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  1. Where about's are you and are you RH or LH?
  2. Sorry for the delay, it's a mark 4.
  3. The walls were shaking in our house. That could have been down to me too!😘
  4. I was woken by a fantastic crack at just after 4am, that's all I'm saying!
  5. New in the box Crombo 625 with the alignment tool and batteries. £45 posted.
  6. kernel gadaffi

    PCP ID

    Titan Manitou.
  7. kernel gadaffi

    Le Tour

    I was out of the house for a fair bit of yesterday, but I caught the last 30 minutes of the stage, the climb up the Belles Filles was a monster.
  8. Hi, I have a new in the box CB-625 with the alignment tool, £45 posted. Alan.
  9. My mate was sound asleep one night and his wife said, "Les, move over", he replied, "I can't, there's a Wheelabrator in the way". Well, they are a bit big.
  10. In 50 years of shooting, I've never seen a better dog than yours, simply superb.
  11. How about a Motorola Moto G5s, literally new in the box, open to any network. £90 posted to your door.
  12. I have a Vortex Viper, but it's 6-20x50SF.
  13. From 16-20, I worked in a foundry, behind the bar at my local and on Saturdays in shooting season, I was a beater, went into furniture making while still doing bar work. Got laid off from the furniture place, so went into full time bar work. Had a big motorbike accident, so no work for two years and was limited to what I could do. Got into computing and did several courses, which led to me working in road haulage, becoming the transport manager from 1990 to mid 2010. Had another life changing accident on February 29th 2008 (yes, Leap Year Day), the day my working world ended forever. I got back to work for a little while, then my employer went bust, leaving me with very little in the way of options, the injuries I suffered took their toll and I was no longer able to work, now, I'm medically not allowed to work, I'm in the support group within the DWP and it cheeses me off that I cannot work, both mentally and physically. For a guy who was working full time and more, to a full stop was a huge loss in my life, I loved working and being busy all the time. Now, the pains, stiffness and recently diagnosed Fibromyalgia, control every aspect of my life and I can tell you, it's not pleasant. Enjoy what you have, while you can, one day, it could change in an instant, then the regrets can bear down on you, heavier than you could ever believe. Live for today. Alan.
  14. I've been getting Nebido injections every 10 weeks for several years after several blood tests revealed I had very low testosterone, my numbers were 0.6, when they should have been over 12, at the moment, my level is at 20.8 and was as high is 24.4 a few years ago. I feel much much better nowadays, both physically and mentally. I'm very glad of it.
  15. Triggers were for many years made by El Gamo, no wonder they were ****.
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