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    ferreting/ pigeon shooting / wildfowling / interest in training lab/springers.

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  1. hello. i have had the scotch bellows caller for many years now. great feeding call works great .would recommend .good luck with what you choose.
  2. hello stephenwilko. i have a aya yeoman if your interested i live in north west cheshire .
  3. hello fella. i have a AYA yeomen at £50 SBS for age good condition. chokes 1/4 and 1/2.no need for it now.
  4. hello stimo 22. as ditchman said feed with grain mainly barley potato peelings etc and try and get your self some call ducks .worked for me on a few occasions. we incubated some mallard eggs .and made the incubator out of a tea chest.good luck fella hope this helps.( ps feed in the shallows.)
  5. well done marshman good start to your season as gas seal has got it right. remember the feathers.
  6. hello fella. if you have a duck caller with a bellows once you see any sign of duck on dusk or just after dark just use the feed call. works for me. i said after dark because if they have been disturbed a few times they might come in a bit later.good luck
  7. hello fella. i have got a winchester 1400 mk2 semi with three win chokes .also live up north .sorry price £150.
  8. hello houseplant .very nice fish and just the right weight well done fella tight lines .enjoy your meal.
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