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  1. Cheers! Will see what I can do with the variable voltage switch thingy! If all else fails I will see if I can retrofit another motor and gearbox somehow!
  2. Had similar waiting for some parts for my sons computer! Said they ha attempted delivery, so sent them the CCTV footage of the time they claimed and they then said it would be out on another van later that day! That never arrived until the following morning! Useless.
  3. Bit of a colourful character
  4. Sadly due to working in retail, losing mum, and dad being diagnosed with Cancer, I have lost a lot of interest in Christmas. its not the same without Mum. Also having to deal with high volumes of cheap Chinese trash flooding into my warehouse, having no space to move, no staff to work the delivery, and working for a company of such ineptitude, it’s a drain on my mental state.. busiest time of the year, we need the stock out for customers, running on a skeleton crew, then head office tell us they want a £1800 saving in wages last week. Sent home staff and then complain the work isn’t getting done? My heart sunk on Monday morning when I walked into the warehouse to find space for 8 pallets of stock, having 48 booked in before 12 mid day. luckily for me, this year is the first since I started there that I have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day AND Boxing Day off. I will not be doing any extra shifts either. its now I realise how bad it is for nurses, police, fire crews, coast guard, military etc!
  5. Thanks, found one for under £1.12 so took a punt on that. Never heard anything like this motor. I greased the gears in the small gearbox but the racket it makes is so loud it drowns out the music. The motor is far too fast for the intended purpose. I have a few other slow geared motors, but they will not retrofit due to their layout. The only option is to slow the existing motor down. Should be interesting playing with the speed controller.
  6. Can’t lower the voltage at source as it also powers a PCB which controls LED, and music. I believe the only way is to tap into the motor feed post PCB. I had thought about a resistor but that will also affect torque. Hence the PWM controller idea.
  7. Guys I have been given the task of repairing a Christmas decoration! It’s a rotating tree that plays music and the lights flash. It’s rotated by a small 3v or so motor which is geared through a worm drive system. It’s currently turning so fast it almost thrown the decorations off the damn tree! It’s more spin dryer than calming tree! Can I simply for a PWM controller between the power feed and the motor? thanks
  8. Another thing to check, if she has a combi boiler vented through the roof, check the flue. It may not be secured correctly and started to leak inside the roof space!
  9. Horrific for the lads family. Hope they get the driver!
  10. That looks fab. Hope everything goes swiftly with your recovery!
  11. Congratulations to you both! I hope all goes well with the pregnancy and baby arrives healthy
  12. I would say it’s more down to infection, toes caught in between objects such as brickwork, cracked tiles, or in anti bird netting etc. The fact they spend the night knee deep in their own **** won’t help either! It won’t help them grow back.
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