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  1. Hubris


    I work for a very large company and an email came around saying that Amazon Business would still accept Visa Credit cards so all purchasers were authorised to set up Amazon business accounts. Having done so, Amazon Business basic is free to set up and is even linked to my normal Amazon account. Business Prime is a further £40 a year and does nothing for me other than get free delivery for the year as I don't want access to their accounting software or 30 day payment terms. Other than it having a separate (but identical feeling) app, and the fact it quotes the prices ex. VAT I can't see any substantial difference. And no, it doesn't come with Music or Videos so you can't just switch and cancel the other subscription if you want them still.
  2. Albert. Any decent locksmith will sell you three cylinders to suit your needs but probably charge you in the £10 region for similar to what you've found at Screwfix. They will also be able to re-pin two of them to match the first one and charge you around a fiver for each of these though the bloke I use often does them free if he's in a good mood. Obviously the keys that came with the second two cylinders will now be useless so you'll need to get extra keys cut if you want more than the couple that come with one cylinder. The mother in law keeps putting the back door key on a windowsill and leaving the window open. I've had it keyed so that it only operates the back door from the inside so anyone stealing it can't let themselves in anywhere. The outside of the same door is suited with the front door, patio, garage and shed. If you can't find a decent/cheap local service then I can give you the number of one that will mail......obviously I would have them sent to a work/ relatives address (but then I am only a couple of steps short of the tin foil hat brigade!) Finally, make sure you measure all three cylinders before ordering noting which is the external/ internal measurement, especially if you want a thumb turn on any of the insides or buy a lock with "anti-snap" in the description. Sorry if I'm going down the egg sucking route or on the flip side PM me if your not sure how to measure these. Good luck, H.
  3. Peltor bluetooth ear-defenders..............then they can mystically go missing each time you go shooting! And you can feel epic shooting magpies with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.....or the Spice Girls.......... or DJ Jazzy Jeff.....
  4. There is always someone with more smarts than me that knows the simple answer.....thank you.
  5. If Eley say they make their stuff in the UK and Fiocchi say they make their stuff in Italy......Why do some of my Eley 410 trap shells have Fiocchi stamped on the brass? Even if they are produced under the same roof, this is a basic oversight. If I can't trust them not to mix the brass up, how can I trust them not to mix the powders or measures up. When I'm setting explosives off inches from my face I like to think someone has given their full attention to every detail of the production and this doesn't give me that confidence.
  6. Down packs small but is too high maintenance for this country as it doesn't like the damp. For those dates I wouldn't go too warm either as you'll just sweat your knackers off. Personally, if I'm not going too far from the car I like to just take a spare duvet even though I own half a dozen bags. Far more comfy and only a tenner to replace instead of wash! Whilst you are in the shop, get a roll mat( like a foam yoga mat). Most of your heat goes into the floor or out through your cot bed and this will stop that. We sleep on the snow in Norway and these are a godsend. I recon you can be warmer with a mat and no bag than a bag and no mat. Again, personally avoid air mats as they aren't as warm and if you are as bony as me you just poke through and touch the floor anyways!
  7. Considering your location I would make Modern and Antique firearms on the Tucton Road Christchurch my first point of call. I know Ghillie hasn't been in the best of health but I'm sure he still does powders. I would rank him among the top firearm and ballistics experts in the country. He is always willing to give advice and if you are anything like me, gently point out why your bright ideas aren't quite so bright! Just beware some of his equally willing to help but not quite so knowledgeable customers who like to hang around, unless you happen to enjoy rambling war stories...........!
  8. He hasn't changed his prices since July 2013?
  9. Could be the ammo. Some shells get little bulges when they crimp them as the lead pushes out on the hull. My missus has tight chambers (ooh err) and finds Eleys the worst with up to one in five needing an extra shove. I'm assuming your not ramming a 3" shell into a 2" or 2 1/2" chamber but never having tried don't know how hard it would be.
  10. Hubris

    Fogs or doxes

    Have seen this on TV. (Taming foxes, not breeding with dogs) Horizon S48E08 (2010): The Secret Life of the Dog - BBC The BBC visited the Russian farm in the above episode. I can't find the whole thing but google brings up a good clip of it at: https://vk.com/video14543928_162125467
  11. Hubris

    Sloe Gin

    +1. Can't beat cracking a demijohn of slider with friends on a lazy summers afternoon..........
  12. If its not gone already then I'll take it.... I can collect most times to suit you.
  13. Perfect, thank you. I'll look him up and see what can be done.
  14. Hubris


    If there is no other local/cheaper option then sign up to Tradepoint. It's just B&Q but pretending it's for the trade. Bizarrely they are based in the same stores, sell the same stock (you can pay for any items from the B&Q shop floor at the Tradepoint tills) but charge different prices! Even stranger, 25% of the time they seem to charge more not less....but I digress.... Most importantly for you, orders over £50 they will deliver next day for free.
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