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  1. https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/The-Long-Term-Health-Effects-of-Spay-%2F-Neuter-in-Sanborn/dbb5e0bf4332299c4071fc7336e225270d40189a This paper on the pros and cons of neutering and spaying is worth a read. Below the summary is a pdf file to download for the whole paper written in easily understood layman's terms. There are other papers out there more recent too.
  2. The incidence of testicular cancer in dogs is very low. Fluffy coat and weight gain are common in neutered dogs. Also bad dandruff can occur. If you want a temporary trial of neutering to calm him down till he is older have a Suprelorin implant. its injected like a microchip under the skin. It wears off after 6-12 months depending on size of implant and dog. I had our male deerhead chihuahua implanted when he was 18mths old as he was driving our Setter mad trying to hump him constantly. He lost his silky coat to thickened wool. Went from 5kg to 6kg despite restricting food and his testicles shrank. After a year his testicles went back to normal size, his coat went silky again and he is 5.3kg. He has got over his desire for our male setter too now he is more mature.
  3. Get an extra ticket and take her to the shooting show too.
  4. He waiting for snow to build a snowman. 👍🙂
  5. No lights. No fireworks. Bit cloudy, but can see a few stars among the gaps. Pitch black outside when you switch the caravan lights off. He can't see in the dark either.😎
  6. Happy New Year from the woodland in Mid Wales. 👍 The view from the caravan.
  7. loriusgarrulus


    There is a way of using Alexa to monitor another house if it is set up with another Alexa in your house and permissions set up. Not sure how it would work though.
  8. Lovely. They are worth every effort to undo the harm. We had a terrier from a rescue at about 3 years old that was terrified of men. We got him with OH saying we will manage if he is alright with you. After 6 months OH could stroke him. After a year he let him put a collar on. In the third year he jumped on OH'S knee for the first time. We had him till he was 16.
  9. I got a stainless steel bait pump which can double up for gold dredging as well. A nice fishing basket in wicker for my antique fishing reels etc. Some wine and luxury groceries. More booze and a very nice set of rosewood and brass dominoes. None of it is being put up for sale.
  10. Had ours. I did the preparation. OH did the cooking.
  11. He is lovely and will help fill the hole in your heart. A new dog can never replace a dog that has passed. It wouldn't be fair on the new pup to expect it to. A new dog is it's own individual self and a brand new adventure in it's own right.
  12. I buy nappy sacks from the supermarket. Same thing, but a lot cheaper than dog bags.
  13. I wait till anything of interest can be watched at home on my computer with headphones on. It's more comfortable. The refreshments are cheaper and better quality too. Even with my hearing aids in I can't hear most dialogue on films because of the music at the cinema. I can usually alter the mix at home to hear it better.
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