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  1. Shed and Buried

    Turn the volume off and put teletext on. Sorted.
  2. Landrover restoration

    http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/land-rover-restore-missing-original-14138030.amp Early landrover being restored.
  3. Well thats that then.

    Suzuki Grand Vitara might fit the bill. 4 on autotrader in diesel between £1000 and £1500. Lot more if you want to go a spot higher and maybe haggle the price down. If you want, you could take the back seats out and black the rear windows and make it into a van.
  4. Well thats that then.

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/vans/99493/4x4-vans-and-commercial-vehicles-explained This is an interesting article on 4x4 vans and ones with extra traction control or front wheel drive. It might give you some ideas. Was your Kangoo the Trekka variant with 4x4.

    Corsodyl mouthwash is good for infection as its got chlorohexidine in.
  6. "im mainly......"

    Welcome back Ditchman. You were missed.
  7. Jeremy Gower : Thomas Crown Tailoring

    Might be catching up still after the New Year if he had a lot of orders over the holidays.
  8. Best Flea treatment

    Advantage works well on our lot and can be bought online without prescription. We have dogs and cats in the house and I treat them once monthly from end of March to October. No fleas. I have found Frontline to be useless.
  9. BASC free lottery tickets?

    Not offended by it. Its like any advertising. I wasn't interested so ripped and binned like I do anything I am not interested in. Still like the BASC magazine and insurance. Won't be cancelling my membership because some of their special offers don't appeal to me personally.
  10. Fox Red Lab Wanted

    Having another dog is good for companionship. They are a pack animal as long as you are pack leader. As long as your greyhound is sociable with other dogs and will tolerate a puppy they will be fine. Training of your gundog will need to be one on one. You can't train one dog while walking the other as they distract each other. If your greyhound free runs it would not be a good idea to let your potential gundog do this. Many people have a working gundog living with a pet dog with no problems.
  11. Dogs stolen

    Hit the blue f on top right. It will take you to the original. You can share it to your friends on facebook if you have an account.
  12. Sporting tattoo's

    Its already available.
  13. Sporting tattoo's

  14. absolutely gutted

    Surely the RFD has insurance to cover this.
  15. American Ebay

    Yes on my earrings it was £40 which still made them 1/2 the UK price. https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad Lot of info on here on charges.