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  1. scouser

    New pard

    The sportsman’s has got the dealership for pard, so expect them to a lot more expensive than the last model.
  2. I wish Toyota would import the surf, they have them in the states, but with v8 petrol power, I would have to own a petrol station .
  3. It’s about time someone grew a pair,and told them to go forth and multiply
  4. Nice little backstop for a airgun range.
  5. Agree, but when I listen to Brave stranger, I,m 25 again.
  6. Hollywood nights by Bob seger & the silver bullet band, total driving music.
  7. Fantastic shooting, love seeing covids getting their just deserts.
  8. I wonder where we would be vaccination wise if they had NOT listened to the gruesome twosome
  9. Maybe when the criminal is caught, and he was sent to do his sentance in the prison of the country he came from, now that would be a deterrent .
  10. He was most probably put there because it’s cheaper than sticking the piece of effluent in a proper prison.
  11. Your still on probation 🦊🐰🐀🦅
  12. I’ve already been in touch.
  13. I have a plastic bush on mine, on problems, I would be wary of a metal one scratching the blueing on the barrel.
  14. A old single shot daystate harrier in .22 FAC, most probably could have gotten more but had to watch backstop, the building was right on the promenade and had a fantastic view of Liverpool, if I won the lottery, a top floor apartment with a balcony just to sit with a beer and watch the ships 🚢
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