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  1. Im looking forward to seeing my frankenshotgun come to life over the next few months!
  2. Hi I want to remove the mag tube and replace it with one from an A5, ( they have the same thread into the action) this would allow me to fit a longer mag tube after the foreend has been modified. It's already a Sect 1.
  3. Try a DPT Mod, lightweight and strippable
  4. Having done a bit more research it would appear that the mag tube has loctite on it, so bit of gentle heat required !
  5. Hi, how do you remove the magazine tube from the action? Is it screwed and glued? If so how do I get the tube off?
  6. Hi can someone please give me the price for a new uncrimped mag tube for a new style A5 shotgun and the price for a wooden foreend for a maxus one. many thanks
  7. Hi, please diagnose my weird height related phobia. i am fine flying, even flown with myself at the controls including aerobatics. i am fine parachuting, I am fine abseiling or when high up hill walking on dodgy routes. if I go up a 6ft ladder my legs turn to jelly, I can’t go further than 6 ft up a climbing wall. when I was in the army I couldn’t walk across the cat walk on the assault course, I crawled, but I was ok going over the cargo net. My ex dragged me on to the tower of terror at Disney world, hated it! But really enjoyed the other roller coasters there. i can’t go in glass elevators or walk across high gantries and hate open stairs that you can see through. Any help would be good
  8. I carried a Browning HP, Sig P226 and Walther P5 whilst on active service in NI, but i'd never be allowed to own any of those here!
  9. Hi Was looking at a gsg 1911, not the same as a 9mm, but its getting there!
  10. Hi Thinking about getting into pistol shooting again. If I was to apply for an LBP, would i have to be a member of a club or would having land to shoot on suffice?
  11. Hi im after a decent interior wood filler for use on a wooden floor. Preferably one that doesn’t give off fumes! It’s for filling in screwholes. Doesn’t matter on colour as the wood is being painted afterwards. many thanks
  12. Hi I've bought a Guardian shotgun case, very nice item, but I am wondering what most of the compartments are for! I know where to put the stock and barrels. Any help is appreciated!
  13. For sale: A mint condition Vango Ark 300+ 3 berth tent. Black and green, bought new only used twice. Selling as it doesn't get used.Can be erected in under 10 minutes. £70 plus £20 postage or collection in person, Leeds based.
  14. Just want to resurrect this thread- bored again! I have now bought a .22LR FAC Rifle. Although the BAC guns are illegal to own, what is the status of the cartridges, can you buy these legally in the uk ?
  15. If the bird has its back to me, I shoot at the where I imagine the atlas of the neck is, every shot i've taken and hit there, there has been no residual activity. Upon closer inspection this is due to the spinal cord being servered and removing the brain stem.
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