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  1. Not the best of days

    Dad had an accident at work on an unbraked, unguarded circular saw. It was a couple of weeks after he had been to a meeting to request brake and guard to be fitted. He had recently transferred there from another area in the Coalboard works.They said it wasn't necessery. He slipped in the workshop on a rail that brought heavy timbers into the workshop. The saw was still freewheeling after being turned off and due to no guard on it, his hand went into it as he fell. He lost his thumb and 2 fingers. As it was not going fast it mangled them beyond being re-attached. The first thing he did after getting out of hospital was to go down his own worshop and run some timber through his own circular saw on a Coronet lathe. His own machine had a brake and guard on it. He wanted to make sure he hadn't lost his nerve. He joined the painters at work when he returned to work. He still did carpentry at home. It just took him longer and he put special handles he made on some of his tools. The management were made to upgrade and put a brake and guard on the saw at work after that.
  2. Casterating working dogs

    We are 3 weeks along from the Suprelorin implant. Brenne has calmed down considerably and is no longer trying to romp everything. He hasn't shown any signs of nervous aggression. Its still too early yet to see if it affects his coat condition. So far so good.
  3. Wonderful heartwarming

    Where's me handkerchief.
  4. Cancel the wedding

    They are all at it. She will fit in well with the Royal Family.
  5. Not the best of days

    Just donate/sell a couple. There seem to be plenty of potential recipients on here. Whats the going rate for fingers these days.
  6. Made a bunk bed

    Looks very sturdy. Love the colour.
  7. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    RIP. A brilliant man.
  8. Not the best of days

    Hope your a quick healer. Get some painkillers down you ASAP.
  9. Irritated paws

    Try washing his feet morning a night in cool salt water. 5g in 5 litre. Dissolve in small amount of hot water and cool down by adding cold to make up to 5 litre. Put in a bucket and swish his feet in it.
  10. Tip for the day.

    I tip mine upside down to get the crumbs out, then clean with isopropyl alcohol which evaporates and doesn't leave any residues to upset the electronics.
  11. Armchairs

    If you look at shops that cater for the elderly as they do higher chairs for ease of getting in and out. Also riser recliners tend to be taller.
  12. Proud Dad - Dog Starting Long Training Programme

    Brilliant you must be so proud of her. Hunting people now.
  13. Weather forcast

    Doing the school run on the Tramper. The Grandchildren are happy to walk and play snowballs on the way to school. Not too deep here. Bit cool. Got the thermals on for going out.
  14. Pictures of our companions.

    I see your training him to retrieve spent cartridges already. Nice looking pup.
  15. Looks promising.

    Sounds good. Hope she continues now she's started.