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  1. Had five fits, letting you all know. This was last week. Chris
  2. It’s also about quality products, or out of the ordinary items, quirky items etc! When BHS, Debenhams et al all stocked the same boring items and slightly different prices then it was only a matter of time until folk tired of the same old. sadly this is where the little independent retailers used to come up trumps! The Christmas shopping was great in the 70s and 80s so many new and unusual gifts ideas. Now every shop stocks the same cheap plastic Far Eastern rubbish and top dollar.
  3. My week day car is my trusty little 169 fiat panda 1.2 it’s been a little cracker. my weekend transport is an Enviro 200 coach, takes me from home to work and back!
  4. I believe he is! They both studied at the circus clown college together!
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