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  1. I think the BBC charter was renewed in 2016 for another 10 years. I'm sure this means the licence fee can't be scraped during this time but the penalty for non-payment could be de-criminalized.
  2. I've recently started using an Oryx with a Tikka action. The action fits nicely but it uses aics magazines. The only ones available for .204 were the 10 round .223 mags. These were pretty monstrous things and stuck out a long way. I was able to chop one down to hold about 4 rounds and now sits level with the trigger guard. To alter length of pull i had to buy an extra spacer kit which was around £40. The quick release sling mount on the rear of the stock was a bit iffy as the first plastic spacer on the butt got in the way...i had to file it down a bit. It's quite heavy but not too bad to carry around. I thought the pistol grip would be a bit of a nightmare when slinging it on my shoulder but it doesn't seem to be a problem. I use a bipod and it sits on this and the bottom of the pistol grip. The back of the stock sits a fair way above whatever surface the rifle is sitting on, so makes the use of a rear bag tricky. The bolt only just comes out with the cheek riser about half way up. It needs an allen key to adjust it. I will have to make some 1/4 UNC knobs to adjust it instead.
  3. Looks like he was released from prison a couple of days ago.
  4. I recently got an Oryx for my Tikka. Have'nt used it much yet. Shortened the aics style mag to something more sensible.
  5. wyn


    They are in a hurry and cleaning up the wreckage with buldozers. No chance of a proper investigation.
  6. wyn


    The sentence for endangering an aircraft is life imprisonment.
  7. 3 this afternoon with .204...i was expecting 200yd crows but ended up with 20yd squirrels. Total 25
  8. I have recently bought some from this place........ https://www.ecoluxshopdirect.co.uk/by-size/18650-batteries They do all the good quality ones.
  9. I have had a D3 commercial for a few years. I repair it myself when needed and have a good diagnostic tool that can sort out all the electrical bits and more. I service it every 5k miles and adjust the handbrake at the same time. I do need to chuck a few parts at it every year but it's a nice drive. It's on 212k miles.
  10. It's still only £3 to join the Labour party and be able to vote. Same as last time, you can pick the craziest candidate they have and make them unelectable again.
  11. wyn

    Climate Change

    Oh dear, it appears Greta has said world leaders need to be "Put against the wall". I'm sure wanting to execute world leaders is not going to help her cause.
  12. I read that someone on Question time pointed out to Stephen Kinnock, that Apart from Blair, Labour haven't won a general election for 40 years.
  13. I think at the time you could join Labour for £3 and vote for the leader. Possibly people joined and voted for the least electable.
  14. I'm sure i read somewhere that the pic of the polar bear and beluga whales was taken in 1985.
  15. I've read a few comments elsewhere saying the pic shows an adult rebreather which would be of no use and no oxygen bottle.
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