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  1. Harry136

    New auto

    Browning Maxus, can't fault it.
  2. Harry136

    Shooting bag filling

    Use 6mm BB's for airsoft.
  3. Harry136

    Change of address

    W Yorkshire police just record a change of address on their system and update the licence at renewal.
  4. Harry136

    Exposing a stone wall

    It has the crisp shell like paint but it’s quite deep
  5. Harry136

    Exposing a stone wall

    Hi I’m wanting to expose a stone wall in the kitchen. The property is a converted granary from around 1800. Unfortunately the interior stone seems to have a white coating, not sure if it is plaster, tender or paint? If anyone can tell me what it is and how to remove it?
  6. Harry136

    FAC wording

    Not if it's unnecessary, I'm going on a couple of supervised stalks, but if I already have the necessary wording on the FAC, why should I make more work for myself?
  7. Harry136

    FAC wording

    Hi, when I had my interview with the FEO, he stated that I would need to send in proof of a couple of supervised deer stalks and send the evidence with my FAC into the licencing department so that the condition could be added. I have read my FAC and it states :- "The firearm(s) and ammunition shall be used for shooting vermin, foxes and ANY OTHER LAWFUL QUARRY SUITABLE FOR THAT CALIBRE and for zeroing on practice ranges, on land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for the area where the land is situated and over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot." Clearly its a closed ticket, but my question is, judging by the wording on the FAC I don't have to provide proof of a supervised stalk to have deer added as a condition as it comes under AOLQ? I'm with West Yorkshire if that helps.
  8. Harry136

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    Hi please put me down for a dark green that will fit a 46in chest (XL) usually. Thanks
  9. Harry136

    DPT Moderators

    Hi, I already have one of these awesome mods for my .243, its a 6mm one. I'm putting in for a variation for a .308 soon and am thinking of buying another DPT mod for the above calibre, I believe its going to be a 7mm mod, if I were to use it on a .243, until I get the variation, am I going to have any issues with it?
  10. Harry136

    Good news for grandad

    Well done to him, one of the best days of my life when i passed off the square all those years ago!
  11. I have used these in the past to increase LOP, they are grind to fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kick-Eez-Stock-Spacer-1-4-Black-701140/161472095210?epid=1742563571&hash=item25987ca3ea:g:EmIAAOSwDk5T8icA
  12. Harry136

    Magpul PTS PRS Stock

    Hi, not sure what gun you mean. If you can send a pic of the stock area of the gun I can propbably tell you.
  13. Harry136

    Thin leather gloves

    I can vouch for the RAF pilots gloves, i wore them for 10 years in the ary, you can feel everything through them once they have shrunk onto your hands
  14. Harry136

    Magpul PTS PRS Stock

    Hi For a sale, a Magpul PTS PRS adjustable stock for use on AR15 platforms. It is used, with some scuff marks from use. £65 all in.
  15. Harry136

    Browning B325 Chokes

    Hi My wife uses the above shotgun in 20g, I was wondering what type of chokes they are, ie invector, invector plus etc. TIA