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  1. In your other thread someone said the 450 uses 850nm ir and the 455 uses 940nm ir. 940nm ir is supposed to be less visible. So the foxes might not notice it as much on the N455.
  2. I use one on a .204 and it's pretty good. It does have a problem with the cone on the front of the diffuser eroding/ burning away which reduces the diameter of the hole down the middle. Now and again i have to put it on the lathe to flatten the end of the cone and open up the hole diameter.
  3. wyn

    Yellow vest protests

    There seem to be a few reports that the army will be deployed to back up the police this weekend. General Bruno Leray says they may be allowed to open fire if lives are threatened by the yellow vests.
  4. 312 to 308 ...that's a bit close...should have a second vote.
  5. I had my renewal last year with South Wales. I also had the original certificate extended by a couple of months until everything was sorted. Not able to purchase ammunition with it though.
  6. 2 dogs tonight .204 and n870 digisight Total = 89
  7. I have a Tikka t3x lite in .204. As was said before it only has a 20" barrel so a few 100fps slower than expected. It's pretty good with 32g hornady, tried some 40g norma..ok but not as good as the 32's. I'm also reloading with 39g sbk's which get things down to about 1/2 moa
  8. Hello, I joined a month or two ago. I'm interested in and use air rifles, shotguns, rimfire and centrefire.
  9. I once had a bit of a sticky regulator on my HW100 that left a couple of pellets up the barrel.
  10. £350M taxpayers cash going to bail out Cross rail.
  11. This study from BASC last year shows Hampshire take an average of 183 days (6 months) to grant a SGC.
  12. I'm pretty sure these are what are fitted to the adjustable stock Tikka's. I have mine adjusted high'ish for a 2" scope height but this then lets me take the bolt out under the cheek piece without having to move it down.
  13. I think it was from "livens" i went for them as they were showing it in stock at the time. I'm sure there were five or more places in the uk selling them.
  14. I recently fitted one to my Tikka t3x. It's nice quality the mechanism was all aluminium and the cheek piece a similar plastic to the stock. When it's lowered it fits nicely over the stock with no gaps. It took about 10 minutes to fit. The t3x has a foam insert in the stock that i had to chop about a bit to make room.
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