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  1. The lane at the back of the village here this afternoon. Fortunatley we are way uphill from this. Snowing now.
  2. Fuel Fit additive gives Aspen type properties to normal petrol at a fraction of the price of Aspen.
  3. Last time the receptionist thought OH'S hand going septic wasn't urgent he went to A&E. Triage there went ballistic and got onto receptionist and insisted he had an appointment with GP.
  4. Use Fuel Fit fuel stabiliser to stop this. It really does work.
  5. I don't insure our pack it would be prohibitive. I put £150 a month into a seperate vet account and just let it build up. It covers vaccinations and dental bills as well which insurance doesn't pay for. I have only had one bill that the the vet account didn't cover and that was only by £200. There is always Mastercard too.
  6. What I want to know is do moles get coronavirus. 🤷‍♀️
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55555074
  8. I like the Aldi version of Pringles better. Also the Aldi version of Quavers is better flavoured too in my opinion.
  9. Even with disabling the right click there is nothing stopping someone taking a screenshot or photographing the screen image with a second instrument.
  10. If the business has the use of a heavy duty forklift, put the large concrete blocks behind the gate. A friend of ours has a business on an isolated lane and had his sturdy metal gates barged open and had trailers and equipment stolen. Only vehicle access to the site is via a narrow lane to the gates. He had the blocks delivered and no kit stolen since. He drops the blocks behind the gate before he leaves with just enough gap for him to squeeze out. Then he fastens the locks. They are known as ***** blocks in the trade.
  11. There is often a very thin line between genius and insanity.
  12. Our vets are still open. You have to wear a mask. Hand your dog over at the door and only your dog goes inside. If our vet has any queries they will phone you while you wait outside. The assistant brings a mobile card machine out for you to pay. Our area is tier 3. The only problem is if your booster goes more than a few months over the due date you have to do a repeat vaccination from scratch rather than a booster, which is more expensive.
  13. And they still had time to steal the hedge as well. 😚
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