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  1. Browning shotgun case

    For Sale A lovely high spec Browning shotgun case. The case is very well presented and has a combination lock on both sides for transit. The case was developed for the Cynergy shotguns, the external lettering/ artwork can be removed. The case will fit any Browning shotgun up to 32 inch barrels.£65 all in.
  2. GDK 8-10 Gun safe

    For Sale A BRAND NEW GDK 8-10 gun safe. bought this online with the intent to use when i moved house, however the safe was too big, hence why i'm selling it. It's still in the cardboard wrapping, never been used. Price is £150.00, these RRP at £240.00! Grab yourself a bargain, collection only. Dimensions Height 1450mm Width 500mm Depth 300mm Internal height under the ammo safe 1300mm Detailed Description ~All side steel thickness: 2mm ~Door steel thickness: 2mm ~Anti crow bar door system ~Equipped with 2 key (with 1 spare per lock), 7 asymmetrical, double bitted, lever locks. ~7 Lever key locks ~10 gun memory foam gun rack, to ensure careful storage of your rifles/shotguns. ~4 wall mount fixings, and 4 predrilled holes. ~Internal ammo safe with key entry.
  3. How do you clean yours?

    Motty, funny you should say that, I'm ex army and I used bore snakes on my pistol and assault rifle, never once got picked up on an inspection by any of the REME inspection teams!
  4. How do you clean yours?

    Bore snake followed by a bit of oil
  5. Weihrauch HW97 .22

    Please PM me as I would very much like to buy this gun.
  6. Browning magazines

    Hi Anyone know anywhere or anyone who has a Browning AB3 .243 magazine for sale? It's a nightmare trying to get one!
  7. Browning AB3 .243 Magazine

    Hi I'm after a Browning AB3 magazine, cash ready and waiting.
  8. Guardian Kensington Gun Case

    I know where to buy them, i just need to contact the manufacturer, see if they might make a slightly longer case with a different interior to accommodate a semi auto. Thanks though, they are quite nice, just got 2 for my O/U's would like a matching set.
  9. Hi Does anyone know who manufacture the Guardian Kensington gun cases? Contact details would be appreciated.
  10. Moving house advice

    You can move and fix cabinets before informing GMP. It is your responsibility to ensure that the guns are secure. inform them after its done. I'm doing the same in 3 weeks. I've bought a larger safe, that's getting fitted then I will move the guns in take out the old safe and sell it. I will inform W Yorks within 7 days of my move date.
  11. Browning Maxus Fitting

    Its not poor mounting, its been checked. It really is just a case of the cast needing adjusting because i am so broad and this being a truely ambidexterous stocked gun
  12. Browning Maxus Fitting

    I'm thinking, custom shim or have the stock either steamed and bent or chiselled/fitted to the correct angle
  13. Browning Maxus Fitting

    That was with a 3/4 choke at 16 yds.
  14. Browning Maxus Fitting

    Hi I have a Browning Maxus, I need to get it shooting straight. I have used all of my shims plus a couple more. I'm fairly broad at the shoulder and the gun still doesn't fit properly. See the pattern plate below. What solutions are there? Also due to the amount of shims there is now a quite ungainly gap behind the trigger guard, which would be nice to be rid of.
  15. Gas safe cert?

    I'm a letting agent, at our firm we ensure that ALL appliances are tested prior to someone moving in or tested within 12 months of the last issued certificate and its also a legal requirement to have a CO detector in a rental property.