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    ferreting/ pigeon shooting / wildfowling / interest in training lab/springers.

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  1. hello captainhastings i have a aya yeoman sxs 1/4 and 1/2 chokes and use gamebore 4 steel for duck .
  2. captainhastings to me it as always been a stupid rule why does it make a difference in different counties .may be B.A.S.C . can shed some light on it.
  3. if i remember correctly worrall of warrington used to have old cartridge collections.if he was in a good mood he would show you them.
  4. used to get three crowns from gordon harrisons.in packs of five.many moons ago shop gone now .
  5. welcome fella.fill your boots.
  6. welcome to the family fella.
  7. good morning brynster. good look with pest control not easy to get but you might drop lucky.
  8. welcome to the site fella. fill your boots.
  9. hello fella. welcome fill your boots.
  10. welcome fella.
  11. well done zapp for informing us .and closing it down.
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