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  1. I keep them away with a 50/50 mix of lavender oil in isopropyl alcohol. Keeps mozzies and horse flies away.
  2. I usually take one Zapain 30/500 at night to dull down my arthritis. It doesn't make me sleepy though it just dulls things down enough so the arthritis doesn't keep me awake. If I can't sleep I take Melatonin 2mg, that usually helps me sleep. I tried CBD oil and it did help for a while, but then became less effective, so I stopped taking it as I didn't want to increase the dose.
  3. This was given on a vets instruction.
  4. I was told only Piriton or generic copies that contain chlorphenamine maleate 4mg. I have a dog that needs these this time of year and our vet said to get this from the chemist. I buy it online now as its cheaper for me and the dog. https://www.chemist-4-u.com/chlorphenamine-piriton-4mg-hayfever-and-skin-allergy-relief-tablets-4-pack?gclid=CjwKCAjw97P5BRBQEiwAGflV6Ts9s2mgIVzoSlUVgPqdoJCj6L-RbGkzmLu-Rz7uNHALtgMTh-_-GRoCKXEQAvD_BwE
  5. We had a Victoria plum tree in a house we moved into. The previous owner had planted it and told us it had never fruited. Grandad came along and helped us move it in the Autumn as it was too close between two apple trees. Grandad trimmed the tap root right back saying that would start it fruiting. Next year after that it had a dozen plums on. The years subsequent we had bumper crops of plums.
  6. Sardines in oil. Then once they have an adult coat and adult teeth, NAF Omega oil and PlaqueOff.
  7. I would get the anal gland treated and leave the testicle alone. We made a similar decision with a 12 year old GSD with a spleen growth. It was 50/50 whether she would survive the operation. We decided to leave her and monitor her quality of life. We had another 18mths of quality time before She showed any signs of being ill.
  8. I use Advantage spot on. You can buy it online.
  9. https://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeds/clumber-spaniel/breeders?start=all&classic_site=1 Might be worth checking with some of these if anyone has got a litter or a litter planned.
  10. You could start training your dog with a vibro collar to respond to vibrations from the collar instead of whistle if going deaf. It of course means wearing a collar while working, but you can get breakaway collars that come undone if caught up. If shooting over a dog a lot in the hide it's worth getting Muttmuffs dog hearing protection to protect your dogs hearing. They can be easily slipped off when the dog goes out.
  11. One of Dads setters developed epilepsy. He lived to a ripe old age and it rarely bothered him as he only had it very mildly. About once or twice a month at most. He never went on medication as he wasnt bad with it. He used to come to Dad when he was going to have a fit and Dad used to hold him on his knee on the floor covered in a blanket to block the light out. This used to keep him calm and lessen the severity of the fit. I hope your dog is as mild as Sean was.
  12. What I can't understand is why we need riots and protests when the policeman is being tried. It's going to court, its not being dismissed or covered up. With all this going on it's more likely that more people will be seriously injured or killed or infected with COVID-19. So a protest on one death can cause hundreds.
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