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  1. I have a Vortex Viper, but it's 6-20x50SF.
  2. From 16-20, I worked in a foundry, behind the bar at my local and on Saturdays in shooting season, I was a beater, went into furniture making while still doing bar work. Got laid off from the furniture place, so went into full time bar work. Had a big motorbike accident, so no work for two years and was limited to what I could do. Got into computing and did several courses, which led to me working in road haulage, becoming the transport manager from 1990 to mid 2010. Had another life changing accident on February 29th 2008 (yes, Leap Year Day), the day my working world ended forever. I got back to work for a little while, then my employer went bust, leaving me with very little in the way of options, the injuries I suffered took their toll and I was no longer able to work, now, I'm medically not allowed to work, I'm in the support group within the DWP and it cheeses me off that I cannot work, both mentally and physically. For a guy who was working full time and more, to a full stop was a huge loss in my life, I loved working and being busy all the time. Now, the pains, stiffness and recently diagnosed Fibromyalgia, control every aspect of my life and I can tell you, it's not pleasant. Enjoy what you have, while you can, one day, it could change in an instant, then the regrets can bear down on you, heavier than you could ever believe. Live for today. Alan.
  3. I've been getting Nebido injections every 10 weeks for several years after several blood tests revealed I had very low testosterone, my numbers were 0.6, when they should have been over 12, at the moment, my level is at 20.8 and was as high is 24.4 a few years ago. I feel much much better nowadays, both physically and mentally. I'm very glad of it.
  4. Triggers were for many years made by El Gamo, no wonder they were ****.
  5. The most beautiful of fish to me, I live 150 yards from the River Wear, a river than was probably the best in the UK for sea trout, but pollution, poaching, over fishing at sea, coastal netting and the fact that the EA do very little to protect them, I can see the sea trout becoming an at risk species and it is on some rivers.
  6. The house I bought in 1997, turned into a nightmare, we'd been in a month and I went for a shower, it was electric, but it didn't fire up, luckily, the old owner lived 100 yards away, so nipped round to see him, he told me there is a reset button on the side of the fire in the front room, that made the back boiler and shower kick in. I walked away, shaking my head. Back home, I pressed the little button (above a barely visible redlight) and the back boiler kicked in, so I nipped up stairs to try the shower and it had, indeed done the trick. As soon as I could the following day, I called my solicitor and informed him of the problem, he then got onto the estate agent, then the company who had done the survey, this turned out to be a long and drawn out affair which resulted in us getting a good compensation package and the majority of the work reguired to make the house "fit to be used as a residence" at no cost to us. A week later, before any of the remedial repair work had commenced, the same happened, so I called a mate, who was a plumber, he was working in the next street and came round an hour later, I told him of the issues and he got a start, within seconds, he got an electric shock, he checked and the fire/back boiler had been installed incorrectly, he called his mate, the electrician who had been working on the same house with him earlier, he turned up, got out his stepladder to look in the fusebox and he instantly said, "I'm not touching that". Before I could ask why, he was on the phone to the electricity board, requesting someone came to my property immediately. The electrician told me the fusebox was illegal, had been for years and was very unsafe. The electricity board duly arrived and there was much tutting, shaking of heads and gasps of disbelief, many photographs were taken and I was presented with a 30 amp fuse, why I asked why, the electrician announced, "that is the wrong sized fuse, it should be 5 amp, it's a wonder you haven't burned to death"! we were sat down and informed of the other issues and what was required, given that it was now 5.30, not a lot could be done and the fusebox was made as safe as possible, but we were restricted what we could use until the work to make it safe had been done and checked. The plumber and electrician promised to be back at 8.30 the following morning. True to their word, they turned up and began investigating more, at 9am, I contacted my solicitor, told him what had happened and that I had the two lads working at the house and what they'd told me, he asked me to provide a written statement of events and if the plumber and electrician would give written reports to corroborate their findings and work required. My name was like dogsh*t in the village where I live, but I didn't care, I was let down buy the seller, estate agent and surveyor, they in turn, paid the price for their negligence, which lasted for several months while the house was inspected from top to bottom. I still have copies of the photographs somewhere. I still have restless nights because of it.
  7. I turned 58 last January and my young lady is 50, whilst in Newcastle on Saturday we were having a coffee and got into a conversation with another couple, I know, physically, I'm not in the best of condition, don't look like a Greek God, so punching way above my weight. The couple guessed that I was 42 and Debra was 31, I was well happy with my "diagnosis", but Debra was almost doing cartwheels, she does look a great deal younger as she looks after herself and many guess she is mid 30's. The only problem is, I think I'm still 23!
  8. Talking to a mate earlier and he's not had anything that's placed yet, he normally takes the week off work and generates enough to cover his time off, bets, drink, fags and has some winnings left to cover a decent profit. He's having a mare this year. (Pardon the pun).
  9. Sportsmatch RB4 CZ/Tikka (Picatinny to dovetail) adapter base. £20 posted. Sportsmatch TO35C 30mm medium dovetail mounts. £20 posted. Both the above for £35. Parker Hale RAHS 3 1" rings and bases, (these are old but still very functionable). £50 posted. Warne Maxima CZ/Tikka 30mm high mounts. Model 15B1M. £40 posted. Air Arms fill adapter £12 posted. All monies going to local charity.
  10. Have a look at the Discovery models.
  11. I've an Armsan 612 with 3 chokes (2 unused), that has fired 4 shots. £350.
  12. Going back to the early 80's, I was using the .177 silhouettes in my HW80 to great effect, I'm sure they were pushing towards 11 grains and the .22 were in the region of 21 grains, but, I stand to be corrected.
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