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  1. The ruling only means she can't return while her citizenship case is ongoing. She might win the case and be back in the uk
  2. I'd be tempted to avoid SIP and look at things, like the previously mentioned R-Tech, Jasic, Parweld, GYS.
  3. Had a look and they want various bits of info before starting.............gave it a miss.
  4. I've never realy got on with the focusing on my pard.....hand gets in front of the lens or IR and lose what i'm looking at. I bought a couple of plastic mitre gears. stuck one where the focus clamp goes. I had to turn it down loads to get it to fit and go under the IR. This one i've had to glue to the brass ring. The other one i used the original pard weaver mount to hold it. I use a QR pulsar mount to fix the 008 to the rifle. Drilled a hole through the original mount, turned the plastic gear to mesh with the other gear, made an aluminium wheel to operate it all.
  5. A D3 has 16 ECU's they all need reading and faults clearing with something like a GAP IID.
  6. The problem has been only the primer igniting and this just pushes the bullet an inch up the barrel...........................another round can be chambered and when this one is fired things blow up. I've put over 5K rounds through my CZ with no problems but you need to be aware of dodgy rounds when loading them in a magazine. Also if things don't seem right when a round is fired ....stop and check things out.
  7. I use CZ's in .22lr and .17hmr they are ok......never tried anything else though. The Tikka T1x is supposed to be pretty good.
  8. Maybe use a core drill to go around the screw. remove the length of timber, then deal with the bit of wood and screw that's left.
  9. Use an angle grinder and cutting disc to go trough the wood and screw at an angle to cut the head off.
  10. Federal bought the ammunition bit of remington and sierra bought the barnes bullets bit, due to the bankruptcy.
  11. The splines look like they are for 1000rpm.
  12. Blimey...he showed me some metalwork he wanted a quote for last year....seemed like a nice bloke.
  13. wyn

    oil tanker

    If the ship was within 12 nautical miles of the uk coast it is robbery ..............outside 12 miles it's piracy.
  14. He could also be worried about that recent incident when a bloke got his firearm stolen when someone came to buy it.
  15. Nice, and it can still be rolled along.
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