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  1. Caretaker? I wouldn’t trust the smarmy sod with a dustpan and brush! Let alone run the country.
  2. Or the kids going back to school
  3. Mate, what can I say 😞 that is just downright crappy. My Nan was diagnosed when I was around 19 and given 6 month! To our amazement “and in true nan style” she defied everyone and went on for years. And I hope this is the case for your Sister. It doesn’t remove the darkness that looms I know, but it gives you so much more time to not only prepare, but for you to enjoy time with her and make fond memories. There are times when I wish I could work miracles. Not to make myself rich, but to genuinely help prevent friends and family from suffering. Useless at quite a lot matey! But if you need someone just to scream at etc, you know where I am.
  4. Shame they can’t stop the use of plastics so abruptly! I read a while back that apparently there was more lead in chocolate than game meats. Are they to ban chocolate too then? apparently there are still trace amounts of lead on petrol, are they to close all their forecourts too? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/thinkprogress.org/theres-still-lead-in-your-unleaded-gasoline-f0124ebdcb17/amp/ https://www.politics.co.uk/opinion-formers/british-association-for-shooting-and-conservation-basc/article/basc-lead-in-game-meat-fears-should-not-be-exaggerated
  5. Rain and a few distant rumbles around 20 mile away from us at approx 3:30am but not a full on thunder storm unfortunately.
  6. Anyone remember these? I unearthed one in the cupboard while having a rummage and having read many folks childhood memories regarding them it may be worth tossing it on eBay as a keep sake 😄.
  7. If that’s a midlife crisis, I don’t think I will ever suffer from one.
  8. Thanks guys! Now I can look it up and see if I can get it to grow here.
  9. Any of you learned chaps know what this is please? It’s a weed growing in the other half’s lawn! It loves the really boggy side of the lawn over the drier side! It’s a beautiful purple flower but I can’t get it to grow in my garden!
  10. Any good? I have an all in one that you couple to an external vent. It’s efficient enough for a decent sized room, but the fan used for transfering heat from the condenser is really loud. The compressor noise is not that bad though. I fitted one of the above types at my other half’s house for her Son. They are simple to install. Just be sure when you straighten the pipework you don’t crack it. But it’s been in there around 8 year now and still working great! Outside unit has some rust now, but if that’s a problem a quick lock of paint now and then would be easy enough.
  11. At that kind of wage it sound like NLW so really if he is being taught the trade it’s not bad! I am a warehouse/store man and on NLW at 48. I am not training, and like your sons job it’s hard heavy labour intensive graft. Hopefully once he gets trained up he can start out on his own?
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