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  1. One way of feeding a pup if you haven't got another dog is to put a large bowl of dry food down and leave it 2 hours and let them eat what they want. You need to weigh your dog regularly if you do this and weigh the food before and after to see how much they are eating. Unless you have a greedy dog it should self regulate. This doesn't work with most labradors.
  2. What is he likely to need when he gets out of hospital. Are you wanting to get him a nice to have present or maybe something to help him if he is left with a problem from the stroke.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-52717825 A court imposed alcohol detecting tag for violent drunks being brought out. It should be imposed on drunk drivers too.
  4. I have the Ezydog harnesses with breast plate for our small dogs, they are good as they double as a seat belt harness. They are not suitable for a powerful dog that is already pulling as it gives them more purchase to pull. I have in the past used a Halti head collar when I inherited a red Setter who was 4 years old and pulled like a train. The haltis work as they tighten over the muzzle when the dog pulls and slacken as soon as they stop pulling. You need to practice in the house with them and get them used to them as they don't like them and will try to shake them off. They fasten underneath to the normal collar and have a hitching ring you fasten the lead to. With my setter I managed to get him to heel consistently on the Halti, then got him onto a normal slip lead. There are lots of copies about, but the genuine Halti head collars are around £8-12 depending on size. They don't work well on a flat faced dog as they can slip the nose band off too easily. One type of harness that does stop pulling is the Lupi harness. This tightens under the forelegs if the dog pulls and this is uncomfortable for the dog and it loosens as they stop pulling. These take longer possibly to retrain a dog than the Halti head collar, but will work for most breeds and the dog rarely tries to get them off like the head collar type. They are normally about £12 or under. They are purely a control harness so you still need a collar for your dog disc to attach. Neither should be used as an alternative to training, but work well to retrain a dog that has got into a bad habit of pulling. Hopefully once you have got the dog out of the habit of pulling and got him to heel you should be able to get back onto a normal lead and collar.
  5. Proper butchers block are going for around £400 to £900 at least dependant on age, size and condition. That is pine or similiar softwood, you can tell from the top and the end grain. It's never been a butchers block. It's worth what you are prepared to pay as a rustic coffee table. These are proper butchers blocks. Totally different construction and wood. Often made up of blocks or strips of hardwood in a frame that can be turned over when one side gets to worn.
  6. Can you get hold of dry ice. This generates a very high concentration of carbon dioxide in an enclosed chamber. Another option would be a carbon dioxide cylinder piped to an enclosed chamber. You can use these, but you do get a slight bleed in the neck. https://www.solwayfeeders.com/gamekeeping-accessories/gamekeeper-aids/humane-bird-dispatcher-p7401-c452/
  7. Could you build a fenced in safe area in the garden for him. If they are unsupervised with a muzzle they will try and often succeed in getting the muzzle off. It also might make him adverse to going out in the garden to do his business.
  8. Love blue cheese. I will have to try some.
  9. I have a 30cm steel wok and a good Chinese cookery book. Also a very nice book called a Step by Step Guide to Indian Cookery. I have a drawer with pots of all the herbs and spices for my favourite meals. They turn out really well if you cook using the individual spices rather than curry sauces or pastes.
  10. Tonights dinner is sausages from our last trip to the Polish supermarket. Going to be with mashed potato and baked beans.
  11. £29,921,679 just now and rising. 🙂👍 HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLONEL TOM MOORE
  12. Funnily enough he gets paid by the state and Chequers and No.10 are the ultimate council houses. Congratulations to Boris and Carrie. Nice to have a bit of good news. 👍🇬🇧
  13. Pizza tonight. After it was planned I realised I had no tomato puree. I mashed a tin of tomatoes up with the potato masher then added mustard powder and garlic puree. After simmering it to reduce the liquid I added oregano, basil and marjoram and allowed to cool.Spread it on 2 thin pizza bases and added lots of mozzarella cheese and some salami along with diced spring onions. In the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes.
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