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  1. Cheers, it certainly wasn't me with the highest bid, oh well it did seem a very low estimate.
  2. Go on then how much did it make?? Is there any way of checking?
  3. 2018 Willerby Season's, 3 bedroom with a pullout double bed in lounge area so sleeps 8, immaculate condition never been rented out, although could be easily, side decking, sited on Thornwick Bay, Flamborough. Nice quiet location on a fantastic site with full facilities, or as quiet as you like with great walks, coarse fishing etc. Thanks for looking £29995
  4. I've met this man and can believe they have never ever been used
  5. Rest easy Luther, and sorry to hear of your loss, the weimeraners I have had have always left a very large gap in our lives, big character's.
  6. Never lie 💯, until they say they won't give chase to the next hare that leaves its seat early, we'll rectify that with age🤞
  7. Ceasar gurini, eclipse evo or similar there's a few in there range on the lighter side, spend the rest on your days and enjoy 😉
  8. When they go from flat out to dead still, you know there onto something
  9. I would have put "wish you were closer" but in reality I quite like you been that far away😁
  10. These will make fantastic loyal workers, I had a pup from the last mating and know the reasoning behind a repeat litter, I shoot over mine as much as possible, there's nothing quite like a solid point to get the heart going. She spent the 27th on the peg with me and yesterday in the beating line, given time and effort these dogs can do the lot. Ninjaferret knows I wouldn't hesitate to get another if I had the room. Fantastic companion's
  11. Pressure reducing valve, feeds cold water to the cylinder on a mains pressure hot water cylinder, if you turn the black lever to look across the pipe this will isolate the hot water. There will be a bar reading on the body this will need to be matched with the replacement. Not sure on your location but I may have one in the van.
  12. I had a pup from the previous litter, she has grown to be a superb shooting partner, same as any dog if you put the time in it will payback endlessly, one of the softest temperaments with kids, dogs and anything else I put her near. I do hope the assembly instructions have been rewritten
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