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  1. Good to read. I have a .410 pump - action for ratting, but have had an idea to add a semi-auto to the mix for a while now. Would also use for clays now and then. Mossberg are pretty reliable but being a new gun there isn't enough info out there regarding how it performs. I'm sure Beretta did a .410 semi-auto or were thinking of doing one.
  2. I was thinking of an Armsan .410 semi as a vermin gun. After reading this I might go for a Remington. After doing a bit of research online (ie Googling .410 semi - autos) I discovered that Mossberg are now making a .410 auto.
  3. I've asked my GP to return the letter to me so I can send it all at once with the application. Mine has cost £35.
  4. It would appear that Lancashire are still doing it all by post and cheque payment. I also have the pre-written letter to send in. With this Covid-19 business they don't seem to want people going into the surgery, though they seem happy enough for me to go in and collect the letter along with the payment. Did you have to fill in an "Other Occupants" form? Just to add that BASC told me that as long you get your renewal into the police at least 8 weeks prior to expiry they will grant you an 8 week extension on your current licence. This is due to the Covid-19.
  5. Do you mean your GP will not send the letter to you or the police? The way I'm being asked to do it is post a template letter to the surgery, the doctor will fill it in and then I will collect it and pay the fee. Then I will send it with my renewal application.
  6. Update: Yesterday I emailed BASC with a brief explanation of the issue. I received a call back this morning. Very pleasant and interesting. Without going into all the details the conclusion was, how much of fight am I prepared to give? He said that the wording in the firearms act/s give the police a number of loopholes to get away with this. I think I'll draw a line under it and send off the requested information. My GP will make a charge of £35 for the medical verification letter.
  7. My last renewal five years ago was the easiest I've ever had. Filled in the main form with one referee who didn't need to be a civil servant etc.. sent it off with the fee and photos. One phone call to myself and one to my referee and before I knew it, my new licence arrived. Why do they have to complicate things?
  8. To be completed and returned with the application form. The following Information is required in respect of all occupants of the property: Surname: Forenames (state all): Previous Surname(s): Previous forename(s): Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Relationship: That's what the top of the form says followed by two pages of the above list.
  9. This is the thing, I don't believe the GP letter is statutory, would it be worth ignoring that as well? I always send a polite cover letter with my application. Perhaps include the fact I have not sent in any forms that are not required by law and that if the application is returned or refused I will make a formal complaint. Or just fill the forms in. get the GP's letter (at cost) and have done with it.
  10. I might email them to find out. Do any other forces have them? Considering not all forces require a Doctors letter I would assume not.
  11. This is my force. It also says: Please note that all incomplete applications will be returned to you in full and may delay your application. I was speaking to a shooting friend this weekend and he said just send in what they request and get your ticket, it's only every 5 years after all. The trouble is it will as others have said lead to slippery slope of more forms and regulations. I'm sure there must be others here who have renewed with Lancashire recently, what did you do?
  12. It would, but forces have been known to say something is law and request it anyway even though it isn't law. Maybe I'll contact BASC and see what they say.
  13. Indeed. On the application form and notes section there is nothing written about other occupants. Nor is it a tick box option on the declaration page. I will ignore it. Just another question, has anyone ignored the whole GP letter thing? I know not all forces are doing it and I don't believe it's the law, but stand to be corrected if that's not the case.
  14. My shotgun certificate renewal reminder letter came through today - 16 weeks in advance. Very good. In the past I've also received the application form and notes, not this time. They said go to website to download the forms. Fair enough, it's a cost saving. I already know about the ridiculous GP form we have to go through, but I also noted a "Other Occupants Form." In the application notes it says that this form must be filled in and returned. Now, I think at the time of my initial application/grant the FEO might have taken note of who else was in the house, but I've never had to do so since. How long has this been a thing? I'm not bothered by it, just wondering.
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