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  1. How do you find the 410 1100? I was going to purchase the Armsan 410 but they stopped selling them due to not being good with normal CIP ammo.
  2. I have a .410 Kofs for ratting. It has 14.75 inch LOP (which is great, as often on small bores they come with short stocks) and 30 inch barrels and it's an ejector. Great value guns for the money.
  3. I saw a video with one guy who had a double rifle and though the barrels looked short compared to a shotgun, it weighed 12lbs.
  4. This thread has been very interesting to read so far. Thanks for all of the replies.
  5. Very nice. Are any of these yours Old Farrier?
  6. I think it'll kick hard. Personally I don't shoot anything heavier than 24g through a SxS or O/U. Anything heavier I leave to a gas operated semi.
  7. Sometimes they're referred to as Elephant Guns but I always associated that term with large bore shotguns firing a solid slug, like a 10 or 8 bore gun. Again according to Wikipedia: The double rifle is usually handcrafted and is considered by many to be the pinnacle of sporting rifle design. It is not designed for long-range accuracy but instead for the security of an immediate second shot. As you said however an O/U would probably make more sense.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I got this from wikipedia regarding the barrels: "Double rifles can come in two barrel configurations, over and under designs (usually abbreviated as O/U) where the two barrels are mounted vertically one on top of the other, or side by side (usually abbreviated as SxS) where the two barrels are mounted horizontally next to each other. For dangerous game hunting, side by side rifles are usually preferred. This is for a number of reasons but predominantly because the barrels of an over and under gun must be pivoted much farther down to clear the lower barrel for reloading.[4] During manufacture the barrels of double rifles require "regulation" to ensure the bullet paths from both barrels are aimed at a common point of aim. This can be done to ensure either the bullets 1) parallel each other closely at all practical ranges, or 2) converge at a given range, beyond which they begin to diverge.[5] Because of the need to regulate a rifle to a specific loading of its chambered cartridge, once regulated a double rifle cannot satisfactorily shoot bullets of different weights or velocities, as it usually affects the accuracy.[5] The process of regulating a double rifle’s barrels is complex and can be time consuming, significantly adding to the cost of the rifle." Ah yes I've seen .410 rifle/shotgun hybrids in various media. It would certainly make for a versatile platform.
  9. The trouble is you can go to one shop and get a great deal, but the next time you go it's the opposite. I don't think it's useful to fall out with any gun shop over the value of a p/x. Just don't trade the gun there, politely decline and walk out. I was once in a gun shop and a chap came in looking to sell or p/x an air rifle. I was browsing guns at the time but was close enough to here most the conversation. The assistant offered him fifty quid which the guy obviously though was a stupidly low offer. He grabbed the air rifle, stuffed it back in the sleeve, turned without saying a word and briskly made for the door. When he got to it, he turned around and glared at the assistant who then promptly buzzed him out.
  10. I don't have a Firearms Certificate myself and therefore don't own a rifle, but in a world where I could own any rifle I've always loved the idea of a double rifle (side by side). The best use of a double rifle I can think of in film is in Tremors 2, when Burt Gummer arrives and gives Earl and the other guy a double rifle each as a back up weapon. They use them to despatch some of the shriekers. However, are they a practical gun and if you could own one would you? Are they only suited to close quarters big game hunting? I know Kreighoff have a range of double rifles (very expensive), so there must be some call for them.
  11. I have a Winchester Sx3 Red Performance and a Beretta Upland. They both fit me equally well and I had the Sx3 for a few years before buying the Beretta. The Beretta shoots a lot smoother, you don't notice the clunk of the action the same. There is less felt recoil with the same shells. Both are good guns but I would opt for the Beretta if I had to choose between the two.
  12. No we've never bothered. Putting something up before next season might be an idea. However as ditchman has said above it could also be that they strayed off with some wild ducks. There were about six wild ducks on the pond the day we put the new ones on.
  13. It is an interesting thing to consider. It reminds me of that riddle. If there are 10 pigeons sat on a branch and a farmer shoots one with a shotgun, how many will be left on the branch? The answer is none. The others would be frightened off by the sound of the gun. But I do wonder if they associate the noise of a gun with death? Probably not. It's just the loud noise that frightens them, just as loud unexpected noises can make humans jump.
  14. I set up my camera last night and did capture a fox walking to the pond and then away about three minutes later - not sure if it had caught anything as the image wasn't the best. This morning I counted 7 ducks down from 8 last night, but this afternoon I counted 9. Maybe the odd one is hiding in the reeds or they were a couple that had flown in from elsewhere. I hadn't considered the strong/weak flyer aspect. That may explain why so many have disappeared pretty quickly. But why would they not return when it's a fox, but often do when they've been shot at? I guess the ducks could've flown towards the town and be sat relaxing in one of the parks right now.
  15. Ouch, that must be sickening. I feel sorry for you or whoever the owner is. Would a fox manage to nab several ducks out in the wild though? I'm trying to imagine how it works. Say the ducks are resting/sleeping on the side of the pond, fox comes up grabs one, it's going to make a racket, the others panic, most jump or run into the pond. So how can seven get taken in one night?
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