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  1. Hi, there must be someone who has some unwanted weights sitting around in the plastic case?
  2. Yes please, I'm desperate to get out in the fields, will keep Saturday free... Chris
  3. If anyone has some of the spare weight disks that fit into the newer stocks, I'd be keen to buy one or two?
  4. I used to do what he suggests but as I have a place to bolt the disks in, it seems more secure to use it and and means I don't have to fish them out if I want to remove the stock...
  5. Anyone have any spare ones they want to part with?
  6. I'd be keen to come along for a day, haven't been able to secure any pigeon shooting locally in Surrey for a long time now...
  7. Ideally with adjustable stock
  8. Sounds fair, can you PM me the payment details, thanks
  9. Look like they will do the job, how much did you want for them please?
  10. Also, the one on the right looks different from the left two, I think the new ones are the same type as one of these but with coloured bands, I wonder if this is the only difference?
  11. How much would you want for them with the case please and are they skeet-1 or skeet-2 as I think they made two variations?
  12. Looking for the above, ideally IC, LM, MOD A Zoli case for them would be useful too...
  13. Chris_S


    I have some briley ones for sale, just advertised on the 'other sales' forum
  14. I had to import these from USA when I had my Benelli previously. SKT, IC and LM All three £135 posted. I should have said 'Crio Plus'...
  15. Guerini (Teague) Flush Skeet £30 posted Guerini (Teague) Flush 1/4 £30 posted Lanber Full £20 posted Lanber Cylinder £20 posted Guerini Maxis black extended SK - £35 posted Guerini Maxis black extended IC - £35 posted Guerini Maxis black extended LM - £35 posted
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