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  1. Just for you. Cycle suit with built in airbags. 🤷‍♀️
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adjustable-Car-Engine-Oil-Filter-Chain-Wrench-Grip-Spanner-Plier-Remover-Pro-UK/373440406162?_trkparms=ispr=1&hash=item56f2c86292:g:BvEAAOSw6QRgEAy~&amdata=enc: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|clp:2334524|tkp:BFBMiqygwZZf&pageci=4056a5c4-1a3f-4d8e-8c67-f1f7c423507a&redirect=mobile https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BOA-Baby-Boa-Strap-Wrench-100mm-Braided-Rubber-Strap-Strength-Flexible-BOABABY/185002614030?epid=150308498&hash=item2b1303dd0e:g:RPcAAOSwxPthG4GQ&pageci=6f60620b-d747-4db6-bd83-2d0a1350acda&redirect=mobile I have a chain wrench and a baby boa to help undo stuff that are a bit tight. Keep a set at home and a set in the caravan.
  3. https://cheshiregundogs.com/about/ This is about 45 mins from you. They do one to one, residental and group classes. We went to the group classes.
  4. Skinners do a grain free diet based on sweet potato instead of grain. Also coconut oil brushed through the coat to the skin helps as it moisturises the skin and is a natural antihistamine.
  5. I use a Neti Pot to clear my sinus and nasal passages. They work realy well with a warm saline solution. There are lots of different designs. The one below on Ebay is the one I use. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yoga-Nasal-Neti-Pot-Rinsing-Nose-Wash-System-Sinus-Irrigation-Sinuses_I4/154629727308?hash=item2400a6644c:g:3vUAAOSwAKxWW63w&pageci=47881e2d-00b4-4064-99c4-0429f5c0949d&redirect=mobile
  6. It has to be the famous Mr Ed. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Sorry for your loss. They take a piece of your heart when they go.
  8. The littles sleep with me. They are a great comfort. The bigs sleep in the kitchen as they pester the sphynx cat who also sleeps on the bed.
  9. Put another dog on the bed its going to be cold tonight.
  10. Went to the wood last weekend. My Nephew Jimmy came with me. He put me some rails up on the steps and went round chopping any dangerous trees down and logged and split up a lot of windfalls. The log store is full so a 2nd log store needs building. I found a coral fungus which I hadn't seen before in the wood. Very vivid orange colouring. I painted the ibc and did some maintenance jobs. Biggest job I had was feeding Jimmy. I reckon he has hollow legs. Oh to be 21 again.
  11. Whats Packham planning on us eating when the farms are rewilded. Maybe we can all go out shooting our dinner then. 🤷‍♀️
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