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  1. A composed pair then bosher! Composed of recycled Russian tanks and wood from the Tunguska meteor aftermath! They will dig these up in 2000 years and they will still fire
  2. Lord Geordie

    For single men

    But did harpic get the oil out of your jeans? Or are they now pink? 😄
  3. Lord Geordie

    Foxes getting brave

    Let Gina miller know the foxes were responsible for brexit! She will soon run them out of town for you 👍
  4. Lord Geordie

    I saw a pigeon in Wiltshire today...

    That’s good to know ☺️
  5. Lord Geordie

    Im not dead yet........

    And Wednesday a letter from the CSA telling him fat Sarah has had his child, and wanting child support! 😄
  6. Lord Geordie

    I saw a pigeon in Wiltshire today...

    There is one “or was” in Northumberland that was just P19 EON a few year back!
  7. Lord Geordie

    Grand solar minimum?

    We get a mini ice age every year! It’s called winter
  8. Lord Geordie

    Channel Migrants

    Sift through them and see if any have trades and skills that may be beneficial to the UK as a whole! Give them a hot meal, inform them of the protocols regarding “applying for entry” and stick them on the first channel tunnel express straight back to Paris! Those who are able to fulfil a role that we need workers for would get priority status on an application. THEN allow them in. Those that have no skills, let them gain skills in a “first safe country” before applying for entry. I couldn’t even visit the Ukraine without a visa, and that was bad enough to get! Had to drive 120 mike to Edinburgh to apply for that! But these people expect just to hop off a lorry, ferry, lilo, pop out of a mattress and expect entry? Pfft.
  9. Lord Geordie


    Local library here does printing for around 15p per page iirc. I bought a canon printer with the head built into the cartridges. I tried a few Epson ones for cheap inks, but it was false economy as the heads block if not used regular. The canon has never let me down. But in the past I had to print off letters a few times at the library. Or as mentioned previously, perhaps family or friends could help. Also a good chance to have a catch up
  10. Lord Geordie

    Xmas comes early ( great )

    Glad it’s all going well Mike! And hope your all having a great catch up.
  11. Lord Geordie

    Queens Speech

    At least this year wasn’t a horrible anus 🙄
  12. Lord Geordie

    Smart home

    Decent hifi, ditch the TV and dim the lights.
  13. Lord Geordie

    The joys of Christmas

    So you used the cello tape to gag her instead then?
  14. Lord Geordie

    Christmas Wishes

    Yes! A very merry Christmas to all.
  15. Lord Geordie

    Christmas Greed

    Similar happened to me in Tesco a few years back. I was waiting patiently for the lass reducing the king prawns. There was an awful lot. I waited for her as not to annoy her or fluster her! The moment she put the last pack in the tray, I kid you not! A Chinese woman picked up the tray and poured the whole lot in her trolley! I was gobsmacked, and the poor lass said to me “if you want I will get you a pack back from her!” I just said rather loudly “it’s fine, I hope she chokes on them! Then another customer said she is renowned for it.