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  1. Completely agree they are a stunning vehicle, glad I've still got the trusty shogun and turns out not far off the mpg on a run, and will carry or tow anything 😀
  2. Sorry wasn't having a dig, just the best description of a phev I've read, just wished I'd seen it before taking delivery. Just had a quick look online and the lawyers are onto BMW and Volvo again, for exaggerated economy figures. The car will mainly be running on electric around here so not overly concerned, just need a longer extention lead
  3. I really wish you had posted this nouget of real world info about a month ago. We took delivery of a T6 phev recharge model, only shows 25m range on a full charge (in "pure" mode and 21 in "hybrid") already questioned this with volvo dealers and UK head office to be told "don't expect anything more", and getting around 39mpg actual fuel used on a decent run 150miles. Far from the 120mpg claimed by Volvo, the trip is showing 65mpg so not sure why this is so vastly out??. Having been on a bit of a rant, the car is superb the comfort, handling and finish are all great, and more than happy, but feel let down again by the false claims of the manufacturers.
  4. Thanks, it is a superb drive, and as quick as you like while still getting around 40mpg, but with the kids getting bigger etc a change is needed, but tempted to park this up for a few years.
  5. E350 AMG sport bluetec cabriolet 14reg 42800 miles, service history (due another so will be done before sale) 11month mot, 2 owners, been my wife's car for the last 5 yes, good mpg. Long list of factory extras. Tax 12mth £205. Based Rotherham £14995 With the right tyres, good ground and a fair wind would make a luxurious lamping bus🤪
  6. I'll take that posted if not already gone please
  7. I'll have a look around next week see what I can find that might do the job, failing that I'll pm you the details of a company in rotherham that will sort you a piece for a few quid.
  8. barrel blacker on here, I haven't heard a bad word said.
  9. As title if anyone has one laying around, just tried to replace the screen and battery on my daughters, and found the lcd display damaged aswell, what ya got? Cheers
  10. You have changed the clock back recently?? Just checking
  11. Are you sure there isn't anything else interupting the frequency?and turning the boiler off??
  12. Here's my 2 for the club, a recently acquired AYA No2 26", and my old Midland ble with 30"damascus barrels from around 1900 ish. Picked up some 65mm carts for a couple of small days soon
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