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  1. I have friends in the police, fire service and paramedics/ambulance staff/nurses, at some stage, some have been assaulted or attacked, the majority have been verbally abused and threatened. I suggested that the names and addresses of those who have done this are recorded and details logged onto the emergency computer system, then if the police or medical assistance is required at the homes of the perpetrators, a red flag pops up on the screen of the operator and nothing is done, let them sort it out themselves. Why should the hard working emergency service staff be subject to danger in order to carry out their jobs. It really gets under my skin, knowing that a well known toerag or career criminal, who's been convicted of stealing from an ambulance, damaging emergency services vehicles or assault on an employee, then requires help because they've been beaten up or stabbed because of their own actions, they then assault and cause injury to the very person who was sent to help them, this "helper" now requires treatment because of the actions of a lowlife piece of ****. All medical staff will do all they can to offer help to anyone who needs it, but there should be line in the sand here to protect our front line.
  2. Budget version of this. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiospi-w-fpAhVFXRUIHYB6Ay4QFjAWegQIDRAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.jamesbondlifestyle.com%2Fproduct%2Famc-matador-coupe&usg=AOvVaw0e0raOoBVSYNRncAcirwMN
  3. Get in touch with the press, mention her conversation and if you still have it, a copy of the letter you sent, make them look like the t*ats they are.
  4. I'm more of a Tang D fan myself, though I do have some Kraftwerk and what I was told, a very rare limited to 50 copies 12" mix of Tour de France.
  5. On the day I left school, 27th May 1977, my mother opened a bank account for me at Barclays and added fiver in, the following day, I started work and every week from then on, a fiver was added to my account, this went on for years, the more I earned, the more went in. I bought a house with my partner, the account was changed to a joint account and things carried on. There was a few incidences that shouldn't have happened and if I hadn't picked up on them and gone in to sort them out, I would have lost money. Roll on to 2008 and a few more odd things started to happen, money would leave the account, we would be classed as overdrawn, charged a fee, then the money would reappear, no rhyme nor reason, but I had to fight to get the charges quashed and repaid. The month we had seven letters from Barclays was the last straw, we went to Santander, set up a new account and arranged a day for the changeover. This went without a hitch, all payments going out and coming in were put in place and we were happy, 12 days after the changeover, I got a call from Barclays to attend the bank as there had been an attempt to withdraw money from our account. I went to the bank, taking the previous 3 months statements and had a meeting with the manager. The meeting was brilliant, Santander had gone about the changeover perfectly, but for some reason, someone or something within Barclays system hadn't. The manager claimed we owed them over £650 in charges, I placed the statements in front of him and I'd already highlighted the times and dates that money had been taken from out account without our permission or knowledge. I asked him to photocopy the statements and then prove that it was me or my partner who had caused the reason for the overdrawn charges, he got a minion to copy them and we left. After 2 weeks, we'd heard nothing, so made an appointment to go a see him, well, we tried to, we were told, that as we were no longer customers, we could not have an appointment to talk to the manager, ha ha, I knew there was a problem. I then wrote to Barclays head office, outlining the issues we'd had with the local branch and manager, we got a reply, it stated that as theaccount was no longer in operation, Barclays could not answer our questions or offer advice. It turned out a lot of people were having charges levied against them for no reason, nor could they get any sense either, the local bank lost customer after customer, eventually, it went to a 2 day week and finally closed 3 years ago. The Barclays bank in the next village, dropped to 3 days and I'm told, that will be going to 2 days shortly, because customers are leaving due to the ****ty service. Shysters!
  6. Wotcha call cheap?
  7. Aslo can be used to loosen them.
  8. I went with Richer as they were the only shop giving a 6 year warranty at the time. Me too.
  9. I don't get a paper, enough **** on the telly.
  10. I have a spare he can lend.
  11. Eye protection should be worn in case of errant crumbs.
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