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  1. I served, 10 years in the Army. We used to shoot these!
  2. Just suggested tp the Mrs the engineered flooring and it's been vetoed! She likes the rustic look of the floor boards.
  3. Hi The trouble with engineered/ laminate/ hardwood floors is that we won't be able to paint them the exact colour we want- to match the rest of the house.
  4. Hi I'm not reusing the old floorboards as there are lumps missing out of them. As for the floor level, fitting new boards on top will bring the living room floor level with the tiles in the hallway/ kitchen. I am planning on using new pine boards from the wood merchants. I'm also thinking of laying the new boards in the opposite direction to cut out any draughts from below. Was also thinking of maybe putting layer of the foam thin laminate insulation tiles between the layers.
  5. Hi Thanks for the replies. There is a void beneath, so it is ventilated. I'm not removing the skirting board, i'll lay the floor then pt some beading around the edge. Am i right in thinking that by doing this, i would be better thinking of the new floorboards like a laminate floor in that i would be better off not nailing them down and just having it float? I have drilled through a water pipe before, so won't be making that mistake again!
  6. Hi I'm fitting a second layer of floor boards in the living room. More of a decorative option as we want to paint them with Farrow and Ball colours- can't do this with hardwood or laminate. The current floorboards are a bit ****, so we are planning on putting new boards on top of the existing ones. Is there anything I need to be aware of when fitting? ie do I need to let the boards dry indoors at room temperature first?
  7. Hi, does anyone have any advice for civil service job interviews, specifically immigration jobs in the home office?
  8. Hi Does anyone know what wood Browning uses for their wooden stocked maxus ones?
  9. I’ve got a dpt with 2 extra baffles, outstanding bit of kit!
  10. Hi This one is for the gunsmiths out there. I've had the thought of customising my FAC Browning Maxus by increasing the magazine. I'm guessing that the mag tubes on both the A5 and the Maxus are screwed on and have a bit of locktite. My question is really, do these mag tubes have the same thread and dimensions? My crazy idea is to see if a mag tube from an A5 would fit on a Maxus, as you can get extendable aftermarket tubes for the A5, all I would need to do is have a custom foreend made and fit the A5 mag tube. Is this even possible? Many Thanks
  11. Hi, just about to get a new gas hob. Our current hob is 58cm wide, the new hob we want is 60 cm wide. Does anyone know if we will have to cut a bigger hole in the worktop or with there being such a small difference will it fit? The new hob is a smeg s46s.
  12. We are, but in practice, where national security is involved, descisions are rarely overturned.
  13. Personally I think the lads from either Poole or Hereford should pay her a visit and just get this episode dealt with!
  14. You can buy stock extender pads from kick-eeze, although they are grind to fit.
  15. I use a DPT one, its the same mod i use on the .243, with subs the sound of the trigger is all you hear.
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