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  1. That could happen, but my gun goes in the boot and no one is going to throw anything heavy on it.
  2. Well it would seem that I and most of the people I've ever seen at various clay grounds over the years are all in the wrong. We should be using our cases and assembling / disassembling our guns every time we take the gun out in the car. Or most folk just do what is the easiest and most practical and pop the gun in a full length slip which is more than adequate to drive to the local ground in.
  3. I use a gun slip when travelling with my gun. The boxes live in the loft. I understand what you mean about electrical goods. My grandparents would keep boxes for items for months if not years. I guess it was a generational thing.
  4. I did sign using a ballpoint but it turned out like those signatures you try to do on an electronic screen.
  5. Speaking of cost cutting measures, I received my BASC renewal and card this week. When I felt the envelope I thought they'd forgot to include the actual card. Turns out it's now a tear out paper card within the letter. And speaking of cards the AA have told us to keep last years card as they won't be sending out new ones, just simply renewing your membership. I guess that makes sense as the member number is always the same.
  6. Interestingly both this Beretta and my Kofs .410 are proofed for steel. I imagined the Beretta would be, but not the budget gun. (In fact without looking I'm sure the Kofs is proofed for high performance steel shot).
  7. Yes I've seen your .410 appreciation in other topics. I know a chap who now shoots with a 28 gauge all the time due to age and injury. He said he never feels outgunned other than on the very odd target. In fact I've know him beat many a 12 gauge shooter (myself included). He's always been a good shot mind, but still it puts some us of to shame.
  8. I'm using Gamebore Regal in 25gr number 6 shot. They were the only 28 gauge shells my local shop had in stock when I bought the gun. Probably not ideal for clays but they did the job.
  9. I recently purchased a Beretta Xplor Action in 28 gauge after many months of dithering over whether or not to buy one. It's a cracking gun. So far used on rats and clays and it seems to bridge the gap between small vermin gun and potential rough shooting gun very well indeed. I know some say they're pointless or will become worthless with the steel situation but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Until then I intend to enjoy shooting this really great gun/calibre.
  10. I think you may be right, ultimately it's a cost saving exercise by Beretta (supposedly greener too), but you still pay the same. Apparently you can request a hard plastic case at extra cost. Reminds me of how chocolate bars are smaller than they used to be but cost more. I wonder if they'll start doing this with all their guns, even the higher value ones? I'm going to keep the box as I do have the room for it and like the idea of it being presented to someone in the future with the original packaging*. To me that is a nice touch. *not that I intend to sell it for a long time if ever.
  11. Beretta have started to supply their semi -autos (not sure about O/U and SxS) with cardboard boxes rather than a plastic carry case. Budget guns have been coming like this for years. Many have a moulded polystyrene inside which fits the gun and all the bits in. The Beretta box I have just received is all cardboard. This isn't a complaint - for the most part the cases sit in the loft until such time you come to trade the gun in. I was wondering if it's worth keeping the box (as I do the plastic cases) so that if or when I sell the gun it comes as it did originally. What are you folks doing?
  12. My old Beretta Xtrema would cycle 2.5 inch shells as long they were at least 28gr.
  13. I remember when I had a 3.5inch chambered semi/auto that I could place three 65 or may have been 67mm shells in the magazine and one in the chamber. I never told anyone and never loaded it in such a way once I knew it was possible. I did research it online and found old forum posts saying that it was a grey area and not to worry about it. Just don't put more than two shells in the magazine. At my next FEO visit he asked me how many shells could I put in the gun and I said, two in the mag one in the chamber. I thought about mentioning the short cartridge thing but realised it might land me in trouble. I'm sure the law know about it though, right? There was someone on here a few years ago who bought a section 2 gun and one day playing around with it discovered it could hold I think five or six shells in the mag. A few posters told him to not bother about it but he did take it back to the gun shop and sorted it out.
  14. The way I see it is if you delay buying a new (dream) gun, in 12 months time you'll be thinking, why didn't I?
  15. Thanks for all the replies. One thing I'm doing is creating a diary of all the times I've held a clay shoot. I have my mother (who lives on the farm) to thank for a lot of it as she keeps a diary and has written down all of the shoots I've had going back to 2006. I'd say most years it's been eight occasions tops. I still don't get why whomever complained can't just come and speak to me. I and my family have a reputation for being very approachable and non-confrontational. Unless the complainant doesn't really know us. As I think I've already mentioned one thing sticks out to me: That on both occasions the police have contacted me we've been shooting from not our usual area. Most of the time we have the trap set up on a hill and we're down in a dip shooting away from the properties where I believe the complaints have most likely come from. They'll still here the shots but not as much as the area we shot from on Sunday (and in March 2019) which is on top of the hill, with the sound carrying further. (Though we only shot from there for 6 pairs each with four of us shooting and then moved to our usual area). I've decided not to shoot from that area again and I'll see how it goes. It'll likely be at least another month before we have another shoot.
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