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  1. Just want to resurrect this thread- bored again! I have now bought a .22LR FAC Rifle. Although the BAC guns are illegal to own, what is the status of the cartridges, can you buy these legally in the uk ?
  2. If the bird has its back to me, I shoot at the where I imagine the atlas of the neck is, every shot i've taken and hit there, there has been no residual activity. Upon closer inspection this is due to the spinal cord being servered and removing the brain stem.
  3. Hi, I need to rebarrel my AB3, I fancy putting something a bit better than the standard tapered 22in barrel. Does anyone know if I would be able to fit the 24 in varmint barrel from an x- bolt eclipse?
  4. Hi I have an issue with a couple of the window panes in my house. It would appear that 2 of the double glazing panes have blown a seal, allowing condensation to enter. The double glazing dates from the mid- 90's and is in a wooden frame. The simple answer is to replace these panes. However, we are planning on replacing all the double glazing in the house in 2 years, so don't really want to replace the panes. Is there a way to remove the condensation from in between the panes?
  5. They suffer less cycling problems due to using gas rather than inertia. Mines and FAC Maxus One with wooden furniture, once fitted correctly, its been brilliant!
  6. DPT for the .243, got one on my Browning AB3, works brilliant
  7. Browning Maxus, not question, brilliant guns!
  8. I hope the Kurds hand him over to the Iraqis to hang!
  9. I've found Lapua or Hornady work best with my .243 AB3
  10. Hi, can anyone ID the bird in the picture below. Apologies in advance for the bad photo.
  11. For Sale Nordic Components enlarged bolt release button. Brand new! £12.50 inc postage
  12. For Sale 1x threaded Badger tactical Remington 700 bolt handle £25 inc postage
  13. Hi For Sale: Hawke Sidewinder 30SF 8.5-25 x 42. Has been used with a few scratches to the battery cover (new battery), Like new otherwise. Comes with lens caps, sun shade, turret pointer, large adjustment wheel and a set of low profile mounts. £320 inc postage
  14. Hi For Sale: 1x Dark stock wax 1x Stock wax £7 each or both for £10 Both new and unused postage dependant on buyers choice.
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