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  1. Thanks Sitsinhedges. FES were excellent. Ordered a brick of G1000's, due on Thursday. John rated the Rios' saying he now shifts triple the Rio's than Fiocchi's. RIo's a bit softer but Fiocchi's have been redesigned now anyway.
  2. 😂 Yep. That's exactly what has happened. My Gamefair stuff has ran out. My supply of hulls switched to mainly Fiocchi in the meantime, which is why I wanted bigger diameter primers. Sitsinhedges recommended FES and looking at their site they have exactly what I'm after. Cheap too. Gonna call him today, maybe get some more propellant as well. Not too much of a hurry as this lockdown looks like it will drag on a while yet. Best Regards, Mark.
  3. FES 136 miles (2hr 38 Mins) from Bedford - Clay & Game 138 miles (2hr 39 mins) from Bedford (says google-ma-bob) North or South I'm stuffed if driving. Unless I go for £20-£45 delivery costs. Guess I'll get a few mates together to see if I can do a big mail order and then split delivery costs. When you consider all the additional costs it's barely worth reloading for shotgun unless you live nearby a decent supplier.
  4. Yep. Suits me. Looking for Fiocchi right now... Cheers, M.
  5. Hi Sits... Have done a bit more research now, see pic. I want these primers for mainly fiocchi trap hulls so I would fully expect these to be a tailored fit. I will go for them in preference if I can find somewhere local to Bedford who stocks them. Any ideas? Thanks for the tip. Kindest regards, Mark.
  6. I am struggling to find RIO G1000 type 209 primers anywhere within a reasonable distance of Bedford. These are larger diameter primers designed to fit the larger pockets in European hulls like Fiocchi. I know Clay & Game stock them and I could get them shipped to local rfd but hate the hazmat carriage charge. It's a long drive to explain to plod during Covid too... Can anyone suggest who stocks these anywhere within a reasonable drive from Bedford? Cheers, everyone, Mark.
  7. Yep, makes sense. I trawled thru a load of slug data in my handbook & compared to equiv shot loads with same powders. Slugs come out faster, probably as they have less barrel wall friction while accelerating up the tube. Slugs seem to do about +10-15% velocity compared to shot for the same load. I have been hunting thru http://slugshooting.accountsupport.com/Forum4/viewforum.php?f=32 on Saddler's advice above too. A mine of info but they seem to be pushing the max with American propellants at £40+ a pound. Easier just picking up my rifle really. These slugs are just for a bit PSG &am
  8. Using "Reloading for Shotgunners" 5th edition & running a mec grabber. Plenty in there but all US propellants. Also have factory data from vectan but its limited on slugs. Looking for something with more common cheaper propellants for 7/8 lee slugs.
  9. Anyone know any accurate loads for 7/8oz lee drive-key slugs (with plaswads)? Looking for something like vectan or csb as its cheap rather than old american loads using unobtainium. I have the factory vectan data but it only mentions brennekes from 32g & up. Would 24gram trap/skeet load data work? Any slug related hints & tips would help too. Cheers, Mark.
  10. I am having a clearout & was going bin these. Better to give away, so free to anyone who wants to pick them up in Bedford in next few days. Somewhere between 500-1000 once/twice fired winchester compression formed 12 hulls. Mostly AA 2 3/4" with 5/8" & 1/4" heads. Mostly 6 point but a few 8 point plus a few 3" & couple dozen Rem RXP. Remember to bring a sack. Any eve after 6pm or call first. Mark on 07790389852
  11. Eley subs. Tried many others in anchutz 525 & ruger 1022. Eley grouped best in both for me.
  12. Interested in this post. I'm on a similar gig... My lad often uses my hatsan hide gun on clays but it's too long for him. Was considering the telescopic MPA stock so it could fit us both. Did the MPA stock fit straight on without any mods or was it slightly different? BTW I have a variation in for Sec 1 magazine. Anyone know if the MPA 9+1 or 7+1 mag tube fits the std escort? Thanks Folks & Regards, Mark.
  13. Lots of advice, all of of it excellent. I reload 12g for field & clays with a mec grabber. For 12 & 20g in common loads (3/4 to 1-1/4 oz) it will cost you more than buying factory and at 500/month you won't have much spare time. You only break even, maybe in a few years, if you shoot a LOT of really specialist loads like some of the wildfowling stuff. There's masses of load data out there, mostly american and mostly irrelevant or outdated for decent modern loads in UK. American components are expensive (&/or difficult) to get in the UK. My last green dot & blue dot cost me
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