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  1. Corbyn proposed? Hopefully Bercow will make a lovely wife! They were made for each other
  2. Ah I see. My boiler only has the one but having just looked it’s a dual channel one!
  3. Would that not affect both hot water AND the heating side though? If the heating is getting hot, surely the water should do the same? My boiler used more gas heating water! The burner is at max during the process! But once the heating is on a min or so the burner scales back.
  4. You get roughly 92 litres in a 47kg cylinder so just over 50p per litre on that! I know a few who used to buy the large cylinders and use a transfer pump to fill their LPG system in the car. I used to use a company called flo-gas who were massively cheaper than Calor gas. Not sure what their prices are now?
  5. Or! Goodbye “goodbye” Farewell “farewell” you just can’t join our club!
  6. Lord Geordie


    Give me £150 and a good night out in London “Chuck in a free train home” and I will pop down with a 15lb sledge hammer and ring the damn thing for them
  7. Not an engineer! But can you not use something similar to acro props to support, remove the pre cast posts and install new?
  8. May find it’s government sanctioned that all such meds are restricted until they are happy it’s safe?
  9. Like Chinese baby milk! Only takes one company to try and cut corners!
  10. Been using them on a limited basis for years. I only ever needed half a tablet! it was in the US they first recalled them! I think it was a bulking agent rather than the ranitidine that’s the issue.
  11. A TRUE kilt is WOOL. End of. Same as tweed! It’s a Scottish tradition!
  12. Always said the system was unfair! Some folk where I work get up to 6 fag breaks a day, as well as their lunch break etc! If that fag break is 10 mins it’s an hour of smoking and not working. Where as the non smokers get nothing! No extra pay, no extra time off etc. Add to that, when the smokers go for their break, the non smokers are left to take up the slack, which affects productivity. Personally I think you should have to clock out for fag breaks! No company should have to pay while your not working! I don’t get paid for lunch breaks nor my tea break! Why should smokers?
  13. Was just a typical event here up north!
  14. Dropped you a PM. Cheers matey! Will wait and see if it’s wanted first 👍
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