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  1. shootthepigeon

    Bryantscroft hpr training dvds

    As title anyone got the set they have finished with?
  2. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    When I spoke to the vet at around 3pm, she mentioned an internal bleed that she had managed to the off??, I only wish now i had stuck to my gut instinct and cancelled the opp, but I felt it relatively safe as the bitch was as fit as could be and showing no signs of her advancing years. I just feel so let down by someone I thought I could trust, and the more I read into this situation the more it becomes apparent how little you can actually trust anyone.
  3. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    I don't really want to sue them as it's not my way, but if it is the only way I can make her understand where I believe she has fsiled us, firstly by advising the operation, not advising a pre aesthetic bloods or check up (I even phoned the practice before hand to see if this was required), basically not checking notes as to dogs age etc, releasing the bitch from her practice without checking her over, and finally not spotting the obvious signs 12hrs after, just putting her pale gums increased heart rate and lower than normal temp simply down to her been too cold. The only bloods that were taken was the tiniest drop at around 6.45 the day after the op, which she struggled to get any, now to me this should have raised many concerns to a proffesional after doing some homework it certainly does to me. I have tried the RCVS who have said unless there is gross misconduct there is little they can do, I will await a reply from the vets, but it all may be a waste of effort, but if I don't do anything and find this happens again I wouldn't be happy!
  4. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    It was the same vet all the way through (only one at practice) they have looked after my mother's horse's and dogs for the last 20 years at least. I don't know if this made a difference in her lax approach, but I aim to find out.
  5. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    Thanks for the link and advice I will keep you posted.
  6. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    I did sign a consent form, but I signed it on the general assumption that I was dealing with a professional, with the best of intentions, not someone who is too rushed to look at notes etc. The only explanation I have had is mass organ failure via text, and the dog was healthy when she left the practice, I am unclear how the vet could know this as she was no where to be seen. I realise a postmortem etc would be the only way to go but my girl was at home and I wouldn't let her away again,sounds daft but I owe her that. As I said I'm not after financial recompense, I just want the vet to realise what has happened by cutting corners to possibly avoid future trauma for any others. Other than trying to vent my splein, I just wonded/wished there was a vets ombudsman or something, the only things I have seen are no win no fee, or the vet can't be at fault.
  7. shootthepigeon

    Don't trust all vets

    This is more a cautionary tale, after following my vets advice to have my weimeraner bitch spayed at 9 and a half, which I realise is late however I was going to breed from hears she was a great companion and a great worker, but with a young family the time was never right. Now her last season wasn't without complications but a few antibiotics soon cleared that up, so I booked the opp in for 3 months later. This brings us to last Thursday at 11am as requested I took her in I didn't get to speak to the vet until I carried her onto the table, and she was put under, I was told to collect her around 2.30ish. I phoned the practice at around 3 as I hadn't heard anything, to be told she was on a drip and recovering well I even got to speak to the vet who said she was shocked to find out she was over 9, which I found strange as I would have thought her notes would have been available in the first place, I believe the only way she did find out was from one of her helpers who I told while in the waiting room. I collected her around 5.30 with painkillers etc, now she was groggie but I expected that, I was up most of the night with her, but at 6am she collapsed so I phoned the vet who thought this was sometimes normal after aesthetic and could take up to 36hrs to get out of her system. I asked the vet to see her as her gums were just not right, she agreed and said there was little to be concerned about but just keep her warm etc and gave her more painkiller and vit b+, my girl died in my wife's arms at 10am on Friday. Now I would also like some advice as I don't want this happening to anyone else if I can help it. I have spoken to another trusted vet who has said the operation shouldn't have been advised, and at the very least a pre op blood test should have been done neither of which were offered as an option. Now where do I go ? No amount of money will fetch her back so I'm not interested in suing the vet, but I want her to understand and acknowledge her mistakes, to educate so this won't happen to anyone else. Any ideas? Sorry for the dabbling post but I had to get it off my chest infection in somewhere.
  8. shootthepigeon

    Variable temp and time thermostat?

    This but a very good inexpensive option, if you buy the Altech brand from Grahams there the same just rebadged for them, and come with a 5yr warranty.
  9. shootthepigeon


    Told the kids to give this door a miss.
  10. shootthepigeon

    Heads up on crime.

    I'm surprised it didn't even make the local police alerts scheme that all licence holders have been asked to sign up to. I've seen the pictures of the lads face afterwards, he was lucky to keep his eye.
  11. shootthepigeon

    Heads up on crime.

    It's bad around her for the quad bikes again aswell as anything else that isn't fastened down. The quads are running around constantly, apparently three quads stopped a vehicle lamping last week, beat the occupants up and relieved them of there guns. It's lawless around here at the minute.
  12. shootthepigeon

    Guess the tool

    What did I win? Drop me a pm if you need a hand carrying it👍
  13. shootthepigeon

    Guess the tool

    Fittings crimper?
  14. shootthepigeon

    Nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

    Just checked, wired version.
  15. shootthepigeon

    Nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

    Brand new in unopened box, night light built into the design. Google will give you the full spec and usual price. £60 posted Thanks for looking