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  1. Thanks for the replies. I think a 28 gauge will be making it's way into my cabinet very soon.
  2. I'm considering adding a 28 gauge to my collection. The gun would mainly be used for vermin around the farm but I like guns that can cover a multitude of tasks. I've discounted them in the past sticking to 410's and 12's. But I now think a 28 would be a good bridge gun. I could be using it on rats one day and clays the next. A chap I shoot with beat me the other week at the clay ground with his 28 ga. I've been looking at the Beretta semi auto or for less money the Armsan. What have been your experiences with this small bore gun?
  3. Thanks for the input. If I do purchase I think the sporter will be the one to go for.
  4. I'm looking into the Beretta Silver Pigeon .410 O/U's. The Sporter has an adjustable stock and 30inch barrels. The Field has 28inch barrels. Does anyone have either of these guns who can offer an opinion on them? Does the Sporter have a manual safety? (I would assume the Field is auto safe)? Also, are they full sized guns? As in do they have full length 14.75 inch stocks rather than the usual scaled down .410's you normally see?
  5. Glad I spotted this topic as I was about to start a new thread. I take it you have the sporting version farrier with it being 30 inch. Does it have a manual or auto safety? Also are they a true full sized .410 with full length stock etc... too many .410's are scaled down which I don't like.
  6. I know, I know! But in a what if scenario, what would you be forced to choose?
  7. Imagine a world in which you could only own one shotgun, (terrible to think of I know). Which gun would you choose? For this I'd suggest two scenarios: 1. You have to choose a gun you currently own. In my case I'd have to pick my Beretta Upland. Can be used for everything from rough shooting to clays. Not too heavy and being a semi, soaks up most recoil and is an attractive looking gun. It may not be welcome on certain shoots but I could live with that. 2. You can choose any gun with any budget. To be honest I'd still stick with the Upland. What would you go for and why?
  8. Yildiz Wildfowler would be my recommendation. The Beretta 686 Parallelo is a fine gun and available in the spec you want. Double your budget mind, brand new. Not sure what they're down to now second hand. I think I'd take a S/H Beretta over a new Yildiz any day.
  9. How much money would Geldof have made in his singing career? He'll get royalties from the Boomtown Rats stuff, but would that be enough to live a comfortable life? Didn't a lot of the money/supplies end up in the hands of African despots? Anyone seen the Urban Myths episode about LIve Aid? Midge Ure asks Bob how long his set is, eighteen minutes. So Bob are you going to play "I don't like Mondays four times?" "I have other songs Midge." Great stuff.
  10. The gun I've shot best with at clays is a semi-auto. I dare not sell it. I went rough shooting with a semi auto (not the clay one) this morning for the first time. It was a joy to take out. The only slight downside was it took a bit to find one of the empties.
  11. Plenty of 410 pump actions and o/u or sbs available, but only what, 3 companies have made an auto?
  12. Possibly but not sure if a 28ga would be a bit too much gun for what I need it for. Indeed I think at least twice the price of the Armsan. I saw the Mossberg auto when researching but as you say no sign of a UK release. I imagine Mossberg would be spot on.
  13. I have looked into them. I thought the semi would be faster and has a certain novelty factor. I'm going to look into the Remington 410 auto, though the company has gone under Im sure there will some available and I haven't heard of reliability issues with them.
  14. I emailed the importers at the weekend and received a prompt reply this morning. They withdrew the gun from sale as the CIP spec ammo commonly used did not work well enough with the gun.
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