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    ferreting/ pigeon shooting / wildfowling / interest in training lab/springers.

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  1. hi all. back then i used to stand mine at the back of the telly.
  2. hello fella welcome have fun.
  3. hello houseplant. have done this for many years in a 14ft two man canoe with a good friend of mine on the river mersey its a big river probably nothing on your scale of river. we did not shoot of the canoe just used it for getting to isolated places on club water. it turned out very productive . wish you all the best with your adventures. best regards.
  4. hello there in bolton welcome to the site.
  5. welcome fella . fill your boots.
  6. hello fella. from sunny cheshire welcome aboard.
  7. hello dan. i have got winchester 1400 mk2 semi auto for sale if your interested with 3 win chokes.
  8. welcome fella. fill your boots.
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