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  1. Well done you for taking time with the young man, obviously if he’s handling a gun stick very very close .
  2. scouser


    Have to forgive me, to much vodka.
  3. Have a look at diago Garcia, it is British overseas territory, leased to the yanks, as a air base, all native people shipped out, Makes you proud to be British.
  4. scouser


    Just watched above, most beautiful very successful young muslin model going on about how bad the western world treated women, but no mention of how women are treated in Afghanistan .
  5. Now that’s a day to remember, for you and your lad.
  6. I was at the midland a few years back, one of the displays was a lady using a Rottweiler as a gun dog, and really good at it.
  7. Was it Chris Packham who charted the plane ?
  8. Horrific tragedy, someone seriously messed up, I wonder if the paperwork will be locked away for 100yrs like Dunblame
  9. I should have noticed the marsh in the 2nd photo.
  10. Was that taken by the yacht club ? Or the caravan site?
  11. All good things must end, the roof & windows are in, so only getting the odd one now, grand total just under 500 ferals , site manager said there’s more work for later in the year on another site.
  12. Four of us traveled down from Merseyside, game fair was ok, although won’t be going again, due to the traffic control trying to get in.
  13. So sad to lose a trusted and loyal friend, 24yrs is a great age.
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