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  1. Merry Christmas and hopefully a better 2021 everybody , Stay safe Everyone .
  2. Happy Birthday Mel , it's never to early for a J D , have a good day mate
  3. Hi Mel , Just received the face masks they are great thanks, very much appreciated Andy & Elaine 

  4. Hi this is so generous of you and so welcome in these selfish stock piling and ignoring stay at home advice. We would appreciate 2 masks, one for my wife who has had 2 big cancer battles and how surviving on one functioning lung (lung cancer caused by breast cancer treatment) and for me so I'm not bringing any risk into the house or near my wife. If you could give us your paypal details then we'd be more than happy to give a donation. Thank you
  5. tikkashot

    Larsen Trap

    Hi I've also got one for sale i'm in North Lincolnshire
  6. That to me is the perfect days shooting , Great pictures and Scenery thanks for sharing .
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