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  1. Retired laboratory technician. Now woodland owner and Grandmother doing school runs.
  2. Southport flower show is nice in August. Not as horrific on the prices as Chelsea and runs over 4 days. Bridgemere garden world is nice to visit. It's over 50 acres. Lovely restaurant and a cafe good selection of plants. A few extras like Cotton traders, Hobbycraft Pavers etc. Entry is free, but for a small extra charge they have a selection of display gardens from RHS shows they have bought and maintained. Best present is to be accompanied by yourself. https://www.wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/product/2120
  3. The herringbone field drain pattern might leave soil patterns like that after installation.
  4. Could they have been replacing clay field drains.
  5. I like rump steak best. Aldi have their big steaks on offer soon. The text from the advert: Aldi’s mouthwatering steak has been matured for 21 days. Its extra thick cut is the reason it has been dubbed the Big Daddy. But even though the name suggests a hefty price tag, you can pick up a 16oz rump for just £4.99. The rumps will return to stores on June 13 and will only be available for limited time. As the item is a Specialbuy, it will disappear once all the stock has been snapped up.
  6. I bought some amethyst stones to make a bracelet. Lovely dark purple on the pictures and the price reflected it. When they arrived they were nearly clear they were so pale. Sent them back for a refund after a discussion on colour variance on computers don't make that much difference.
  7. We have a pack. Our eldest is 13. Still spry, but eyes are a bit cloudy and slowing down. He was my companion at agility before my joints went. Dreading him going.
  8. Just had a look and it's at 107,332. Thanks to all for signing. 👍
  9. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/244530?fbclid=IwAR2ecFFmD_uYG27i8NUCFn_uFwSEqDqxtA84xX-5s6p_wdxPuzNT7Xz8bZY A petition to get theft of pets a specific offence with stiffer penalties. Signed.
  10. So sorry for your loss. It never gets easy to say goodbye. We have lost two dogs to this. Sasha our GSD at 10 had liver cancer. She just went downhill quickly and we had to have her pts within a week of her looking ill. Rollo our Border Jack cross was only 8 years old when he suddenly became ill. He had cancer of the spleen which had ruptured. He made it to the vets, but didn't come home.
  11. Careful when using ivermectin on dogs. The safe dose is very small. Some breeds are very sensitive and it should not be used on Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Sheltie, Rough- and Smooth-Coated Collies and associated mixed breeds.
  12. Yes. Just the same as rabbits, sheep and cattle.
  13. Think of it as around £200+ a year for all that fun and unconditional love. Very cheap then. Ignore the food and vets bills. They are the same for a cheap large dog. Or maybe more vets bills if not bred healthily.
  14. Went down to -0.5°C in Mid Wales Sat night.
  15. Might poison the pigs with all that anaemic meat.🤣
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