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  1. Not do much a play on words, as a play on the sign! But in Hawick there is a chippy with a sign above the door with a fish, and a single chip below it. The fish and chip shop!
  2. It’s obviously not as high traffic as this forum, but can be challenging non the less 😄.
  3. It ain’t too easy being a mod, I have been press ganged on a vintage caravan forum and it can be quite difficult having to traipse through posts to be sure they meet criteria and to have to formally warn folk is an awful task. But luckily the forum is quite a calm one. But also trying to organise annual rally’s and get togethers can also be difficult when you settle on a date using a diplomatic process and then get called bias thanks for all all the hard work chaps, and welcome to the next generation.
  4. Between the council tax rise and the increase in the water bill this year it’s disgusting! Less policing, less council run services, schools, libraries, swimming pools closing and the state of the pavements, roads, streets unswept, now they want to install and pay a mayor an inflated salary. That’s just in Newcastle. And after MPs just gave themselves yet another hefty pay rise well above inflation yet again.
  5. I have one of those that works on my laptop and the image is fine. I used it while doing the valve faces in Hawkeyes Webley. It was a god send. It also helps when looking down the back of an engine for a bolt or nut I drop as it comes with a clip on magnet!
  6. Yeah, he just mentioned underlever! In a lot of respects the martini action is a lot cooler. Used in colonial era rifles used at rourkes drift etc. It’s only draw back was it’s single shot capacity unlike the Winchester action!
  7. There is a winchester action 410 available! And the greener singles have an under lever too Here http://www.dauntseyguns.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=ROL83036B&cat=1400
  8. Odds are it’s an all brass movement and the pivot points have dried oil and gunk. Or perhaps worn out. overwound is a misnomer! Basically if you WERE to over wind you would snap, or dislodge the spring. These are two a penny clock movements and you MAY be able to swap it out for a one that has seen little use! But if you strip it down you will need to release the spring tension first. This needs to be done carefully as it can destroy the arbour if it releases all its energy in one flash. It’s quite therapeutic repairing clocks. But can also be a pain when you need to stake and broach the pivot holes and polish the pivots.
  9. A small holding? Requiring a strimmer? I think he requires a couple of goats
  10. The lordship halo fell and started strangling besides what with brexit we may not get grapefruit anymore! so need to unload them while I can
  11. Better pic! While they are not serrated they ARE double edged with one edge being a good sharp, edge and the opposite side ground but not razor sharp to cut away the flesh from the skin! I believe the sharp edge is to cut the fruit into bite size pieces! They are definitely grapefruit knives
  12. They are curved but the angle of the camera doesn’t show it!
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