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  1. I had the same this morning.
  2. I have just purchased a sample pack/s of the above. These are .217/5.51mm and are 21gr / 23gr / 25gr / 27gr and 30gr. If anyone is interested in trying them in their FAC air rifle, I can provide 10 of each weight. Price is £10 posted. I paid £21:00 for them.
  3. The spay stitches look good but I'm not too sure about the head ones I've no doubt that they will heal soon, fur will cover it/them and we can put this behind us. Hopefully no more visits to the vet. Insured or otherwise. Look
  4. There's some good offers for binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes at Uttings at the moment.
  5. A matter of opinion of course. I went last year and did enjoy it, as did my mates who came with me. No, there weren't any 'bargains' to be had, and we took our own food/drink. It was good though to meet up with fellow 'shooters' and also to see the lovely expensive shotguns and rifles on display that one day, I may be able to afford. As mentioned, entry is free and four of us sharing the fuel cost, works out very little each for an enjoyable day out.
  6. I've got two bottles, a 7ltr and a new 3 ltr composite one, which I will take with me when going to the farm etc. Although I drive a non commercial vehicle, I'm thinking of sticking a sign on the back window anyway. That's what I was thinking.
  7. I did mention about this some time ago. Who intends going this year? I am and have free entry thanks to my BASC membership.
  8. I was chatting to a friend of mine, who told me that his brother, a keen airgun shooter, was stopped by police on a routine check. He informed the officer that he had an air rifle (PCP) in the boot of his car, and duly showed this to the officer. He also had a 3ltr air cylinder in there as well. The police officer was okay but did mention that there should be a 'Compresses Gas 2' sign on the back window. Personally, I don't know if this is law, or something the officer just 'made up'.
  9. This was Meg's head when the Vet removed the scab. It was full of 'cheesy pus'.
  10. Our young dog (10 month old Cockapoo bitch) had two operations yesterday. One to have her spayed, and the other, to remove a 'growth'? from her head. When she was younger, she had a 'lump' under her skin, which grew slowly. It ended with a sort of scab. We took her to the vet who shaved a part of her head then broke the scab off. It revealed a 'hole' and when the vet put tweezers into it, she pulled out fur. The vet said that she'd never come across this before. She brought her spaying operation forward by a month, which did worry us to be honest. Anyway, the operation/s went well. The vet said that it appeared that something was under her skin which caused the lump. It's been sent off to have it tested. Meg now feels sorry for herself, and a bit subdued. She appears to be confused and just stands still in the lounge/kitchen. The vet said it could be 24/48 hrs for the anaesthetic to wear off. Hopefully, all will be okay with her. The photo shows Meg's head after her op'. I can't find the photo I took of the 'hole' in her head. I paid the vet £783:20 in total. We were quoted £350 for the spaying, the rest for her head op'. We've got her insured, but not for the spaying, as that's not included in the insurance, and have to pay the first £100. The vet said that she would try and put as much as the other op' onto the insurance, as that's not covered. But at the end of the day, how do I put a price on my dog?
  11. My friend recently took her Guinea Pig to the vets, knowing that it was dying through old age. By the time she actually spoke to the vet, it had died. The vet checked it's pulse and said, Yep, it's dead. Price - £51:00 thank you very much!
  12. Yes, it's been a few years, but I'm at at loss on what we chatted etc about? I've got memory loss due to me having the Covid virus in 2020 so that's my excuse! I haven't got anything at the moment, but hoping to have a bash at some Crows/Jackdaws in the near future, plus some feral Pigeon. There wouldn't be any charge other that the postage, which would be a few £. I've supplied birds like this in the past. I'll contact you in due course if and when i get some. Steve.
  13. You can buy a sleeve with a 1/2 x 20 UNF thread, that slips over the barrel and is tightened by grub screws.
  14. Would you be happy with frozen Corvids/feral pigeons and posted to you?
  15. I don't know what weight the slugs being sent to me are. There's mixed reports about using slugs in FAC rifles, I know they are not suitable for sub 12 ft/lb ones.
  16. I have for sale the above air rifle. This was taken in by me as part of a deal, approx' 18 months ago and it's been in a box ever since. If I remember correctly, when I put it through a chronograph, it averaged 10.9 ft/lb. The stock has a few marks on it but the metal work is okay. It will need a scope as there are no open sights with it. I am asking £50:00 for this which includes Parcelforce 48 delivery (£30:00 +) to your door. The rifle is on the heavy side but is good enough for someone starting off or just want an air rifle for a bit of 'plinking'.
  17. Get Amp plus batteries from Norbet Polyak via Facebook. He sells excellent ones and is a great guy to deal with. PM sent
  18. I would collect but I'm stuck on night shifts from tonight for the next 5. No hurry to send them though and thanks again. Steve.
  19. If you wouldn't mind me having them, I'm happy to pay for them and the postage. Thanks.
  20. I agree Dougy. I actually did this with my Air Arms FAC a few years back. I'll see how this is when I get chance and if it's no good, will go back to the old fashioned method. The shot saver (collimator) usually puts bullets within a 5" circle and it doesn't take long to get it spot on.
  21. UPDATE: I've just shimmed the back ring base with two 'shims' of a coke can. So far, the reticule is now parallel to the horizontal grid line (which has been set with a spirit level) and I just need to test the rifle now, first at a short distance and then at around 40 yards.
  22. I'm thinking of trying slugs in my Air Arms S410 Xtra (FAC) and I'm wondering is there anyone out there that can sell me around 10 so that I can try? I don't mind buying a tin but it would be a waste of £18+ if they are no good. Also, any other brand of slug might be okay. I've asked for the FX Hybrid ones as they came out #1 in tests. Thanks.
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