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  1. plank06

    Yildiz Sp2- M 28 gauge

    This is my Gun, would possibly be interested in a swap with a nice side by side 12.
  2. plank06

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    Spot on figgy, will have a look now.
  3. plank06

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    Also like that model scully. Will shoulder it and see if I can try it out! The trap forend... is that just different shape of the wood? Still just a sporter? Not tried the F3 figgy, probably a bit more than I’d be looking to spend. Saw a chappuis advert in one of shooting mags a couple of weeks ago. Will have a look now
  4. plank06

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    I like the thought of being able to alter the gun fit. Whichever I get it would be 50/50 clay / field use. Also going to try the browning 725 out... shame there’s a few issues with the Blaser! I’m quite open really to most guns, they’re just two that stood out as something a bit different from the norm. not really too fussed about traditional silver engraved actions. It will all come down to fit in the end.. want a gun to stick with!
  5. plank06

    Blaser f16 / Benelli 828u.

    Thanks for all the advice so far! going to a ground which has them as demos so can have a play.
  6. just wondering what people’s thoughts are on these two guns. would be keen to hear from users of either. Particularly about felt recoil from the benelli.
  7. plank06


    I have the Yildiz 28 bore o/u. Very pleased with it so far ( 2months) Although as mentioned by dasher, the comb came up low for me aswell. Just experimenting with a bear tooth comb raiser before anything permanent.
  8. plank06

    Help Required!

    What area are you from? do you do any clay / shotgun shooting?
  9. plank06


    Nice truck, just bought a 2006 model and it’s brilliant! Few more miles than this one though!
  10. plank06

    Cartridges for sale

    Sorry bud bit to far away.
  11. plank06

    Cartridges for sale

    Hi bud, interested in the 28gauge cartridges. Location please?
  12. plank06

    New Jimny Launch

    Drove past the Suzuki yard at Grimsby/ immingham saturday. Row after row of the new Jimnys parked up ready to be sold! Like a mini hummer. Look pretty good!
  13. plank06


    Sure they’re offering a made to measure service too!
  14. plank06

    Lylevale Magnasonics 410

    I found the normal Lyalvale in a 16grm were good if you can get them, reasonably quiet aswell.
  15. plank06

    Brattonsound 4 gun cabinet.

    Hi bud, yes still available.