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  1. john deere

    Ferreting permission

    Where are you based Alyy.
  2. john deere

    Bolting aloy to steel?

    Try using stainless steel bolts.
  3. john deere

    Not "off topic"

    I keep looking at the before pictures and it looks like the guttering is painted in realtree wetlands camo !
  4. john deere

    Smart Meters ???

    Had to unplug mine was costing to much to run !
  5. john deere

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    Four this morning shot with 22 BSA springer. Total now 53.
  6. john deere

    Pictures of our companions.

    Day out on Bala lake.
  7. john deere

    If you were to restore one vehicle

    Landy series 2 Rag top. But I am slightly biased.
  8. john deere

    Daily visitor

    This fella and his pals visit most days but today he didn’t know what to make of the Christmas tree !
  9. john deere

    Duck Dynasty DVD

    PM Sent.
  10. john deere

    Empty Cartridge Cases

    Hi Andy get your good lady to try this next.
  11. john deere

    Stuck Behind A Tractor?

    Totally mental,I like the ratchet strap holding the seat on though.
  12. john deere

    Invector Plus Extended chokes.

    Hopefully all sorted thanks.
  13. john deere

    Invector Plus Extended chokes.

    Thanks for your replies.
  14. john deere

    Invector Plus Extended chokes.

    Browning Invector Plus extended chokes wanted. 12 gauge.