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  1. Feet or hands. 🤷‍♀️
  2. Got a stump out that was a trip hazard in the middle of the path. I cut the top off last time as it was about 18" high and cut some of the exposed roots. Got the handy mattock on it intending to get the soil away from around it so I could get the chainsaw in. Once I started to remove all the soil it moved, so I dug it out bit more and managed to get it all out with the mattock. Its a handy tool that I inherited from my Dad. Its smaller than the normal size mattock and has 2 different heads. There was a deep dip between the two trees and to the right of the tree. We filled the dip between the trees two years ago as it was on the path. As I had brought 12 bags of rubble with me this time and only used 8, the other 4 nicely filled the dip on the right. Topped it off with soil and moss it will soon blend in.
  3. Tell it one of your jokes. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Leave the drum on its wheel. It makes a nice stand for the fire pit. I have two of these. One at home and one in the wood. They last forever being stainless. If you put a stainless pizza tray on top it stops burning paper etc floating out during burning.
  5. Mohr's Pinchcock tubing clamp. Its used in laboratories for clamping off tubing. Someone obviously found an alternative fishing use for it. https://www.thomassci.com/scientific-supplies/Mohr-Pinchcock-Clamps Just checked. You can still buy them.
  6. Just got up to put my shawl on as it had gone cool and all the dogs rushed to the caravan door in anticipation of going out walkies round the wood. Absolutely no chance. 💦💦 At least I know the old caravan is totally waterproof. 🙂
  7. It just cleared again and bright and sunny. Had another trip round the wood and filled a rabbit hole in with some rubble. Over 3 acres to dig in and they decided to dig right in the middle of my favourite path. 😡
  8. Managed to get a bit of path trimming back done as the brambles were trying to take over and de-cobwebbed and cleaned the toilet shed too before the rain started at 10:00. 🙂
  9. I wash with salt water, dry then smother with Zam Buk ointment. Its made by Rose and Co now to the original Fisons recipe. If the hair follicles are damaged nothing will get the hair to grow back on scar tissue.
  10. Thankyou. We won't get much done today as its scheduled for rain most of the day. Chill day today.
  11. Filled the front of the barrier with the rubble brought from home. All topped over thanks to my trusty Rootslayer spade in helping dig the soil up to do it. That really is the name of the make of spade. Wish I had had one years ago. It makes digging among the trees so much easier.
  12. I always find these three trees amazing. Its a rowan, oak and silver birch all intertwined with moss and ferns at the base and honeysuckle growing through it.
  13. Got back down the wood yesterday. The dogs were so excited when we got on the farm track I got serenaded all the way into the wood. Got the shed cresoted today. Its just pleasantly warm without being too hot.
  14. I found the arch support shaping in Crocs is very comfortable when you have plantar fasciitis. I wear them as much as possible. Cheapest place to get them round here is Sports Direct. I have had it since 2012. It was very bad all the time to start with as I had it in both feet and I had special insoles from the physio at work which helped. Gradually it has eased off, but I find a lot of walking on hard sufaces can set it off again even now. Birkenstocks help as well as they have similiar support to Crocs, but a bit harder, so might be better later on as it eases.
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