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  1. decoybob

    Problem with HW90

    Hi I have a Weihrauch HW90 with a Theobone Gas Ram. I have been trying to put more pressure into it, at the moment it is 9.5lb. Unfortunately I can not get any pressure into it, although I know the pump is not faulty as I have successfully used it on a friend's gun. Can anyone offer advise with this problem please?
  2. Hi thanks for te add.

    1. decoybob

      combro mk4 for sale

      Hi just to confirm my other message that I will buy this item. I can pay through Paypal immediately if you want to proceed. Decoybob
    2. decoybob

      ## Three life sized Ducks ##

      Hi I will have the Male Shoveler and the 2 Female Ducks. How would you like me to pay? Can do cheque or Paypal. Regards Bob
    3. decoybob

      Teal decoys

      Hi if the £20 includes the postage I will have them please.
    4. decoybob

      Teal decoys

      If the £20 includes postage I will have them.
    5. decoybob

      Cass creek crow caller

    6. decoybob

      shooting on rape

      Hi I am an experienced shooter with own kit and insurance. I live in South Gloucester and am prepared to travel. I can do Mon, Tues, Wed or Friday next week.
    7. decoybob

      Pigeon Shooting Wiltshire

      Hi I am interested. Could you please tell me where in Wiltshire and the cost?