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  1. Yes please. Where are you and how would you like paying?
  2. nathan83

    Cheapish 4x4

    Anyone got a cheap 4x4 they want to get rid of? It’s not got to do many miles but need it for carcass extraction as I’ve done my back in. I’m thinking along the lines of a grand vitara. Jimny. Terios. Pinin. Or something like that. I’m in the south east thanks
  3. I’m pretty sure it is. I’ll take it please
  4. Is this the 270 size? If so il have it please
  5. That’s what I thought it looked like. I just need a cheap 4x4 as I’ve got a bit of deer permission I need to drive into for extraction so if it’s removable I may well be interested
  6. I’m interested. But can’t see exactly what’s been done on top. And if it can be put back to standard
  7. Hi. Is this the L7 or A7 reticle (illuminates or non illuminated) thanks
  8. Interesting. I message first but was told someone had got them by pm before me
  9. whats the reason for selling? How do you find the glass compared to other European scopes? Thanks
  10. nathan83


    Ill take the other one please, pm on the way
  11. Where abouts are you? Do you know what shelter it is. Thanks
  12. Hi. Where are you and what reticle is this please
  13. No problem. That’s fair enough whoever messaged first has it as far as I’m concerned Canterbury is probably a bit far for me anyway. I’m 20 minutes or so the other side of Tunbridge Wells soo should imagine getting on for an hour and a half or more in the car
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