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  1. What price are they going at.
  2. Do you do them with the XTL laser, if so how much. cheers.
  3. The wife has just had her 2nd hip replaced, having a epidural, she feels fantastic ,walking around without sticks 4 weeks after the op. She was the same after the first op. Only painkillers she took were a couple of paracetamol for a couple of days. Amazing woman. The epidural is the way to go.
  4. Go on, jump on the gravy train, you know you want to.
  5. no deal is off the table,how can you negotiate when the opposition knows you can’t leave the game, they will just **** you over time after time,until you get fed up and submit. as O P we’re shafted.
  6. Give HENRY KRANK a bell , he should know,he sells them.
  7. On a lighter note,we don’t need parliament sorting it out, we need GUY FAWKES.
  8. Have a look at a Toyota prado, same as a land cruiser (import).
  9. Now that’s a happy ending.
  10. On a lighter note. She could have been allowed in,blaming EU law, that would have solved the problem were having with the remoarns over brexit. Also if her family and friends don’t like it they can go and join her.
  11. At last someone in the home office has grown a pair.
  12. NO. She made her bed let her stay in it , 2 questions, would she have wanted to return if ISIS was still active, and if she liked SYRIA so much I,am sure ASSAD would willingly give her a passport .
  13. scouser


    Got myself a old daystate harrier FAC. Cheap as chips, but if 12fp it would have been 3 times the price.
  14. Sunday for me, going down by train, so might have a pint or two.
  15. Asked at a well known gun shop in Manchester on the A6 for some 20gr HMR, was told £25 /. 50. think I’ll look at a 17 hornet
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