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  1. I'm pretty sure it was yours that i had seen previously and it seemed to be the best one around.
  2. I made this annealer a year or two ago and just got round to using it. It's 3mm sheet with a couple of bosses welded on to take oilite bushes. Silver steel shafts with aluminium wheels on the front and pulleys on the back, all held on with grub screws into flats on the shafts. The cutout in the top wheel picks up a case as it goes round and drops it on the bottom rotating wheel. The case is held in position with a flap as it rotates, the flap has a cam on the back which is timed to the top wheel to release just before the next case comes round. The torch was the smallest one i could find in B&Q. In the pic below it has just released a case and the next is going to drop in the flame. It's all driven with a small 12v 90* motor. this has a speed and direction controler. The small black screw in the top pulley operates the cam for the flap. Every thing is timed off this top pulley....the quicker the motor goes the shorter the time the case is in the flame. Theres no timing for the bottom wheel...it just needs to rotate a bit to turn the case. This all meant i didn't need any fancy timing belts or gears. It works ok and went through 250 cases in 10-15 minutes. One did jam up somehow and got cooked up. I set the timing with 4 cases with "Tempilaq" on the inside of the necks, before letting it go with the rest. The video below starts upside down
  3. I use "tempilaq" to get the right timing on my homemade annealer. I made it 2 years ago and used it for the first time last week. It was around 10-15 minutes for 250 cases.
  4. I'm sure after 13 years he's probably got himself sorted.
  5. I'm partway through building one. I'm using a single speed 2hp motor and 6" drive wheel.
  6. It doesn't need the sleeve.....chuck it in the bin. The bit with the ball bearings goes straight into the chassis. Make sure it fits in far enough and the ball bearings hold it secure. I had to file away some plastic to make sure it sat down tight against the chassis. You can just see on the pic where i had to remove material.
  7. I've got one of the "new" pink paper ones. Changed from green paper with a house move in 85.
  8. I love his targets at the crest of the hill with 2000 ftlbs in the bullet and a little mound of earth to stop it.
  9. The oryx uses a quick release type sling swivel and can be fitted either side of the butt. I had to file a bit of the plastic down to get it to fit right. I think i got them from "ant supplies" I also used the same type at the front which was an m-lok type fitting and went onto the chassis. The front sling stud i used for a bipod.
  10. The front stud hole is 10-32 UNF. I got one from "ant supplies"
  11. I'm getting around 3500-3600 fps with 40grain .204 norma out of a 20" T3x.
  12. Nice. Are those grey plastics on the chassis?
  13. Yes, i can get on their site ok.
  14. wyn

    Lewis Hamilton

    Does his support of BLM mean he agrees with their aims of destroying capitalism?
  15. wyn


    I'm sure it's rental only for the trial period so they can collect data on their usage.
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