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  1. That gives my skin the tingles, wonderful.
  2. I won a Mastercard with £50 on it 5 years ago, I bought a Edwin Jagger DE89 razor with a bowl, brush, soap and an assortment of blades, as previously mentioned, for me the green packet Astra's are the best. Still have 3 unopened packets of blades and there's 3 left in another.
  3. With an XR there aould be only one tyre mark, it would wheelie everywhere.
  4. We've all done it at some stage and for him and yourselves, it's been a lucky escape. Lets hope it's a lesson learned and he'll be more careful next time, I'm sure he will be. His recovery will be swift, kids bounce better than us oldies.
  5. I was with Plusnet for 13 years, but when they refused to even drop a penny on my renewal, I went to BT, saving £84 per year, that's including a sim only deal, been with them since. I never had any technical issues with either.
  6. E-on are badgering me to have one, to the point were I'm getting letters, informing me that "I have to have one", no I don't. When I switched to them a year ago, I did state that I didn't want one and that I would not be happy, if I was constantly getting letters, calls and emails requesting my interaction. My contract is almost out and they offered me the best deal, so I've stayed with them, but also reminded them that I didn't want a smart meter, a letter arrived from them this morning asking me to make arrangements to have the smart meter installed! I boils my p!ss when people/compan
  7. I've been on Tramadol for over 12 years, apart from one foray into MST Morphine and Oromorph, which nearly killed me. 6 weekes ago, I bought a bottle of CBD oil with 20% Hydroxu Quinone, it's not cheap, but in that time I've only had 3 Tramadol. https://naturallynorthcbd.co.uk/product/canna-pharma-cbd-hq-oil-drops-2000mg/
  8. Aparently some of the phones available these days have cameras on that have such a fast shutter speed, they can take a photograph of a woman with her gob shut.
  9. You put a wanted ad up, looking for a Nikon D3300, I sent you a private message outlining what I have and added a YHPM onto your wanted page. Are you wanting a D3300 or selling one?
  10. I sent you a message.
  11. I had a water meter installed in the spring, my charges were £560 per year, now I pay £108 per year. A very big saving for me, that's over 39 tins of .177 JSB Exact Express!
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