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  1. When something like this happens to me I delete the link and reload it fresh.
  2. loriusgarrulus


    I had a Dyson once. I bought the pet version. I suppose it was meant to cope with only one pet. Despite regular cleaning and filter changing it only lasted about 4 years. Much prefer Numatics. The filter bag is washable and the cloth filter. They just get swapped out for the plastic tank when washing floors and carpets. The Numatic George I bought in 2012 is going fine and my Daughter borrows it to shampoo her carpets too as she has a Shark vac now. Daughter has had two Dysons before the Shark. One rechargeable and one upright. Neither lasted well.
  3. https://news.sky.com/story/david-bellamy-naturalist-and-broadcaster-dies-11884072
  4. I have some headphones that cover the ears as I wear hearing aids. Small digger
  5. The CS440XD. Just a basic one to get me started. I bought myself a skyscanner pin pointer as well. As the head is waterproof I could run it up the stream as well as most of the time it is only a few inches deep.
  6. https://www.oldmapsonline.org/ These are a good resource. You just need to click "find a place" and type in the modern name of the nearest place to where your interested in and they bring up all the maps they have on that area. You need a landmark that was around at the time to use as a marker.
  7. Planning on doing a bit of detecting in our woodland. OH bought me a C Scope for my birthday. It's part of an ancient woodland, not far from a famous battle. There is a seasonal stream too and we are not far from a gold mine, so planning a bit of gold panning too.
  8. loriusgarrulus


    I have a George, Henry's big Brother with the carpet and upholstery washing facility. Absolutely brilliant. I bought the felt zipped dust bags that you just unzip to empty instead of the paper dust bags.
  9. Try Complan as he is not eating. It is food in a drink form. You can get it from larger supermarkets like Tesco and bigger pharmacies. Get the plain, not the chocolate flavour. Will he eat your meals. That is another thing to try if you are not eating anything spicy or with onions , leeks etc in.
  10. Never mind the perfume I would like the Gerber.
  11. It just shows that having lots of money doesn't make for dignity, respect and good manners.
  12. Might be worth following it up with Aviva, because it could affect your credit rating.
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