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  1. Hi, if she has possession of the keys, then I would take them off her, that way the guns are safe.
  2. I have a browning ab3 with mod for sale?
  3. Hi, I'm after a recomendation for a decent whiskey. Not after anything that will break the bank, but a decent one nonetheless. As an indication I already drink Remy Martin and Tanquery, so nothing too overpowering, maybe gentle on the palet. Thanks
  4. I’m not keen due to the rubber inserts on the furniture and that they have stamped “maxus” on the underside on the forend in big letters
  5. As those of us who are Browning fans will be aware, they have released the Maxus 2 this year in various camo schemes. I received an email from them this morning stating that they have no plans to produce the Maxus 2 with wooden furniture this year. Bit disappointing, but theres always next year!
  6. Harry136

    Light aircraft

    Light aircraft have to fly, it has something to do with maintenance issues and pilots are required by the CAA to keep up a minimum number of flight hours per year to retain their qualifications.
  7. The thief in question had comitted 50 plus crimes, if we were to reinstate the death penalty, there should be a clause that allows for the death penalty if a person is convicted of 50 or more crimes as it is clear that they will never change, they will always be a burden on society, so what is the point in keeping them alive just to be an embuggerance on society again!
  8. Im not in a rush to sell, so if you can square things away with your FEO, it may still be available in the new year.
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