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  1. Divorce looking likely

    My now ex brother in law was going away working, so pressed print on some saucy pictures off the net, however the printer wasn't working, off he went to Poland, he had a lot of explaining to do when the printer was fixed by my sister and the print que actually printed. 😆
  2. Oil boiler part question

    If you get stuck send me your address via pm, I've got a transformer here that I've taken off a recently replaced boiler, 2nd hand but still working, all i ask is you drop the postage cost in a charity bucket.
  3. Burton wheelie snowboard and luggage bag

    As title in used but excellent condition, all zips and buckles good, it's the 166 coffin style, so room for luggage aswell, rare desert camp pattern. £100 posted via courier. Pictures on request cheers
  4. Big Cat

    The customers husband wasn't around was he?
  5. Leather gunslip

    Sorted now cheers
  6. Leather gunslip

    Anything going? To take Up To 30" barrels, full zip preffered, would consider a canvas with leather, what we got?
  7. Napier gunslip

    Now sold
  8. Napier gunslip

    I will pm you shortly.
  9. AA Prosport

    Just got around to trying the Prosport on a few targets, all I can say is what a rifle, I knew they had good reviews but I only bought it as I thought it was cheapish and I had just sold my Airwolf. I didn't really expect it to be as accurate as it is, after shooting many old springers over the years, I honestly expected to have to tune it to get what I wanted from it, but rest assured I won't be touching this one, hopefully for many a year.
  10. Napier gunslip

    Adjustable flap in end allows the overall length to be between 51-54", green waterproof fabric, padded with pouch for vp90? packet, with full length zip. As new £28 posted
  11. AA Prosport

    Thanks for the replies, I will try shooting it over the weekend, it's only 2 months old so I have no worries about power output it was more the polishing internally etc that I often read about which other rifles benefit from.
  12. AA Prosport

    I've just bought a nearly new Prosport, I've hardly used it as yet, and what I have I'm very pleased with it, but are there any tuning tips or places improvements can be made? It is in 22 flavour and as far as I can see never been stripped or messed with, it does seem to have a very short barrel with prosport moderator on. Any advice appreciated also what sort of pellets suit?
  13. Rapid .177

    Pm sent
  14. Bit of a clearout

    No problem pm your email
  15. Bit of a clearout

    Still available