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  1. It’s also about quality products, or out of the ordinary items, quirky items etc! When BHS, Debenhams et al all stocked the same boring items and slightly different prices then it was only a matter of time until folk tired of the same old. sadly this is where the little independent retailers used to come up trumps! The Christmas shopping was great in the 70s and 80s so many new and unusual gifts ideas. Now every shop stocks the same cheap plastic Far Eastern rubbish and top dollar.
  2. My week day car is my trusty little 169 fiat panda 1.2 it’s been a little cracker. my weekend transport is an Enviro 200 coach, takes me from home to work and back!
  3. I believe he is! They both studied at the circus clown college together!
  4. A service is normally more filter changes and calibration than anything else, But over time the evaporators diaphragm can fail. The injectors can stick and the valves may need the clearances checked. I ran a 1.4 Astra for around 8 years on LPG and except for a few minor issues it was brilliant. You can buy service kits for the injector solonoids and the diaphragm kits with gaskets.
  5. Always worth keeping a bit of bluetack in the glove box! Use it to stick the transponder to the cowling under the ignition barrel if your key snaps!
  6. At 10 years of LPG have you have the LPG system serviced yet? The evaporator may have issues with the diaphragm. If it’s been ran predominantly on LPG I would be surprised it’s had any chance to build up carbon? what state are the plugs in? Check plugs for worn electrodes and if you can check the ignition leads too. Both can lead to backfire on LPG. As can valve clearances!
  7. Some people have absolutely no sense of humour!
  8. Toe out by the look of it, could be tracking? But could also be worn bushes or a bearing! Even when bushes LOOK good they can still be shot enough to cause the wishbone to move under torque.
  9. To be fair, I had the old mk1 fiesta with chain, great engine and never needed anything other than basic servicing. I had the new all singing all dancing chain driven Vauxhall engine and it needed 3 chains in less than 60k I think they are naff! the Suzuki wagon R was chain too and was like the fiesta, kept going but eventually at around 90k developed a chain rattle. I am old school and prefer belts! Easier to get at to change for me! No having to use cam locking tools etc to carry out the change either! But that’s just MY take.
  10. Lord Geordie

    No need...

    Henry! Sorry to hear of your loss, and congrats to your daughter also as for the electrics getting a dousing, I hope you get it all back to normal soon.
  11. For a moment I was expecting some pictures of some hot foreign student type 🤔
  12. If your in a cul-de-sac and there have been multiple car thefts, can you not approach the council to have the road trines into a private one, and as such have a security barrier installed? Just a thought!
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