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  1. Jealous, looks like your living the dream.
  2. scouser


    I did,not know cricket was that popular in the UK, till I heard 400k wanted to watch India v Pakistan
  3. If they all refuse to pay , put them all in jail, FREE FOOD ,HEATING, HEALTHCARE, TELEVISION,(Including SKY), COUNCIL TAX, and still receive pension . someone looking after you 24 hr,s a day, Get the RESPECT they deserve, get a social life , they’d be much better off .
  4. Whatever bacon you use, it has to be DRY cured, bought some stuff from supermarket (wife was away ) there was that much white slime off it , whole lot straight into the bin.
  5. Just watching BBC, how can they get away with being so biased, giving space to Blair’s bitch alister Campbell, the man,s a complete slimeball
  6. Totally different from the ones in the states
  7. Now that’s what I call a WET DREAM, just a little bit jealous.
  8. scouser

    Euro election

    If I had my way , it would be a requirement by LAW to vote, 30%. turnout is a disgrace in a democratic country , we as a populous are lazy, we think it won’t matter, and then moan when nothing changes.
  9. Had a few splits, something different this time , lined up on a rabbit , pulled trigger CLICK, thought maybe haven’t reloaded, just about to reload, BANG, luckily still on rabbit, put the fear of Christ up me , there where 4 people on board the truck could have been nasty, 1st HANG. FIRE, don’t want an other one.
  10. scouser

    Euro election

    Been away for a few days in Cornwall, opens the front door ,loads of ****e through the box. All about the Euro election, so frustrated with the way we have been screwed, going to be BREXIT if not then UKIP, if not then the devil incarnate Tommy ROBINSON, that’s how frustrated I feel. Just want to kick the political class in the plums.
  11. No, I’m down in Cornwall seeing a mate, lovely day, but went out last night on the rats 🐀 bloody freezing .
  12. That’s good if you take it to a main dealer, but what if you don’t.
  13. My 1996 Toyota surf was written off, other drivers fault, my insurance company gave me a brand new L.W.B. Shogun. 3 miles on the clock, the difference between my valuation and the other insurance company was £300. Uneconomical repair. Took 10 weeks to settle,it went back with 3000 on it and a hire charge of 8K , all because I would not let them roll over me. Bought it back for £400, got a mate to fix it, got a mate to fix it £400, as good as new. NEVER SETTLE unless it’s in your favour.
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