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  1. kernel gadaffi

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    Did he sing, "2, 4, 6, 8 motorway"?
  2. kernel gadaffi

    Samsung mobile phone

    Does it have to be a Samsung? I have an almost new in the box Motorola Moto G5s, comes with paperwork and all the bits and a case protector. £120 to your door. Alan.
  3. kernel gadaffi

    New Flop Gear presenters

    Paddy McGuinness is dire, his act is at least 40 years old, reminds me of "Brucie", he wasn't funny either.
  4. kernel gadaffi

    Mrs. webber R I P

    I'm very sorry to hear of the long hard fight your wife put up and eventual sad loss. As was her wishes, it's time for you to be strong and try and enjoy the day she so wanted to to have. Alan.
  5. kernel gadaffi

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    Ha ha.
  6. kernel gadaffi

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    I am an ex Co Durham lad , its a lovely county . I was born in teesdale . An area that has never changed with time . Yes, they still eat their young!😁 Barbican is only open Thursday to Saturday.
  7. kernel gadaffi

    PCP Issues.

    So what is the difference between the Ultra and Scorpion? What gets me, is the fact that these companies are releasing rifles that still need work/fettling or third party involvement to make them into what they are supposed to be in the first place? Thanks.
  8. kernel gadaffi

    PCP Issues.

    Thank you Burpster.
  9. kernel gadaffi

    PCP Issues.

    R10 is .22, the others are .177.
  10. kernel gadaffi

    PCP Issues.

    Hi all, I wrote a post in the wanted page a little while ago, trying to find a PCP for a mate, I've been offered a BSA R10, but the owner doesn't know which model it is, (mk1/2), so isn't sure if there are issues, there's also been an offer of an HW110 and a BSA Ultra, both seemed to be prone to problems with barrels and other things. It's very confusing as to what to recommend to him. Can anyone shed a light on the pro's and cons of these? Ta. Alan.
  11. kernel gadaffi

    .20 multishot PCP wanted.

    Thanks sp3k3y, sadly, he hasn't really got the money for a new one, hence I'm looking for a used one, I have a scope he can have, so I'd better get looking. Cheers. Alan.
  12. kernel gadaffi

    .20 multishot PCP wanted.

    As above, I have a mate looking for one, he needs an ambi or left handed stock. What's out there?
  13. kernel gadaffi

    My wife (yet again)

    They all have an innocence that create laughs at inopportune moments, on Saturday night, my current and myself were out for a snack, she says, "I think I'll have an omlette", my question was, "made with what?", "eggs of course", she piped up. Can't live with them, can't live with them.
  14. kernel gadaffi

    Clear out sale.

    Nosler Custom Competition sold.
  15. kernel gadaffi

    Clear out sale.

    Nikon D3300 DSLR with about 1,000 actuations, with Nikon Nikkor 18-55mm AF-P lens and an unused Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm 1.8 lens, charger and 2 batteries, it also comes in Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 bag. £400. 28 Lapua 6.5x55 once fired 45 Norma 6.5x55 once fired £30 ono posted for all 73. 84 Lapua 6.5x284 twice fired. £35 posted. 133 Winchester .223 once fired. 27 RORG .223 once fired. 18 PPU .223 once fired. 3 Hornady .223 once fired. £35 posted for all 181. 2X100 Nosler Custom Competition .264 140 HPBT. £60 for 200 posted. 160 .22 Berger 52GR £45. 1 pair of new Warne perm-Attach 30mm steel rings. Part No 15B1M £50 posted. 1 pair of low 30mm mounts for 17mm rail. No makers name. £10. 1 pair of Sportsmatch 1" medium mounts for 11mm rail. £10 posted. 1 pair of Sportsmatch 30mm high mounts on extender bases for the CZ527. £35 posted. 1 pair of Parker Hale RAHS 3 1" rings and bases. Came off a CZ 527. £75 posted. 1 new Butler Creek camo sling with fitted Uncle Mikes QR swivels. £35 posted. 1 new X3M1 camo sling with fitted Uncle Mikes QR sling swivels. £30 posted. 1 x new green left handed cheek piece with ammo holder, £15 posted. Hornady Lock-n-Load OAL gauge. £40 posted. 6.5X55 Modified case. Brand new £6 posted. Air Arms current style filler brass. Brand new £13 posted. UTG PMTOWL Weaver/Picatinny air rifle rail. £10 posted. Please show interest by PM please.