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  1. scouser

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    NO. She made her bed let her stay in it , 2 questions, would she have wanted to return if ISIS was still active, and if she liked SYRIA so much I,am sure ASSAD would willingly give her a passport .
  2. scouser


    Got myself a old daystate harrier FAC. Cheap as chips, but if 12fp it would have been 3 times the price.
  3. scouser

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Sunday for me, going down by train, so might have a pint or two.
  4. Asked at a well known gun shop in Manchester on the A6 for some 20gr HMR, was told £25 /. 50. think I’ll look at a 17 hornet
  5. scouser

    Max Clifford Died in an Uncomfortable Prison!

    Now that’s put a smile on my face,on a cold Monday morning.
  6. scouser

    When mini diggers go bad...

    Small man will get screwed, and banged up, but big firms like CARILLON where the boss’s get massive bonus, and then go bust walk away Scott free, It leaves the small man screwed again,
  7. scouser

    Lunar eclipse

    Yes, but like shooting you can,t control the weather
  8. scouser

    Lunar eclipse

    Just seen pictures of the eclipse on the news,fantastic
  9. scouser

    Lunar eclipse

    Set the alarm for 4-30 too much cloud,couldn’t see a thing so back to bed, unfortunately woke the boss up,so now in the doghouse.
  10. scouser

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I WISH
  11. scouser

    My 4 x 4 just keeps going

    Had my 1996 Toyota surf 15 yr,s just passed 225 K, only replaced the D M F clutch, brakes, tires , still going strong,never missed a beat
  12. scouser

    New Jimny Launch

    Looked at getting a fortuner imported, to replace my SURF but when I got the duty’s and tax, it doubled the price
  13. scouser

    New Jimny Launch

    Just been looking at a lada on y-tube that someone in Russia tricks up, would make a great plaything,for decent money, built like a baikal
  14. scouser

    New Jimny Launch

    It needs a 16 -2lt diesel and a 6 sp box to keep the Rev,s down on the motorway, also a 5 door with roof tailgate, for when it,s down, so might as well get a 2nd hand vitara, but it,s not as good off road and has,not got a ladder chassis
  15. scouser

    MX5 project 1yr on

    300+ horses in an mx5, will put a fright on some super car drivers, it would be great if you could take it around one of the top gear tracks, to compare it against there fast wall.