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  1. I'll take that posted if not already gone please
  2. I'll have a look around next week see what I can find that might do the job, failing that I'll pm you the details of a company in rotherham that will sort you a piece for a few quid.
  3. barrel blacker on here, I haven't heard a bad word said.
  4. As title if anyone has one laying around, just tried to replace the screen and battery on my daughters, and found the lcd display damaged aswell, what ya got? Cheers
  5. You have changed the clock back recently?? Just checking
  6. Are you sure there isn't anything else interupting the frequency?and turning the boiler off??
  7. Here's my 2 for the club, a recently acquired AYA No2 26", and my old Midland ble with 30"damascus barrels from around 1900 ish. Picked up some 65mm carts for a couple of small days soon
  8. Most definitely there, as good as the day they were made
  9. Well this one is definitely a sleeper, should be good on those quick partridge 🤫🤫🤣
  10. He replied to me at just after 5 yesterday, then the phone was engaged for the rest of the evening. Its a good job I didn't really need them😀😀
  11. Funniest ever reply I've seen on here " Do you shoot many Kangaroos"🤣🤣 can anyone resurect that thread?
  12. In the same vein as the "dog section threads" what do you use that for then??🤪
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