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  1. Harry136

    Trump Protests

    I just can't stand all those bloody snowflakes!
  2. Harry136


    Hi does anyone know where I can buy a 14mm thread adapter for an hk416drs in .22?
  3. No, I actually do corporate lettings , my clients are big firms. Lettings agents do small time landlords and Estate Agents sell properties as well.
  4. Harry136

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    I shot my first about 6 weeks ago, massive thing, right in the brain stem, it didn't even twitch! Used a .22 Weirauch HW97K and used H&N pellets, the ones with a copper point on them. 671
  5. Harry136

    Pest Issues- Moths

    Hi, thanks in advance. This is more to help my wife. She works at a University, the building is old and has always had some sort of moth problem. This has never been dealt with properly and during the summer months the population explodes, this year it has been ridiculous! There is a pest control programme in place, but it seems very ineffective, the latest round has been going on for 10 weeks at least, there are moths literally everywhere. Apparently they are spraying the office on a weekend and laying traps down and the cleaners have been told to hoover a bit more. Nothing more is being done. Are there any pest controllers out there who know of a solution, preferably a permanent one that we can take to the Estates Management. This seems to be dictated by budget. The building is quite large, it is not for public or student use.
  6. Hi, I'm a lettings Portfoloio Manager, Silver pigeon is incorrect! You can refuse access, it is your legal right and you cannot be punished for exercising that right! I am advising that you speak to your Landlord, you will be surprised what you can achieve by speaking to people! Do not threaten or blackmail, you will be the only one that ends up suffering long term for it! Your best bet is to offer to show them round yourselves or only when you are present. Also cover the cabinet with something and come up with a good excuse in case anyone asks.
  7. Hi, looking for someone who would be willing to reload some ammo for me in or around Leeds. Specifically .243.
  8. Harry136

    India got it right

    Just think what the majority of crimes people are locked up for. The death penalty has a 100% no re-offending rate! The sooner we ditch the ECHR the better! I feel that the following crimes are worthy of the death penalty:- Rape of a child under 10 Multiple rapes Drug dealing Drug mules Burglary Murder (more than 1 person) Treason Terrorism
  9. Harry136

    India got it right

    Dan, the costs you have quoted for the death penalty are for the USA. In Britain, when we used to hang people, they got 90 days in the cells, 1 appeal to the Home Secretary then got strung up, so its not that expensive!
  10. Harry136

    Browning B325 Stock

  11. Harry136

    Browning B325 Stock

    Hi I'm after a Browning B325 stock, cash ready and waiting.
  12. Harry136

    Need help zeroing

    All sorted now, put on a set of medium mounts and now spot on
  13. Harry136

    Need help zeroing

    I will do, trouble is i've now got on quite a lot, so can't get out shooting for a while. Would using a laser bore sighter be a good idea rather than wasting ammo in the mean time, then later on fine tune with ammo?
  14. Harry136

    Need help zeroing

    I've stripped down my setup, the mounts look good, no differences in angles, or heights, no markings. I have taken a picture of the bases, just wondering if they look right? I have some shims made specifically for the mounts and scope, they state +25 MOA, would these do any good?
  15. Harry136

    Need help zeroing

    I will check the mounts tonight, see if they are marked for front or rear. I’ll also swap the mounts and take a photo.