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  1. Will they be dropping the cost of renewing membership.
  2. 15 p a shot, no thanks.
  3. IIf all of our sporting organisations are afraid of taking on NJ in case it costs them money ( heaven forbid) their must be enough of us to do a crowd funding to take them on , the same when it comes to chief constabulary when it comes to medical reports, I,m fed up every time some no mark tele celeb spouts off about how evil we are, i,ll be the first to put my money where my mouth is.
  4. 4yr,s, do,nt time fly when your having fun.
  5. Instead of going south, I’d go north to do the NC500, you can park up literally anywhere in Scotland ( wild camping) hopefully doing it myself in September, just going to put a mattress in the back of my transit van and away I go, have a look at some of the vid,s on y-tube.
  6. i thought it was that a day.
  7. I sincerely hope it’s not just another rich mans plaything, I know a lot of farmers who would jump at this if the price is right
  8. scouser

    Night Vision

    For the money I don’t think you can beat a PARD 007
  9. If I travel from the Wirral to my permissions in Wales , I travel down the A483 which crossers in and out of the border, one of my perm,s has the border going down the middle of the farm. So one foot in England and one in Wales.
  10. If I recall correctly, when H.K. was handed back to China , Britain would only accept them if they had 1/2 mill in the bank, please correct me if I am wrong.
  11. When I lamp on a golf course, never used to 101, then one night when returning to the car I was greeted by six boys in BLACK with enough guns to start a war, after showing them my license & permission which they checked , they relaxed a bit, and asked if I would phone 101 to avoid a repeat, trouble is you can never get through, so I just phone the control number direct.
  12. Most informative,it explains a lot of what wild justice wants.
  13. Now that the restrictions are easing off a bit, you can bet the house that the price will soon be back to where it was before lockdown, if not more to make up what was lost.
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