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  1. shootthepigeon

    Boiler problem

    If the system pressure is still rising when the mains is isolated, I would presume an expansion vessel fault. Have you physically disconnected the filling loop? This could be fed from a seperate water supply and passing, forcing the pressure up?? If it is a fault with the coil, could you not isolate the mains feed and release all the pressure on the hot taps, a leak on the coil should release pressure from the c/h system? Backfilling the taps if you get where I'm coming from?
  2. shootthepigeon

    Shogun 4work swb

  3. shootthepigeon

    Shogun 4work swb

    As title 08 plate van with side windows, 123k, full mot, parrot hands free, tow pack, few age related marks £5000 ono pm for further details and photos Thanks for looking
  4. shootthepigeon

    Side by Side Club

    Count me in.
  5. shootthepigeon

    Heating system

    The way I remember it from way back when at college, the difference between flow and return should be 11°C at the valves, to give optimum performance, there should be at least 22°C between the f+r at the boiler to optimise the boilers efficiency.
  6. shootthepigeon

    Thank you Fiskars/Gerber....

    I sent 2 leathermans back after plenty of abuse over around 15 year's, to my surprise they were both replaced with brand new upgrades within a week turnaround, I can't praise them highly enough, and all down to this thread cheers.
  7. shootthepigeon

    Triple glazed glass panels

    I've ot 4 units all k glass tougheed, 2@ 1990x225mm and 2 @ 1900x255mm, all never fitted due to a glass company with a rubber tape measure. Free to collect if of any use to anybody. (Rotherham j1 m18)
  8. shootthepigeon

    Couldn’t log on to pigeon watch

    The cleaner must have pulled the plug out in the chatroom!
  9. shootthepigeon

    Oil boiler part question

    No problem pal, happy it helped.
  10. shootthepigeon

    Divorce looking likely

    My now ex brother in law was going away working, so pressed print on some saucy pictures off the net, however the printer wasn't working, off he went to Poland, he had a lot of explaining to do when the printer was fixed by my sister and the print que actually printed. 😆
  11. shootthepigeon

    Oil boiler part question

    If you get stuck send me your address via pm, I've got a transformer here that I've taken off a recently replaced boiler, 2nd hand but still working, all i ask is you drop the postage cost in a charity bucket.
  12. shootthepigeon

    Burton wheelie snowboard and luggage bag

    As title in used but excellent condition, all zips and buckles good, it's the 166 coffin style, so room for luggage aswell, rare desert camp pattern. £100 posted via courier. Pictures on request cheers
  13. shootthepigeon

    Big Cat

    The customers husband wasn't around was he?
  14. shootthepigeon

    Leather gunslip

    Sorted now cheers
  15. shootthepigeon

    Leather gunslip

    Anything going? To take Up To 30" barrels, full zip preffered, would consider a canvas with leather, what we got?