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  1. I didn't end up buying a Yildiz in the end. As far as I know the shop is closed for good.
  2. Westley, I don't intend to do much bramble brashing in them and will check these out. Why wouldn't they be any good for that may I ask? Edit: I've just seen them on the website. They look very good and ideal for clay bashing in the rain. As you say not the style for rough shooting.
  3. I'm on the lookout for some practical waterproof trousers. Essentially I'd like something akin to a pair of combats but to be fully waterproof. I don't like wearing over trousers (it's like wearing a bin liner) and I'd rather the trousers didn't make that swoosh sound when walking. Any recommendations would be welcome.
  4. I hear you. Thankfully I appear to have rectified everything with no damage to the gun. I know the gun has had some bad press since the field version came out but I liked the look of it and the fact you can adjust the cast/drop etc like on a semi auto. However regarding the locking mechanism they do seem to have created a solution to a problem that didn't exist. Yes please! How do you like the new SP1? It's had some mixed reviews mainly to do with the engraving.
  5. I've just come across this video. I'm not sure how but I've managed to open the top lever and get the barrels off. I've taken the trigger assembly out. The problem I have is that the hammers are in the forward/uncocked position. I can't work out how to re set them. The manual says push them in, but that isn't working. Jeez what a complicated gun for an O/U.
  6. After reading something on an another forum I've taken the trigger guard out, but it won't come all the way out and now I can't get it back in. I've never had this from any of my previous 15 guns.
  7. I've come to clean my gun this evening after shooting with it this morning. (I popped it back in the cabinet as I didn't have chance to clean it right away). It's the first time I've used the gun after purchasing it this week. I opened it, closed it, removed the forend and the tried to break it to remove the barrels but the top lever won't disengage. I put the forend back on but still no luck. I've even put it down and gone back to it thinking it must be me. It won't budge and I don't want to force it. I've signed up to the free 5 year warranty but don't really want or didn't expect the hassle of having to use it (not so soon). The dealer I bought it from is too far just to pop back to. I could take it my local dealer and see if they can open it. What would the good folks of pigeon watch suggest?
  8. I sent my licence back to the department with a cover letter detailing which guns I still possessed. They sent me a new licence with my current guns listed in Table 1 and plenty of new slots for new guns. One of which was filled in today.
  9. As someone replied lower down I usually hit the first pair and miss the rest! Ha. Seriously what I meant was that paying too much attention to those shooting ahead can lead to overthinking. I've been at stands where some shooters I know who are experienced will be missing a particular target so I start thinking "there's no way I'm going to hit that," and yet sometimes I hit them all. I've stepped into stands and called pull but have been facing the wrong way (thinking the targets are the other way round) and at the last second I've realised and turned and hit it and then hit the second. Then on the next pair I might miss them both (or not) but it's that instinct and overthinking I think can get in the way.
  10. Some great responses to my question and interesting reading.
  11. So just to clarify - on a report pair if one was to shoot the first bird twice and hit it with the second shot it would be classed as a loss/loss rather than kill/loss. I take it on a simmo pair if you double barrell one target and hit it you get a kill/loss because it's not always clear to know which target the shooter is aiming for. This is the thing. Even after say pair one of a stand I think to myself, hmm that pair was difficult but I can shoot the first target twice increase my chances of at least hitting something. But I naturally go for the second target anyway, like I've been pre programmed to do this.
  12. One scenario that comes up time and again when shooting sporting clays is this: You have say a pair (whether on report or not), let's say a left to right crosser and then a right to left crosser. You miss the first target so move onto the second and miss that. Is it better to try and shoot the first target again or not? I often find myself thinking I'll do this if the target is airborne long enough but always revert to moving onto the second target. Many times I've come away from a stand thinking I should've just stuck with target 1 and thus (possibly) gaining a higher score.
  13. Many grounds will have signs up that tell you where the clay is coming from and what type of target it will be. Sometimes I find shooting on instinct better than knowing exactly where the clay will come from and how it travels. I think watching people shoot before you can be more off putting.
  14. I was going to pop in and look at a Yildiz in the next few weeks, that's how I came across the info. Cheers for the replies and confirming it's closure.
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