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  1. loriusgarrulus


    We have that growing on the oak trees in our wood.
  2. loriusgarrulus


    Look at Camping and Caravan club sites they have lots of little farm sites CS from as little as £6 a night. Around £38 a year membership. You will save that on site fees the first holiday you go compared to big sites. Most of them allow dogs and some have designated dog walks too and dog bins. The search feature on their website is excellent. https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/siteseekersearch/aspx/search.aspx We have a 800w generated we got from Machine Mart. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-ig950-800w-inverter-generator/ It's very quiet. We use it down the wood in Winter when the Sun is too low and days to short to rely on solar power to keep the caravan battery charged up. It's great to charge battery power tools up too.
  3. loriusgarrulus

    Strange methods 🤔

    Found this that shows dogs colour vision compared to humans.
  4. loriusgarrulus

    Golden Eagles

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/amp/47284528 I wonder what the Welsh sheep farmers will think of this around lambing time.
  5. loriusgarrulus

    Grounds for divorce?

    Now where did I put her mobile number.
  6. loriusgarrulus

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Why should our taxes pay for her in prison. Leave her where she is.
  7. loriusgarrulus

    My 1/6 scale RC Challenger 2 tank

  8. loriusgarrulus

    60th Birthday Cake

    That is a nice looking cake. A lot of work in that.
  9. loriusgarrulus

    Northern Lights

  10. loriusgarrulus

    Teaching of agriculture in school. Petition.

    The Comprehensive school I went to had a farm unit. We had a Jersey milk cow, some Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, pigs and chickens and haflinger ponies. We had 3 Rural Studies teachers and that was in the 1960's and they still have it now. Not all schools have the space, but if our school could commit plenty more could. We even got talks from a local butcher about where the piglets went when grown up.
  11. loriusgarrulus

    Gundog Handlers Training Vest

    Look for any good fishing vest. They have lots of pockets.
  12. loriusgarrulus

    Norfolk Motorhome

    https://www.suffolkgazette.com/news/norfolk-motorhome/ Might need a bit of fettling by Ditchman.
  13. loriusgarrulus

    For single men

    I use pure soap flakes put straight into the drum and white vinegar as fabric conditioner in the drawer for every wash as OH has psoriasis and bio-wash irritates his skin. No black gunge in the soap drawer and no limescale build up. I buy the soap flakes 10kg at a time and vinegar in 4 x 5 litre containers at a time, so it works out very economical.
  14. loriusgarrulus

    Wage packets

    Last time paid in cash weekly was 1975.
  15. loriusgarrulus

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas