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  1. Lord Geordie

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Over the years I have tried many, Vax, Kirby, Electrolux, Goblin, Oreck etc, even more recently a G Tech air ram, finally got a Dyson and stuck with them since my first! Ran over the floor with the vax, then put the dyson over and felt disgustingly filthy when I saw the **** it lifted from the carpets never looked back. Great vacuum cleaner.
  2. Lord Geordie

    parking tickets

    Feel your pain. Took dad to the Freeman Hospital for a consultation on an op, main car park was full so I found a disabled parking bay in the prosthetic dept car park. Put the badge up, gets dad into his wheel chair and took him for the appointment. Mum gets a letter through the door and it's a parking fine? Apparently the prosthetic dept has their own parking area "even though the same hospital" and even pointing out dad is in a wheelchair they didn't care! The only other option was to park nearly a half mile away and push him uphill from the dene.
  3. Lord Geordie

    Potential move to norfolk, good or bad idea?

    Clever people living in Norfolk, a lot of them being good with accounts and such! They can count more on their fingers and toes than the rest of the UK 🤔
  4. Lord Geordie

    Sputnik news ? are we doomed

    As long as they wait until I pay off my mortgage, those little grey men can do what they like. I don't like to leave a debt unpaid!
  5. Lord Geordie

    Fox hunt scene tin clock

    A strange one this! Looked around and can't see another? Not saying there isn't one, but I can't find one! I would say perhaps 70s as it's an old Japanese quartz movement that requires a C cell battery. Tested and running after digging it out. The whole clock face and picture is on tin plate framed in black wood it's approx 9 & 1/4 inch wide and 16 inch high! Look nice in a man cave I guess. There is a little rust spot just above the 9 on the clock face but on the whole it's not in bad nick. I can bubble wrap and box it for shipping at cost, or your welcome to collect! How about £10 collected or I can get a price for posting but hazard a guess around £4! Thanks
  6. Lord Geordie

    Home made sloe gin

    I remember sending a small bottle out to someone gratis a few year back a small green plastic bottle it was! Last batch of sloe I made was 2013 and still have some laying about 😄 I tend to buy gin and mix it with other stuff now. Made a nice blueberry gin that went down a storm too!
  7. Lord Geordie


    So sorry to hear he passed away, and so young still too
  8. Lord Geordie

    8 KW Generators

  9. Lord Geordie

    How easy to repair a fridge?

    It's all just a big laugh really! I don't mind as it was really funny. Yes I wasted £10 in fuel, but I could pay 8 times that to see a comedian that wouldn't give me half the laugh
  10. Lord Geordie

    How easy to repair a fridge?

    Well I shall give you all a little amusement!! following a tip about looking around freecycle and the like I found another on Gumtree locally free for collection. I contacted the chap and verified he still had it. And said I would like to take it. He asked when i could collect so arranged a time to collect. He sent a text to say it was on the drive 20 mins before I arrived as he had to go to work! I get to the address and yup, there on the drive is the aforementioned fridge in all its glory! Out the car, open the boot and in it goes! Secure it in place and sets off home. Get it out the car and think to myself "where is the flex and plug"? closer inspection reveals some flaming scrappy had whipped the blooming compressor assembly out of the fridge in the 20 mins it was on the drive. I was gutted to be fair as it was apparently in good working order. Now after a few hours I see the funny side and am having a bit of a chuckle, so tomorrow need to make a trip to the tip with it. Next time look it over BEFORE putting it in the car one day my doing right for others will GO right
  11. Lord Geordie

    How easy to repair a fridge?

    Perhaps popping it upside down helps the liquid gas flow through the dryer and dislodges and blockage or dirt
  12. Lord Geordie

    How easy to repair a fridge?

    Reason being, the ex rang me the other day as her fridge freezer has packed in! I managed to rustle up £25 and buy her a second hand Miele fridge as she has a freezer already. Got the fridge off gumtree and got it home, let it stand for around three hours and set it away. It won't cool down according to her? It's staying at 10 degrees. I am now not in a position to get her another, so am looking online at scenarios that cause the symptoms. Blocked dryer seems to be a possibility and just wondering if an ultrasonic wave may dislodge any blockage? Or whether it would mean replacing the dryer phial. I plan to have a good look at it tomorrow and see if I can get it working for her, but if it's broke I will be a little miffed. I know it's caveat emptor and all that! But felt right doing the helping someone out! Now seems the only person I helped was the one selling the fridge if we have a refrigeration tech I would be open to some suggestions please! Thanks awfully
  13. Lord Geordie

    Huawei Watch 1

    Can’t afford it, just bought dad a new wheelchair
  14. Lord Geordie

    Huawei Watch 1

    What a beauty! 😮
  15. Lord Geordie

    How the other half live !

    Yeah! A rather alcoholic brown brew with a nice head and quite hoppy