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    See him regularly on the stalking directory.
  2. Thanks for that HD,would have a real waste just to lob them overboard.
  3. I assume a lot of those cases made it home as souvenirs.
  4. Been a number of years since I shot down there are the reeds still cut for thatch.
  5. Tesco are currently paying a 10% bonus to their staff though agency staff aren't getting it.
  6. Work in public transport so still hard at it despite the huge reduction in the timetable.To be honest glad to be able to get out of the house as I have two call centre workers working from home.
  7. Toni system do one but the only stockists (Practical sporting supplies) in the UK I can find are closed due to the covid 19 situation.
  8. Our twelve year old rescue staffie Buck,loves lockdown hates going out.
  9. I asked police Scotland about going out pest control I wouldn't have bothered but my farmer got in touch about pigeons on newly sown fields his lambs will be going out soon as well.Police Scotland said pest control is okay just phone 101 first so they know.
  10. Had the all clear by police Scotland to go up the farm for pest control,just to phone 101 first.I wasn't going to ask till the farmer contacted me but got a text about pigeons on the newly sown fields.
  11. Parkdean closed their parks only about a week ago long after their competitors did,they were under a huge amount of online pressure to do so as it was encouraging people to move round the country.Many locals didn't want people coming possibly bringing the virus and the shops were being emptied by visitors. The missus and me were supposed to be heading up to a lodge at Tummel valley,I claimed my refund on the night they closed the parks refunds can take up to 28 days.They also offered vouchers but I'd rather have the cash thanks.
  12. My mate had the same problem with eley action, primer compound wasn't all the way round the rim.
  13. mr smith

    Lawn Care

    Thanks guys.
  14. mr smith

    Lawn Care

    Just to jump on this I'm looking for a moss killer only as it's for on the astroturf out the front of the house,about the only thing that grows there is the bloody moss.
  15. mr smith

    Red Diesel

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51731757 It's down at the bottom.
  16. Sold subject to the usual... Thanks.
  17. Having a tidy out and found one full bag of 500 one bag maybe 400+ claybuster cb1100-12 replacement for waa12sl. £20 posted Thanks.
  18. Used to use a tapered wooden dowels and steam from the kettle to warm up the case mouth.
  19. mr smith

    Shome rebellion

    Hope they pushed it there.
  20. I'll take the black handled one please.
  21. Yeah I could go for that.
  22. mr smith


    I'll have these thanks........ bag of 20g fibre wads 12mm thick approx 500 £10
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