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  1. The trick is to remember folk are not all like minded! Enjoy someone’s company for who they are, not for who they voted for. Technically we are spouting at Europe wanting OUR independence
  2. That’s quite entertaining!
  3. some are the correct time. Some are right only twice a day! Some don’t tell the time at all.
  4. I keep all my watches. I will never make any money I have a drawer full of about 40 wrist watches! Around 25 pocket watches and 14 clocks too The current clock I am working on! It needs a new dual cylinder pendulum.
  5. So now fitted the Accurist with a new (vintage) strap and am quite happy with the look. The strap needed some light reshaping to ease it into the watch shoulders. But it fits perfect now! Just a light scratch on the crystal to polish out now and it’s done!!
  6. I like the AVI-8 Centenary wrist watch, very retro even with the off centre seconds sub dial. And comes with the date display too. Prob a tad cheap for your taste, but a very nice piece all the same
  7. Once my shift finishes I could beat Ussain Bolt to the bus stop 😄
  8. Yes, it needs a service as it’s running a little slow!
  9. Got the back off! Needs a good clean and will have it serviced.
  10. Thanks, I will look into that
  11. Yes the crystal is a smoked acrylic which really needs either the scratches polished out, or replaced! And the watch back could do with some scratches polished out too where some nugget has used the wrong tooling 😞 but the watch runs beautifully and is well worth saving.
  12. You could say I am ecstatic!
  13. Trip to the charity shops today, looking in the cabinet of one shop spy an old vintage watch. How much asks I, £20 says the woman! It’s only a Jäger lecouture isn’t it 😮 then in another shop a beautiful accurist circa 1950 fully working for £4.99
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