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  1. You can also buy the parts separate if needed, just google "fire-support"
  2. Chances are you will be mounting a Glock as the Browning HP's have only just come on the market!
  3. Hi This morning my Maxus stopped working! I fed the cartridges in as per normal, closed the bolt, shouldered the gun, squeezed the trigger and just a click. No strike marks on the cartridges and there were no issues with them as they worked fine in another gun. I last shot with it prior to lock down and it worked fine, it was stripped and cleaned during lock down and i stripped it again when i got home today and could see nothing amiss. The hammer hits the firing pin fine (the firing pin looks like new), the pin seems to move, but is very difficult to see properly. Any ideas what could be wrong, has anyone experienced anything like this? Also does anyone know how i can test if the firing pin is striking without shooting live cartridges?
  4. Dropped a Magpie 10 minutes ago!
  5. What about shooting them in the head with an air pistol at point blank?
  6. What about nitrogen, has been considered good enough for legal executions, and is used in animal slaughter.
  7. Hi, I've had both shoulders surgically repaired. Out of action for 6 months on each. Take your time, let yourself heal properly! I started lifting bags of sugar up at arms length, then started doing shoulder raises at full etension with carrier bags containing bottles of water (so you can adjust the weight over time). Then when I could repeatedly lift 25% more than the guns weight I stated mounting the gun. I also did loads of press ups to build the strength up. Most important though, take your time and listen to what your body is telling you!
  8. For Sale Brand New AT Games Sega Mega Drive, comes with 80 pre-loaded games, 2 controllers, cables and instructions. £45 inc P&P Pics on request
  9. Went pond dipping in the woods, came home with 3 newts for the new pond! Washing the cars later.
  10. Hi As above, i'm looking for a bipod to fit to an HW 97, any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  11. Had a clear out, looking to get rid of a few things. Pics on request. 1. USB on/ off switch - new. P&P £2.50 2. Apple wireless keyboard - like new. P&P £5 3. 10ft VGA cable - new. P&P £5 4. RBG splitter cable - new. P&P £2.50 5. 1m RGB cable - new. P&P £2.50 6. The hunter, call of the wild PC game - like new. P&P £5 Happy to accept offers on all items. P & P stated.
  12. Im not sure that the mag tube being crimped is a legal requirement, but legally it has to have some mechanism to prevent the mag tube holding more than 2 standaard length cartridges. All Browning Maxus shotguns come with a mag plug and not a crimped mag, my Benelli M2 also did not have a crimped mag, but was Sec 2.
  13. I have to top up the boiler every other day
  14. Quick update, I have removed the piping, it is dripping outside when being used, either when showering or when the central heating is on. I need to call a heating engineer I think!
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