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  1. loriusgarrulus


    Fly fishing is fun. Plenty of trout lakes about and you get to eat the catch. Lots of lakes and rivers in Wales for wild trout and salmon fishing, we are lucky being on the Welsh border. Sea fishing is free not even a licence needed. At least the actual fishing is, you can spend a fortune on tackle. If you have some money to invest a Woodland makes a good investment. Going up in value all the time too and good for amenity too. https://www.woods4sale.co.uk/ Is just one of the many places you can buy from.
  2. We found Frontline does not work anymore here. We use Advantage spot on now. You can buy it online without prescription. Been flea free since we started using that on the dogs and cats.
  3. Rained all day here yesterday and a bit windy. Just drizzling this morning.
  4. We always used to get pigs liver and cut it into strips. Drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, then cut into small pieces. Then put in the oven on low heat to dry out. Made good training treats.
  5. loriusgarrulus

    SSD issues

    I save all my photos and files on my laptop to a flash drive. If the laptop files are lost for any reason you have them on the flash drive to load to a new laptop. I started doing this when a previous laptop started not wanting to boot up. OH managed to get it going one last time for me to copy my files before it finally died.
  6. Only snag with that is if a stone flips up or a length of bramble is hanging out of a hedge. At even quite low speeds it will make a hell of a mess of a dogs head.
  7. I use some like these. They come in different sizes depending on dog size. The curved cutting edge on both blades stop the nail getting squashed and cracking if they are sharp. I like the Mikki range of clippers. They are reasonably priced for the quality. EBay and Amazon or your local large pet store might stock them.
  8. I wonder how many fireworks are going off tonight.
  9. We have took in a 7 year old papillon and retrained him into a lovely companion. Also a 3 year old springer from a rescue and he has made a nice rough shooting dog. Not perfect, but good in the house and fine on the lead now. It takes time and a lot of hard work, but if all the family are consistant it is doable. They are an intelligent dog. If you have a well trained dog already, they often learn by example. That is why rescues that specialise in ex breeders prefer homes with an existing dog for them to learn from. A belly band is a good option till you get the house training sorted if its male, I believe you can get pants for female dogs. They soon learn if they wee with one on they don't get the satisfaction of scent marking. That is one problem we had with the papillon that the belly band sorted. Once they get used to the idea the belly band comes off for trips outside and walks the house training soon follows. We didn't get many wet pads before he sussed out what we wanted. Citronella collars help with damping down unwanted barking. A lot depends with your own situation too. It's easier if someone is home allday especially for the first few weeks. Also if you have very young children, as a dog that jumps up all the time can be a hazard till it's under control.
  10. I inherited my Dad's Red Setter when he was 4 years old. Apart from when he was collected from the breeder he hadn't been in a car as Dad had stopped driving by the time he had him. He travelled Ok behaviour wise, but was car sick every time. Many years ago we used to use Sea Legs as it was dog safe, but you can't get it now.This is the same active ingredient and we ordered it from America. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rugby-Meclizine-HCl-Antiemetic-Caplets-12-5-mg-100-Ct/401780523707?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item5d8bfc42bb:g:l-oAAOSwUvlc91xJ&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qWQxl3lNOsrWCf7mx4epx58ZFXQN7r8x6W5AZ083VoY5S10YbhJqGsjOH0l7%2B50wDCsKLiRQw9ZXzyUrHUV4px0B5yxcWKrYH6sRFU1viQlbdkBysIrsa45ZlfHvBxSwawFC9JbRyJcDxu4%2FI2F8iwAblyfyKHiIjCVUe2A0XHC4m64PXAW0hzP3nOz35GaYfOeeuDsbyZAihJFpASDAlvq4NxPIst0i4FEmC853jUGi%2FDegRLiT8o4YHUDYHw1pcSfqPkudks534zVSrg2rL8u8LRvDkKLE3cndaX%2FPspdExtfrVUJrz4hQ8kdoKoAjSFUMoSL%2FJMKGGNR8kTv6nOZMPmPNH5tf6cnxMhP9%2FrIxlRZ310F41oXv49KOxFhs%2FaBPuyghVTUV%2B4a18ywyxgClZR%2FDglLt%2BNDjuW%2FPqNQfy6Jmy59aVz8xfxDqlRQbQKz8UvrcWFROU18e5vPpWaVL7w3YR4dDtG0d0KPYrLbKViDk2mPJ5xBvTRqxZI%2BeCFgPTfMO%2Fr4eXPjB9hE%2B07t9IglMErjFC8vhYAnabRZACpyublJj3N7aOkrw8OUeRHh%2FxMe5TnjF5HTwWzLfW3sWhytSqDBxFBdRC2wlKuAnpYgen7cnc8cMT5C2YRr3JZvMVS8IOBlS5ycTpB864CkOdnLn4nOWENW2HJeA%2FnYegAYrHYFydCohClRzjVTPOHcpyaUvBymRrDFsUcNiCfzu2wOp8WvXc%2Bn66MOKDmyZg%3D%3D&checksum=401780523707e1ce09a947494c5493e884bec1faa94b We bought these. Make sure it's the 12.5mg dose. For a 30 kg Setter we gave 1 tablet an hour before travelling. It didn't make Logan sleepy either, but did calm him and stops him drooling in the car. No more car sickness. We have had him 6 years this year. He grew out of being sick after a couple of years and doesn't need them now.
  11. Old duvet cover with a frame or hoopla ring to keep it off the carcass. Fasten it at the top.
  12. I use Advantage spot on, on the pets and Wilkinsons household flea spray on the floors and soft furnishings.
  13. Lovely Ditchie. You must be very proud of your Daughter. 👍
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