as a back up pigeon gun. My mate also has a 2017 725 and has the same trigger issues.
  3. I've got to make room and need to offload surplus cartridges. They are game cartridges from Waidmannsheil & RC JK6 T5 and are phenomenal on high birds. Check 'Just Cartridges' prices to see how good a deal these are. Waidmannsheil HV Plastik 36g 5's x 800 (4 x Slabs) = £75 per slab RC JK6 T5 36g 4's x 330 + Waidmannsheil HV 36g 4's x 100 = £100 SGC holder will need to confirm proof before pick ups are arranged. Cheers
  4. I've got 3. 2 Titan FN19 in .22 & .177 and a Titan Bearcat in .177 all with Walnut stocks. I've had them tuned by JB himself and can honestly say they are as good as anything out there!
  5. Cheers Richie. I did send them an email but have had no reply yet. I'll give them a call Thursday when they open.
  6. Cheers. But I'm actually looking get buy one.
  7. Hi, Looking for a good condition Titan Manitou or Bearcat with RH Walnut stock. Show me what you've got? Cheers
  8. Hi Whitebridges, Can't answer all of the questions. The experience of gaining an FAC and having multiple rifles on ticket over years, I would strongly advise you to add a moderator to your ticket with the rifle. If you don't and then find out you need one you have to then pay a fee plus wait for the change to come through.
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