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  1. India got it right

    Just think what the majority of crimes people are locked up for. The death penalty has a 100% no re-offending rate! The sooner we ditch the ECHR the better! I feel that the following crimes are worthy of the death penalty:- Rape of a child under 10 Multiple rapes Drug dealing Drug mules Burglary Murder (more than 1 person) Treason Terrorism
  2. India got it right

    Dan, the costs you have quoted for the death penalty are for the USA. In Britain, when we used to hang people, they got 90 days in the cells, 1 appeal to the Home Secretary then got strung up, so its not that expensive!
  3. Browning B325 Stock

  4. Browning B325 Stock

    Hi I'm after a Browning B325 stock, cash ready and waiting.
  5. Need help zeroing

    All sorted now, put on a set of medium mounts and now spot on
  6. Need help zeroing

    I will do, trouble is i've now got on quite a lot, so can't get out shooting for a while. Would using a laser bore sighter be a good idea rather than wasting ammo in the mean time, then later on fine tune with ammo?
  7. Need help zeroing

    I've stripped down my setup, the mounts look good, no differences in angles, or heights, no markings. I have taken a picture of the bases, just wondering if they look right? I have some shims made specifically for the mounts and scope, they state +25 MOA, would these do any good?
  8. Need help zeroing

    I will check the mounts tonight, see if they are marked for front or rear. I’ll also swap the mounts and take a photo.
  9. Need help zeroing

    As you can probably tell I am new to Shooting with this kind of scope, the closest thing I’ve used has been a susat! Originally when I set up the gun I was using medium mounts and it was spot on for zero. That said with medium mounts I could not get a cheek weld as the scope sat too high. Hence the reason for using lower mounts. So it would logical to assume that the problem is somehow with the mounts and not the gun or scope!
  10. Need help zeroing

  11. Need help zeroing

    So there is supposed to be a front and rear mount? I thought that they were both the same?
  12. Need help zeroing

    When i bought the gun, i put it on medium mounts and it seemed spot on, however the mounts sat too high for a cheek weld.There are specific shims for the rings so there won't be any damage. Would shimming just the rear mount work to bring the front down?
  13. Need help zeroing

    New rifle and scope. The mounts are the same height. Would fitting medium mounts be an option?
  14. Need help zeroing

    Hi I'm having great difficulty in zeroing a scope. I am using a Hawke SF30 Sidewinder scope with low mounts on a Browning AB3 in .243. I have nice tight groupings when I zero at 100 yds, but I just can't get the scope to zero on the vertical axis, it won't go any lower and is hitting about a foot high of the aiming mark. Im not sure what to do and do't want to waste any more ammo until I know whats going on! Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome! James
  15. FEO calibre judgement on land

    N Yorks, said they only rate land in 3 ways air, rimfire or centre fire. How it SHOULD be done! Unless applying for a .50 cal!