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  1. Two of us take care of the rats at a fishery near ormskirk, if you till need help drop us a line.
  2. Is it true that the company that runs the courses is owned by the association of chief constabulary , or is it fake news
  3. scouser

    Pension info

    Take the biggest lump sum you can without paying tax on it, and the rest as a pension, because most of us are P.A.Y.E. the taxman has you by the short and curly,s.
  4. scouser

    top gear

    I used to love a show called top gear, it was all about car,s, then it turned into a show about 3 rectums doing silly things in cars very few people would ever get the chance to drive.
  5. I wonder who paid the legal costs, its not cheap going to any sort of tribunal
  6. scouser


    The sooner there is a alternative to oil, the better, they can then be left alone and go back to living in tents ⛺️ in the desert with their favourite goat.
  7. scouser


    He,s up to his tricks again, have a look at any news channel. and comment.
  8. scouser


    He,s up to his tricks again, have a look at any news channel. and comment.
  9. He said it was banned because some anti started a petition , he then jumped on the bandwagon.
  10. Seems like there is bad LOSSERs on both side of the pond.
  11. I’m fed up with the poison dwarf spouting off about independence, call her bluff, the Scottish are not soft they know what side they’re bread buttered, she will be out of a job quicker than Jeremy Corbyn.
  12. If labour had not gone for a second referendum, they would not have lost the seats they did, and the result might ( a big MIGHT) have been different .
  13. Had a disagreement with the other drivers insurance company over the cost of replacing my surf after it was a written off, they gave me a brand new LWB shogun with 13 miles on the clock until we agreed it’s value, had it for 10 weeks, it went back with 3.5 k on it, bought my surf back and had it repaired myself, we were arguing over a few hundred quid, insurance bloke told me the rental of the shogun cost the other drivers insurance company £7.5 k, so just don,t accept my offer your not happy with. Good luck.
  14. Judging by your responses , I will stick with the N.G.O.
  15. My membership is up for renewal, any recommendations ,
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