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  1. Lord Geordie


    Sorry to hear your sad news matey! My dad lost his cat last week and it totally destroyed him. So much more than just a cat. It’s a friendly face, it’s company, although it can’t answer in a normal way he could chat. All we can do is try and focus on the good time we had in their short lives, and try to use this to fill the painful void that is left when they pass. Again, so sorry!
  2. I just use the dish water rather than waste washing liquid just for that!
  3. Lord Geordie

    Fridge camera

    I know I have to buy food when the milk starts singing “all by myself”
  4. Made up for you matey👍
  5. He has a cunning plan!
  6. Could you not weld a couple of Landy axles on there for him Ditchy?
  7. Silly question! Have you tried pulling the castor off the shafts and see if they will just swap over to the old shafts rather than go all our drilling and tapping?
  8. Lord Geordie


    Wetherspoons! Fab coffee bargain price! Here in Newcastle I like two places! Pumphries roasting house in blaydon, and a small coffee shop above start fitness in the town centre called Camber Coffee!
  9. Has it left you hot and cross? Try this for a Cadbury’s picnic! Had about 4 nuts and a few bits of fruit and barely thicker than my finger
  10. My old man just went through the procedure. Osteoporosis and diabetes heart disease etc and he sailed through it. He has a pain free hip for the first time in years. His movement is still a little limited but that’s because he o my had it done around Christmas time.
  11. Lord Geordie

    Heads up

    That’s just Lidl taking the mixy
  12. I have a White iPhone 5C on the EE network. I have just reset the phone to remove my data as I have bought an SE. There are a few marks on the phone corners, but the screen is intact with no scratching or cracks. A nice cheap work phone or back up phone. I would like £30 pick up in Newcastle or can meet semi locally . Postage would be at buyers cost. Thank you.
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