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  1. Bought the trailer to match now.
  2. I have a wee brown dog. Terrier type. Otherwise known as a Bitsa. Bitsa this and Bitsa that.
  3. You could use the latin name Phalacrocorax aristotelis.
  4. Only if I am behind him with the 12bore.
  5. I bought a full size heavy meat cleaver in Crete and bought it back with me. It was in my hold luggage though.
  6. The first house I bought with my ex husband was a brand new build. We couldn't afford the builders central heating as well so managed for a year with the gas fire in the front room. Neither I or my ex had any plumbing skills. We got a recommended plumber in to fit central heating later. He had fitted colleagues heating with no trouble. He had expanded the business in the meantime and taken extra staff on. Two "plumbers" came to fit central heating with a back boiler behind a gas fire in the front room. All was completed and worked well untill we had a heavy frost. Woke up to no heating and water pouring across the front room from under the fire. Couldn't get hold of the plumber and we later found he had gone bankrupt. We had a firm come from town to look at the system. The cowboys had removed the inner cavity wall as the boiler was to big to fit in the gap. The boiler cooled overnight when the heating wasn't on and froze bursting it in the morning when the gas lit. He discovered we had no drain points on the downstairs radiators. There was a shut of valve by the hot water tank that if we had used it would have caused the boiler to explode. He discovered quite a few other faults and ommissions. He asked if he could take photos for his trade magazine to show what cowboys do. It cost nearly as much to have it put right as the original installation did.
  7. Good painting. A very talented lady.
  8. If a doctor advices you to refrain from driving after an operation etc it invalidates your car insurance if you drive. If an optician tells you to wear your glasses for driving and you don't and cause an accident I would imagine the same applies. Worth checking. Found a link on the insurance rules. https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/if-you-need-glasses-to-drive-do-you-need-to-tell-your-insurer-0-6098-0.htm
  9. Next time the bitch is in season it might be worth putting her in the kennel and the dog in the house. See if that works.
  10. If you are looking for a non shedding gundog a pedigree Irish Water Spaniel doesn't shed.
  11. Its parrot chewed. I have a bigger stick for beating with.
  12. I remember playing stretch on the front lawn with Dads old army knife. Bear in mind the mining houses had open plan front lawns that weren't allowed to be fenced. No parent came out to stop us. We must have been better at aiming than you lot as I can't remember anyone getting scewered. This is the knife. I still have it. A bit battered and chipped from all the abuse it had.
  13. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.
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