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  1. have a look on y-tube, lots of ideas,
  2. On the news , DONALD is trying to heal the rift between the Russians and the Saudis, if successful the price will be back up. Cheap fuel and cant go anywhere.
  3. put mine in the dishwasher, when the wife,s not looking, clean,s it a treat.
  4. I remember having one very similar only with a smaller blade when in the scouts about 60yrs ago, don’t think they would be allowed now.
  5. This is great fun, like listening to a load of old women in a pub,
  6. What’s happening with the replacement landy from the country’s richest man anyone heard anything ?.
  7. Have a word with roughtrax in Bristol?? Or milners in bakewell they may have some idea of cost , or someone who would do the work.
  8. They should have them in every school, to get children interested in mechanical engineering. And get us back to the days when children got their hands dirty, and put a smile on their face.
  9. scouser


    Friends got themselves in bit of bother money wise, needs 20k , any suggestions ?? (They own their house)
  10. scouser

    Pard nv008

    Got one from C,R,S, great bit of kit, it’s got everything except the R/F, only a couple of hundred cheaper.
  11. ******, I don’t think their mother knew who their farther was.
  12. Every time you post, I get a little bit greener ,at the moment I’m British racing green.
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