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  1. Sound like a load of Chris packhams.
  2. People are dying because someone hasn’t got the guts to admit they made a mistake, all it would take to change it back is paint yellow chevrons on the smart lane.
  3. Hi light of the week ,deciding which bin to but out.
  4. Well he,s gone ,but not forgotten, we can now look forward to him running in 4years.
  5. scouser


    just watched a vid on y/t of a new 4x4 from Dacia called ( don,t laugh) the biggster, if the price and drivetrain is right, they’ll sell loads
  6. I take it you don,t live in a terraced house?
  7. this is what i.m afraid of, lets just go back to what we did before we joined this circus.
  8. Can they not understand the word OUT.
  9. scouser

    Irish passport

    I’m to old to get angry anymore, it doesn’t get you anywhere. So I just stay chilled.
  10. scouser

    Irish passport

    If you trace it back most people have a bit of paddy in the background, myself included, but I was born ENGLISH, proud to be ENGLISH, and will stay ENGLISH. like I said in the OP, if you want a paddy passport go and live there.
  11. scouser


    never kissed a FOX or a DOG, but have woke up next to a few of them.
  12. Would it be possible to mount the sender unit on a remote control spotlight that you could control from inside your car,it would save you having to drive around looking for Charlie.
  13. I think the thermal spotter with the screen in the car is a great bit of kit, i,ll have to start saving.
  14. scouser

    Irish passport

    If you want a Irish passport, go and live in Ireland
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