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  1. To bloody true. It’s about time someone grew a pair. Just turn them back, and let the froggies sort it, after all don’t we pay them to do just that.
  2. Instead of sending them to some far off place, spend the money on some patrol boats to turn them around in the channel. ( if only it was that simple)
  3. One very lucky oldish dog.
  4. If it’s F.A.C. Doesn’t it have to go by R.F.D.?
  5. scouser


    Not a bad job, 90k + expenses to sit on your bottom, watching PORN, Love it.
  6. I have used this, works a treat. Fox’s love it.
  7. Great in my 30y old 452, RWS are good to, rabbits can’t tell the difference.
  8. Save channel 4, and sell off the BBC instead.
  9. China’s looking at this thinking if putin gets away with it, we can go get Taiwan.
  10. He looks like part already.
  11. And I thought my 1800mls on the NC 500 was a trip. No nice long flat roads there.
  12. Have a look at the damage,it’s on y/tube . You could see the smoke from bidston hill.
  13. Boris could do with a-pair of bo##cks and tell the wife to shut up.
  14. It will only be the workers that get the chop, it would be nice if the officers 👮‍♀️ walked off. But I can’t see that happening.
  15. scouser


    The latest sanctions are some luxury goods going into Russia, and a levy on Russian vodka coming out, if you want sanctions to work,it should be NOTHING in and NOTHING out.
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