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  1. I’m no expert but my guess is the new quad seal is so efficient that it doesn’t allow for slight imperfections in the surrounding case ,therefore the case has to give.Or maybe just a rogue batch,time will tell.
  2. 80 out of a slab of 250 had issues Gamebore are addressing the problem. Won’t be buying anymore Quad seals anytime soon!
  3. Gamebore quad seal not to clever neither !
  4. Picked some today seems very early this year.
  5. john deere

    Lawn damage.

    Chuck a handful of peanuts over the hedge on the neighbours lawn each night should sort things.
  6. Hi Steve The Gen 3 has a different fold out system allowing the legs to go wider and lower plus the leg has Gen 3 on it.
  7. Thanks Macca I’ve got the chance of a pbir L or a wicked lights A15ir don’t know which to go for.
  8. Hi Macca did you buy the wraith with the better ir or standard.Thanks.
  9. It was taken at Cruckton ploughing match just off the A5 at Shotatton.
  10. Yes 200hp the modern ones don’t sound half as good.And yes Rodney’s pillar in the background.
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