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  1. The french restraunt at crookes has hare saddle on the menu, I haven't tried that but the food is very good, I think it's called something like chez la lou??
  2. Kane 455, perfect working order, annyliser and probe, requires calibration but still measuring exactly the same as my new version (tested), also needs new rechargeable batteries (AA I believe) £155 posted or can be collected from Rotherham
  3. Bryantscroft HPR training dvd No3 , as new original. £17 posted
  4. You've got my address, cut some holes in a box and send her down😊
  5. Just had to revisit the "New Tatoo" thread from 2014, due to this one. Well worth a look.
  6. If anyone is considering one of these pups (as I was over many months) you will not be disapointed. And also a great guy to deal with.
  7. I was once told by a wise old farmer, "If you don't like a man buy his wife a horse" they will be skint and possibly divorced shortly after. Don't know why but always stuck in my head.
  8. I'll take that if still available. PM sent
  9. As title anyone got the set they have finished with?
  10. When I spoke to the vet at around 3pm, she mentioned an internal bleed that she had managed to the off??, I only wish now i had stuck to my gut instinct and cancelled the opp, but I felt it relatively safe as the bitch was as fit as could be and showing no signs of her advancing years. I just feel so let down by someone I thought I could trust, and the more I read into this situation the more it becomes apparent how little you can actually trust anyone.
  11. I don't really want to sue them as it's not my way, but if it is the only way I can make her understand where I believe she has fsiled us, firstly by advising the operation, not advising a pre aesthetic bloods or check up (I even phoned the practice before hand to see if this was required), basically not checking notes as to dogs age etc, releasing the bitch from her practice without checking her over, and finally not spotting the obvious signs 12hrs after, just putting her pale gums increased heart rate and lower than normal temp simply down to her been too cold. The only bloods that were taken was the tiniest drop at around 6.45 the day after the op, which she struggled to get any, now to me this should have raised many concerns to a proffesional after doing some homework it certainly does to me. I have tried the RCVS who have said unless there is gross misconduct there is little they can do, I will await a reply from the vets, but it all may be a waste of effort, but if I don't do anything and find this happens again I wouldn't be happy!
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