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  1. Rumour has it, B.M.W. engines and will be built in a redundant ford plant, the fella with the money is mad on Landy,s and is naming it after his favourite pub in London .
  2. Richard hammond did a review on you -tube, he was excited because it had 85 E.C.U.s adding to L R,s legendary reliability.
  3. Aren’t they the 4x4,s that every farmer used to own before they discovered japanese pickups.
  4. I went on Saturday, walked up what used to be gunmakers row looking for.22sub,s, no one stocking any. Waste of a day , won’t be going back.
  5. Going down to Cornwall from the Wirral on Saturday, going to the midland to break up the journey a bit.
  6. Heard from him a while back ,he,s moved to his house 200 miles from the coast .so he and family should be safe.
  7. Strike a match, that will get it moving
  8. I’ve seen the pictures of your gun safe on here, jealous doesn’t cover it.
  9. scouser


    I think its called freedom of speech.
  10. When I retired , I got a part time job in Iceland, the Chinese chippy,s used to fill there trolleys with Holland,s pie,s, people complained there were none left. So the manager put a sign up 2 packs max per customer , so next week chippy fella comes in with whole family (it was hilarious), grandma & grandkids , looked between aged 5 and 95 , they would all get the 2 packs go out to the car and back again for another 2.
  11. Can I have one for X/MAS please ?? Fantastic work, well done.
  12. scouser

    Pond fish

    If it is, time to get the net out.
  13. Love golf courses, only I don’t use clubs,I use night vision.
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