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  1. Collared creature's, pricey but work very well drying and warming, very well designed and fit well, although I bought it with growing room.
  2. Chip off the old block when it comes to snow😃👍
  3. Nothing that can't be overcome, the last 4 weeks have been hell, have you tried to keep a gwp still? She is so laid back usually its just at the minute on scent her heads like a referees whistle a little bit of scent up her nose and her brain spins like the pea🤯, but she is listening more now everything isn't quite as fresh😀 this lab pup will be a breeze 🤞
  4. Got one of ninjafeets gwp pups in training at the minute, fantastic nose covers the ground with ease, taking commands well but headstrong on scent (but she has just been laid up for 4wks due to a foot injury) they fire into cover with no concern for there welfare. I had a weimaraner (seriva lines) previously who was a much more selective bitch, if there was no scent she would know and just turn and give you the look if there was nothing around, but would stred herself to find the last bird or sit in a hide all afternoon just as easy, until I got a runner one day then there was a rather large hole in the net. Get out on some training days and speak to as many owners of working dogs as you can, they don't do great as just pets, but give them something to think about and you won't own a more faithful companion.
  5. I've always been told "pit ponies" are just ponies when they are in there field resting. I cant see why we are stung so much for the working dog insurance?? Does it work the same for horses if they follow the hunt?
  6. Yes I realise it doesn't cover working dogs, since I got a quote for the pup, but when she slit the foot no questions were asked as obviously she was only going a walk. The question that keeps niggling me is if a working spaniel or such is kept as a pet but works hedges etc for fun on a walk, wheres the difference, in my mind a dog should be insured for illness and non work accidents etc but not for working injuries etc, similar to taking a car or bike on a track day your insured to drive/ride it there, but racing on a track is at your own risk/cost
  7. I use animal friends for my GWP, not entirely sure (without reading policy) what is covered, but she has recently had a severe cut to her foot to the bone and catching a vein close to her arteries, which they covered full costs for minus the £99 excess they just dealt with the vet group. The policy is £11pm so not out of the way but just tried to cover my lab pup quoted at £14pm but as I said I might work her in a couple of years they have refused cover completely. So I guess I'll be on the search again.
  8. This is a rather unplanned addition to the clan, a customer showed her to me a few weeks ago, when I told him I would be looking for one soon he proceeded to tell be he would breed from her as soon as😡 I pointed out how wrong he was in no language allowed on here. Anyway fast forward to Sunday when he rang to see if I could make room for little Annie, she is 3mth and I couldn't be happier with her, fitting in and got the upper hand of my GWP youngster.
  9. Not sure of anymore to hire locally, but i will be looking over the next few months👍
  10. Search Kerdat Gundogs near Retford got a large rabbit pen for hire, search Google /face book for details.
  11. There not little "Cwis packmans" are they?
  12. Going to the gent above. Cheers Money forwarded to tightchoke
  13. Bryantscroft original training dvd, No3 I've now bought the whole set of 4 so this is just sitting around. I am happy to post this out for a £10 donation to the collection for Lord Geordie (see off topic) hope that's ok? Cheers
  14. Pictures required, not the wife though🙈
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