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  1. Morning all. I am putting my Honda CR-V up for sale as a Shooting 4x4 or Spares & Repairs. It was owed by my Late grandfather who brought it from New back in 1998, It has only just past the 100,000 Mile mark (Photo Attached). Always been serviced and has had about 3 sets of brake Pads in its life. Although a service is due and new brakes wouldn't go a miss, THESE ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. It is the 2.0L Auto Petrol, so great for 1 handed Lamping Trips. The 4x4 system is Auto too so no DiffLock, But.... Hand on heart, I have never been stuck in this car. What helps is the tyres, these are Yokohoma GO12's A/T (Pictures Attached) the spare is brand new never been used. It has FULL Leather interior which is a godsend, pack of baby wipes and looks like new. There is also a Dog guard included to keep Mutley in the back. Only bad bits are as follows: Corrosion. It has started 😞 over the rear arches, and underneath. I had the Sills welded last year to get through the MOT. Also has New Bottom Ball Joints and Track Rod Ends. Had New Bottom Arms 2 years ago plus New Anti-roll bar Bushes. Comes with Brand new Discs and Pads to Fit. MOT runs out in 4th July 2019 so still able to drive. Currently sorn due to having a new Truck. It has been sat for about 8 weeks but starts on the button. Private Reg is not Included. As per rules I will Price at £550 ono. Any questions Welcome.
  2. For me it's the Mighty T-Bone Sirloin and Fillet in 1 and the Bone has the best flavour going
  3. Hi BenNhoy, Yes just scattered by hand, I'm heading up Saturday (Been a fortnight since broadcast) to see it's progress if any. I'll report back
  4. White Bread , Toasted with Butter, Bacon well done. the Killer Sause Combo is H.P. FRUITY! mixed with a little Hot Chillie. If time allows dip the bread in Egg and fry that mother!
  5. Well the deed its done. Broadcast around the margins and put a couple of strips through too... So just got to wait and see now. Will post some pictures if it comes good etc
  6. SACS As a 'Gamekeeper' (Hobby) £35 for the year
  7. this is the problem, would need to be Hand Broadcast as Maize already in and we have had to Fence the gamecrop areas to save sheep and cattle eating the lot etc. so access is a bit restricted with tractor etc. Wondered if i could just scatter seed infront and drag a rake behind me. I understand this isn't the way to get the most out of the seed, but anything to aid the Maize will help
  8. I had thought about attaching a rake to my back end Not sure how (No suggestions please ) haha. Where would the best place to get seed from? as would like to pick some up next few days for the weekend.
  9. I'm not sure, Thats why I'm asking. The Maize was only drilled this week so my thinking is broadcast asap so it grows together? or just Broadcast around the Margins to act as windbreak
  10. Hi All. I'm a member of a DIY shoot and love the Keepering side of things! We plant blocks of Maize as cover but due to being quite exposed and high up this doesn't always succeed. The Maize has now been drilled. I would like to Broadcast something (Not sure what) over the top to grow with /through the Maize. So my question is...... What Seed would you recommend to Broadcast? And also the best, cheapest, easiest place to obtain from please Cheers All!
  11. Sprucey

    .223 Wanted

    Looking to fill a slot, first .223. Not looking to break the bank, wedding coming up so Pennies are tight. Has anyone anything for sale? Thanks!
  12. Scully, This is exactly our position. Ash trees reaching for the light so very thin and leggy, they're Not very healthy either may I add. It's going to take a few years to get to where we want, It would be 6 months work for a Tree Surgeon easy! Did you plant anything or was it all natural after you opened the woods up?
  13. Thanks Dougy, Think i'll leave the crane at home this weekend. Thanks for your replies guys, Maybe I'm over exaggerating the size of trees. The trunks are only 1ft wide at most. Scully, I think you are right, get some light in there and see what happens
  14. Awww Little Heater.. Cute. And you can never have enough Blue Roll!
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