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  1. spinach


    It's a football thing!
  2. ******. Bank holiday pay? All the best and sleep well.
  3. Good luck I found , repeating every email, every day irritated them to act.
  4. LG, good luck for Monday, as many have said put me down for £20. John. Does your son understand how much support he has from people on here. John.
  5. After asking, you would be more likely to look if something wasn't just right and the brown cocker went to a house of dog! But all the whys still end up as coincidence . Bet you feel good though!! John.
  6. Does he growl when off the lead when other dogs appear?
  7. Keep smiling, write it all down. If she wants to waste hundreds on solicitors letters that's up to her! Your thread title has it all. She will be your neighbour and could be for years. Time for a charm offensive ,always play for the higher moral ground!! I've got muscles from smiling that could lift weights but it stopped problems from escalating, though in my head the stream of invectives can be quite Tarantino. Good luck. John.
  8. I've used drilling and phosphate covering with black bags to stop sprouting branches and copper nails. I've been given conflicting advice on copper nails though it did seem to be the final ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nail in the coffin. John.
  9. West wales swallow's are arriving en masse 5/4/16. Early and in numbers ! John
  10. It looks like a sheep skull and it doesn't look like it's been dead for that long. Never seen one chewed like that . Not sure why Bigbob doesn't think they have top teeth ! All mine do. They do have a big gap between front teeth and molars. Perhaps a late lamb from last year! Or a very big lighter!! John.
  11. Stop listening to drunks who talk tosh late at night ! If you have to listen ,teach yourself to remove all rubbish from your cab including messages!
  12. spinach

    9 Years!!!

    Returned to old hobbies, or just got more time? John.
  13. Quads riders cause that kind of crush but I think in this winter tracks would be obvious. Mass hysteria, big cats!! Most likely dogs. Once a flock gets nervous of a dog they recognise they get even more twitchy and at an amazing distance can recognise it. It still sounds like a very rare and unusual event .
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