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  1. loriusgarrulus

    Flies grr.

    He opened all the windows earlier.
  2. loriusgarrulus

    Flies grr.

    Caravan just got a load in this afternoon. OH had a swatting session with an ordinance survey map. Dogs cleared up the residues.
  3. loriusgarrulus

    Free stuff and some advice please.

    You could try advertising it on freecycle. https://www.freecycle.org
  4. loriusgarrulus

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    Nice looking pup.
  5. loriusgarrulus

    First shower

    Raining here this morning.
  6. loriusgarrulus

    Preserving wings

    Your just well preserved for your age.
  7. loriusgarrulus

    Preserving wings

    Store them in a tuppaware type box with some silica gel in a net bag. Keeps the moths away and keeps the wings dry. Possibly not a good idea. Formaldehyde is very poisonous.
  8. loriusgarrulus

    Most bizzare job you've had

    We occasionally get requests for rowan or hazel cut with non ferrous metal.
  9. loriusgarrulus

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Did the axe have to be made of non ferrous metal.
  10. loriusgarrulus

    Puppy howling

    I will. when I get the chance between OH cuddling him, the chihuahua playing with him and our springer washing him.
  11. loriusgarrulus

    Pictures of our companions.

    A "wee brown dog" nominally jack russel. Magni 8 weeks old.
  12. loriusgarrulus

    Puppy howling

    I put a dog safe soft toy in the crate around same size as the puppy as it gives them something to snuggle with. Not had a peep right from the first night from our new pup at 8 weeks. He has a small enclosed crate with vet bed in the bottom. Last trip out at about 23:00 wakes around 6:00. Only had one wet bed in 11 days on the second morning and that was my fault as I didn't hear him wake and cry to go out. No drinks overnight, but we have air con running as needed. House training coming along nicely now as he is starting to go to the door and ask to go out. He is a jack russel of uncertain heritage, otherwise known as a "wee brown dog"
  13. loriusgarrulus


    I usually set nearest first and a price range if applicable. Or you can set a maximum distance on the side parameters, if you want to use lowest price. Set a lower price to filter out the really cheap stuff if its buy it now. Used stuff is rarely from China. Then check address at bottom if its a business seller if something is of interest. You will never filter them all out, but this will get rid of a fair few. Some Chinese sellers do have warehoused stock over here.
  14. loriusgarrulus

    .......... and even more plant ID.

    Is it Vipers Bugloss.
  15. loriusgarrulus

    Ppi and tax

    Wrong thread.