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  1. Someone with a better memory than I

    https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/342506-dwp-tossers/?page=2 Another possibility.
  2. Someone with a better memory than I

    Is this it. Forgot to quote. Hope the above is it. It doesn't seem to do a link like the old system, but if you double tap it, it goes to the whole thread
  3. Auld *** Needs Techie Help.

    http://www.sportingshooter.co.uk/ask-the-experts/advice-on-the-legality-of-using-crow-callers-1-4844545 Be careful only to use electronic callers for photographs.
  4. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    Is home distilling legal now. How do you keep the methanol content down.
  5. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    No denture wearers allowed then. Or is this a cunning plan to boost implant sales at the Dentist.
  6. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    Alcoholic milk shakes.
  7. Scottish borders raiding due to start

    https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/16/alcohol-pricing-scotland-devolved-public-health-devolution This is of interest only. I do not imply by this that I encourage excessive drinking. (For those that remember the alcohol delivery thread.)
  8. Why do people still believe the earth is flat????

    Part of the mile high club then.
  9. Fordson super major restoration

    So glad Grace is ok. May you have many more happy years together.
  10. $400,000,000+ commision.

  11. Bah humbug....

    What you got against folks from Hartlepool.
  12. Bah humbug....

    It all come good again when the Grandchildren arrive.
  13. Bah humbug....

    The chocolate storage warehouses are getting full of Easter eggs already.
  14. Bah humbug....

    The idiots who like their wild geese, pheasants and ducks fresh for Christmas day.