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  1. this is the first time doing this, and it turned out really nice,. this is glass number 5 and I don't even drink lol, all the very best for 2019
  2. lol, my feeders are ok,. its my aim that needs working on lol, hope you had a good Christmas bud all the best for the new year
  3. spot on bud, cheers for that il have a bash at one.
  4. cheers for that walker570, you wouldn't happen to have any pics of the ally ones you use now, I could copy,? cheers fisheruk ive just acquired some mild steel galvanised plate with holes in which I can re drill to a bigger size and use for the base,. cheers fellas, and all the very best for Christmas and the new year, have a great one
  5. cheers walker570. cracking photos fisheruk thanks ive got 1 inch wire kicking about.il give it a try
  6. Its getting way out of hand with them now. well done that keeper
  7. its just to shoot them off, redial.
  8. these are the first ones I've mate mate, the lid is now hinged on and lifts up, once filled just put a few nuts on the platform and leave one or two nuts on the top edge so the door doesn't shut properly once they find them it shouldn't take them long to figger it out, fingers crossed
  9. all ready to be installed,.
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