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  1. Does anyone have any of these boots? Looking at buying a pair, going to be used for clays, rough and game shooting and stalking. I used Altbergs in the army and they were quite good. I know there are probably better boots for what I need, ie Mendel or Lowa, but I have very wide feet and need the extra wide width fitting. Plus I live an hour away so came get them fitted exactly!
  2. Harry136


    I think a Bloodhound SAM is a bit OTT! Its hardly a Boeing 747!
  3. Hi, Happy New Year! I will be starting to upload some cooking videos on to Youtube in the new year. First time I have done this so it should be an interesting learning curve to say the least! Can anyone recommend a decent free Youtube editor?
  4. Hi, I converted my Maxus to Sect 1, when I got it added on to my FAC. You would need to push in the pin and twist the end cap off. Beware the spring! But why do you want to do this if you dont have Sect 1? Also, its not a legal requirement to have the agazine crimped, the manufacturer just has to prove that it cannot contain more than 2 cartridges in the magazine, hence why Browning, Benelli and others only use magazine plugs to achieve this.
  5. Looks like they’re also upgrading their MG’s to .338!
  6. I have a thing for Brownings and I absolutley love that rifle, so I'm kinda stuck! I wish the FEO would allow me to have a .308! I agree a .243 is more dangerous!
  7. I’ve been quoted £600 for a rebarrel, the rifle is £1900, so worth it for me
  8. Hi, I’m interested in buying a Browning Maral, the only problem is that the smallest they come in is .308, unfortunately I’m only licensed for a .243. As the .243 is only a necked down .308, would the gun conversion be as simple as just rebarrelling a .308 gun? Also how would I go about doing this from the FEO/ legal view?
  9. I believe that there is more to it this time as several companies have been invited to develop and submit trials weapons.
  10. It would appear that the US has started to look for a replacement for the M4 in the 6.8mm calibre. The round in question has a plastic case. If this is adopted what is the likelihood of the uk and NATO following?
  11. For Sale New without tags, bought this jacket and never wore it. My previous one lasted for years. Velcro patches on arms have been removed. Helikon L5 Trooper Wind Shell Multi Camogrom The Helikon trooper lightweight windshell jacket provides insulation and protection against wind and light rain whilst taking up very little space. The hood can be easily adjusted without removing hands from the pocket, using pullers hidden in pockets on the chest. Size XL, will fit a 47” chest with some room to fit extra layers underneath Features: Two pockets on the chest with zip Two pockets on the arms with zip One pocket inside the left £35 all in.
  12. If you want a shim with a hole in the middle, why don't you just use a normal metal washer?
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