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  1. Lord Geordie

    14 million in poverty

    Hamster, I mean no disrespect! But my idea of poverty is a man living in a doorway with the clothes on his back, and nothing else but relying on the good will of others to give him a hot drink and a meal. As I said in a previous post many seem to be in possession of many items of high value, though not contemplate parting with those items to feed their children? Others turn to drink? The cost of that bottle of vodka could feed a family of 4 a nice meal if you shop carefully! I know there are many of us who don’t fully understand the breakdown of statistics perhaps! But statistically I am living in abject poverty? And frankly I can’t agree with that? My neighbour is living on social benefit and she claims to be broke! Yet always seems to be able to afford cigarettes, cannabis and alcohol? As I say, some simply need to make better decisions with where the money goes. I am not knocking people on benefits either! I am worse off workin than I would be if I were claiming. I don’t even claim working tax though I am eligible for it. I just don’t feel I need it. As I say I get NLW and nothing else! I pay a mortgage, council tax, energy bills, mobile “cheap” contract, run a car though not too often, and manage to have a few days away each year to Reading, Edinburgh, York or even Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Yes I buy reduced foods etc to make my money go further, I walk into a shop and see something I fancy. I walk past it and then think do I really need it? In 90% of cases I leave it. I used to have a huge problem with impulse buying! I now do most of my clothes shopping in charity shops apart from socks and underwear obviously! The only NEW items in my house were my washing machine, carpets “remnants” and my bedroom suite! Everything else was bought second hand. I don’t need branded clothing, I don’t need gold chains or rings, I don’t need a cupboard full of spirits, There was a time I WAS broke and living on £10 a week for food for two literally, I have a photograph somewhere when I visited my aunt in Saltfleet, I look like a guy dying of something like cancer. I went from 15 stone to 9 stone! I was feeding my son and going without myself and had sold all my possessions to keep going. Sold the TV, Car, Sofa, HiFi etc. I had the carpet on the floor, a fridge and a cooker. I remember living in one potato a fish cake and half a tin of beans a day! And that is not an exaduration. I needed to make sure Chris was properly fed so he was given everything I had. I had to put him on my shoulders and walk to the next village to get him to school, each week walked from beadnell to Alnwick just to pay my electricity bill. And I still look back at that time and have nothing but happy memories of watching Chris growing up. I got through though with no help from others! Even then I had food, shelter, heat and didn’t class myself as living in TRUE poverty? As I say I mean no disrespect to you nor to anyone else’s views on poverty, it’s just MY take on the issue!
  2. Lord Geordie

    14 million in poverty

    I think this is where I have been very lucky! Coming from a family of two parents and four kids, dad was the bread winner on a low wage! We had our own allotment to grow fresh veg etc. Dads wages were so low we got the basics. From me being born until I was around 15 dad was the only income we had! We never had much, hand me down clothing from the milk lady, school dinners even though as infants they had to be paid for, book for school were passed down from the elder sisters, I even went to school in a blouse rather than a shirt as mum couldn’t afford it. We would finish school, come home and have a sandwich and wait for dad coming home from work! When he had drank his coffee and had his sandwich we would all go to the allotment for a few hours. The whole family would go. We would have a roast lunch each Sunday with a high tea in the evening. Dad would borrow the work van once a year so we could go on holiday to my nans in Lincolnshire. The fuel bill would almost bankrupt him, but it was a pilgrimage. One year dad was offered a new job with a higher wage and took it! For 5 years things were better, he bought his own car Austin GT1300 and we had two holidays a year. One to nans and one to a cottage in portnockie. Those were golden years to me. Then the company folded and dad was out of work for 6 weeks! In that time he sold the car to keep us going. He attended multiple interviews and had to walk to each. One of which was 10 mile from home, he never got the job but didn’t give up. One day out of the blue he got a call from a work colleague who had started up on his own and offered dad a job on less than half what he had been on previously, but dad took it! We struggled, but as a family we made it. Eventually Mum took a job as a cleaner in the local hospital. Two wages coming in and nan gifted dad enough money to lay down as a deposit to purchase the family home! We went from strength to strength! Sisters got jobs, I was doing a YTS course and payed board, bought a moped, my brother a few years later got a job in a photocopier company, I found work in the leisure industry one sister in catering and one in care homes! Being brought up as a child with nothing, I count my lucky stars we had food on the table, clothes on my back and the love of both parents! Did I live in poverty? Not in my view! And coming from such a background, when the chips are down, I still manage to get by! Being on NLW for me isn’t an issue! I manage my finances ok, if I were to lose my job then yes I would struggle and obviously the risk of losing the house too. That’s a hill I will climb if I ever get to it. One thing I have never done well is save, as I budget for what I have coming in, it’s pretty much all spoken for as it’s earned with a little left over which is paid in advance toward a holiday. Shooting has fell to the wayside for a while, but that’s mainly due to all my time being taken up working, and caring for my parents currently! Eventually when the house is paid for, I intend selling it, buying Chris a place of his own! Then if there is any capital left from the sale I will find a small place for myself and any future woman mad enough to live with me! I know there ARE genuine cases of poverty in the UK! But they are eclipsed by the sheer scale of those CLAIMING poverty while they are clearly getting by and just need a little financial advice!
  3. Lord Geordie

    14 million in poverty

    TT avoid work? I have never seen someone as work focused in my life! He loves his wood as if it were one of the family. Nath and his old man have carved a cracking little company out of the woodwork! “Pun fully intended!”
  4. Lord Geordie

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    While a lot of his comments and beliefs are downright disrespectful and poisonous. Some of his points made about the living veterans being homeless “I feel” have a valid place in being discussed! And if it is in fact true that the RBL do not interject in this matter calling on government to try and do more, nor seek to find a solution to the issue themselves, it does rather leave you questioning their policies! I have always placed a few quid in the collection box for the RBL and will continue to do so! But if the comments have truth, perhaps they could approach the government and try to get some form of solution? After all, there are plenty of old military installations that are redundant! How about setting up a half way type accommodation system? Being among other ex military personnel may help, being that they will all have similar stories and understand each other perhaps better than many civvies would?
  5. Lord Geordie

    Spice Girls Tour

    Like everything else, even spices go out of date! From the start, they were like boot sale spices with a week left! I would rather suffer eartha kitt singing softly in my ear than that bunch.
  6. Lord Geordie

    14 million in poverty

    Credit card debt through borrowing , and lending from other creditors is one area causing misery! They live beyond their means! Then can’t afford to pay it back! I see loads of people outside food banks waiting to get in with an iPhone X pressed to their head and their fingers adorned with around £3k of sleeper rings etc! then they blame others for the fact their kids are going hungry? Pawn or sell your jewellery for crying out loud? Your kids are worth more than a handful of gold surely? and more recently the News saying doctors and nurses are having to rely on food banks because they can’t afford to live? What? I earn NLW and pay a mortgage, run a car, have a holiday once a year and have what I would class as a very comfortable lifestyle. I really don’t understand this piffle about poverty! In in my view poverty is to have NOTHING but the clothes on your back, no regular food, no income of ANY kind. Maybe the government can pay oxfam to help? if they can help foreign people out of poverty for £5 a month I am sure the government could fund that
  7. Lord Geordie

    Potatoe famine.....

    When I peel spuds they are washed first! If the skins are ok I then fry the skins to make home made crisps! My son and the neighbours lad used to polish them off if I turned my back. No reason to waste the skin on a spud!
  8. Lord Geordie

    Engineering help!

    It looks like it’s cast! Daft question, but is there nothing similar used on other machinery you could adapt to work?
  9. Lord Geordie

    Whatever next yet again!

    Maybe daddy should put her over his knee
  10. Lord Geordie


    Katie price must have been breast fed bottled water then! And her mum must be a fish mongers wife
  11. Lord Geordie

    BSE outbreak

    Waving a red rag to a bull I will get my coat
  12. Lord Geordie

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Plenty of charity shops if you like a good rummage! If you go on a Saturday or Sunday then hill island brewery in fowlers yard will most likely be open! Pop in and try a few ales brewed there, or if driving pick up a few bottles instead, loads of places for lunch! Lovely walks in pretty much all directions from the market square. Old elvet bridge is a nice photo opportunity from the river bank, there is a sight seeing cruise on the river too. Plenty pubs, as mentioned the indoor market is worth a look too. Chinese all you can eat there for around £8 on the riverbank. Couple of antique shops too! Take a walk up to look at the cathedral too it's rather spectacular I love the place! It's a shame you couldn't see it when the lumiere festival is on.
  13. Lord Geordie

    Mrs. webber R I P

    I am so sorry to hear of your sad news! I hope her passing was peaceful and pain free 😔.
  14. Lord Geordie


    It's sirens and low flying aircraft that affect my son the most.
  15. Lord Geordie


    And before we know it, the jaz hands will become jez hands with the corbonites and become similar to the salute they gave Hitler no doubt. Then we will come full circle again. Nothing wrong with clapping. This is poignant as my son is Autistic and isn't keen on noise! But when they know what they are to expect they are braced for it. Give him a warning and he still isn't keen, but he is aware it will or may happen and it's ok. He just cups his ears and he is fine as it's not a shock! We get warnings on the TV "may contain flash images" perhaps on the poster or tickes for such events "may contain loud clapping"