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    Rifle Shooting, Pigeon Shooting, Clay Shooting, IT, Mountain Biking, Watching Motorbike Racing, Fishing.<br /><br />All-Terrain Outer Hebridean Groin Clenching (Uphill Regulations)

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  1. I would have suggested, splitting the prize, so 170 winners get 1 million each.
  2. I like that little motor, the engineering is sublime.
  3. Where about's are you and are you RH or LH?
  4. Sorry for the delay, it's a mark 4.
  5. The walls were shaking in our house. That could have been down to me too!😘
  6. I was woken by a fantastic crack at just after 4am, that's all I'm saying!
  7. New in the box Crombo 625 with the alignment tool and batteries. £45 posted.
  8. kernel gadaffi

    PCP ID

    Titan Manitou.
  9. kernel gadaffi

    Le Tour

    I was out of the house for a fair bit of yesterday, but I caught the last 30 minutes of the stage, the climb up the Belles Filles was a monster.
  10. Hi, I have a new in the box CB-625 with the alignment tool, £45 posted. Alan.
  11. My mate was sound asleep one night and his wife said, "Les, move over", he replied, "I can't, there's a Wheelabrator in the way". Well, they are a bit big.
  12. In 50 years of shooting, I've never seen a better dog than yours, simply superb.
  13. How about a Motorola Moto G5s, literally new in the box, open to any network. £90 posted to your door.
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