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  1. wyn

    Jeffery Epstein

    That's quite convenient. People must have been looking the other way after his first attempt.
  2. 115mm / 4 1/2" is probably the most common size with discs readily available.
  3. This is an interesting recent report. When the eurozone goes pear-shaped and we are still in, the UK may be liable for £ 200- 440Bn. Might as well round it up to £1/2 Trillion.
  4. Optrel and Speedglass are very good up to £400. add on an air feed and they are £1000
  5. How much do you have to spend ? Maybe have a look at.. R-Tech Jasic GYS
  6. I see Democracy Deniers tried to block roads in Merthyr Tydfil last night to stop people going to hear nigel farage speak at a meeting.
  7. Four Welsh Assembly members have just joined the Brexit party.
  8. I saw that on both sky and BBC....it was the RSPB releasing it . The spokespersons said the decline was due to "Farming Practices".
  9. A bit more info on what's going on from an MP. https://www.gunsonpegs.com/articles/shooting-talk/an-update-on-the-general-licence?ref=newsfeed_blog_new
  10. wyn

    The headhunter

    It was on last Saturday
  11. In your other thread someone said the 450 uses 850nm ir and the 455 uses 940nm ir. 940nm ir is supposed to be less visible. So the foxes might not notice it as much on the N455.
  12. I use one on a .204 and it's pretty good. It does have a problem with the cone on the front of the diffuser eroding/ burning away which reduces the diameter of the hole down the middle. Now and again i have to put it on the lathe to flatten the end of the cone and open up the hole diameter.
  13. wyn

    Yellow vest protests

    There seem to be a few reports that the army will be deployed to back up the police this weekend. General Bruno Leray says they may be allowed to open fire if lives are threatened by the yellow vests.
  14. 312 to 308 ...that's a bit close...should have a second vote.
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