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  1. oz.man64

    Mossberg barrel (also drop & cast shims)

    Teague chokes?
  2. oz.man64

    Beeman C1

    I had one lovely wee gun
  3. oz.man64

    Yildiz TK36 .410 Single Barrel

    Entwistle guns plungington rd preston lancs importer
  4. oz.man64

    Roost shooting

    Inbox me pal
  5. oz.man64

    Hatsan escort shim

    Edgar brothers?
  6. oz.man64

    Spanish single shot 12g cooey style kent

    Well done for this offer top guy
  7. oz.man64

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    I tell you this bozzing little gun. Hope you find one soon
  8. oz.man64

    Winchester 1300 12 gauge

    Well one the most reliable too
  9. oz.man64

    Hide Seat

    I bought army surplus canvas seat alloy tubing. Very light and comfy. Look in military surplus shops thats where i got mine
  10. oz.man64

    Winchester 1300 12 gauge

    Lovely gun
  11. oz.man64

    Cheapish pump action

    Wabbitbosher whom will rfd 😀
  12. oz.man64

    Winchester winchoke

    Imp mod i think
  13. oz.man64

    SOLD winchester 1300 barrel SOLD